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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5412 Provide a disabled mode for the editor New Feature Normal General
#5420 Destroying editor on replaced textarea inserts <br /> to originally empty input Bug Normal General
#5428 Object styles not working for links (a tag) in browsers other than Firefox Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5444 The Style combo is not context sensitive on editor recreation Bug Normal General
#5448 forcePasteAsPlainText doesn't work in specific situation Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5467 "Remove Format" removes SCAYT highlight lines also Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5474 Content not editable if width/height style is set in DIV tag Bug Normal General
#5475 Menu items can be dragged of the Menu Bug Normal General
#5478 [IE] Impossible to place the caret after images at the end of the contents Bug Normal General
#5490 [IE] Can't move the cursor after an anchor Bug Normal General
#5496 Make "removeformat" work even without selection New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#5506 can't use right arrow key to bypass the form elements ( checkbox or radio) Bug Normal General
#5510 Style plugin not working on selection Bug Normal General
#5517 Extra <p>&nbsp;</p> when pasting in webkit Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5519 Bad handling of textareas Bug Normal General
#5537 contentEditable property in ckeditor Bug Normal General
#5542 textarea class names/ ids containing square brackets in IE Bug Normal General
#5555 [IE] Can not focus the 'Pasting Area' after it loses focus Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5581 Jumping scrollbar in IE7 Bug Normal General
#5601 Formating Pictures Problem in IE8 Bug Normal General
#5607 ckeditor - readonly or enable New Feature Normal General
#5624 Paste from openOffice Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5630 [Safari] Find dialog first open doesn't gain focus Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5640 CKeditor 3.2.1 : Font name/size is not kept in multiple lines in FF. Bug Normal General
#5642 CKEditor 3.2.1. : FireFox font size not correct Bug Normal General
#5643 CKEditor 3.2.1. : FireFox font face not correct Bug Normal General
#5652 style display:none not working for div tags in IE7 in 3.2/3.2.1 Bug Normal General
#5656 IE8 - Cursor can not move to the end of the last smiley in CK Editor Bug Normal General
#5665 image dragging in editor breaks image src in Firefox Bug Normal General
#5675 [IE] Inconsistent undo when inserting HR and page break Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#5716 Chrome: insert emoticon in the middle of the word Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5734 Key navigation issue in IE8. Bug Normal General
#5745 iframedialog plugin New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#5748 Textarea value editing Bug Normal General
#5749 Hierarchical Bullets unable to clear in the FCKeditor Bug Normal General
#5750 Not all bullets seem to copy from word document Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#5752 Maximize with multiple editors breaks UI in Firefox 3.6 Bug Normal General
#5760 [IE] Selection is not visible when floating menus are opened Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#5764 Link button puts URL to left of selected text Bug Normal General
#5789 Losing leading whitespaces in <pre> Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2 Core : Output Data
#5791 Cursor position after an inserted smiley Bug Normal General
#5792 Setting target causes link to be inserted before selected text Bug Normal General
#5798 Turkish Language Task Normal UI : Language
#5800 Link-dialog bug: selected text is ignored and link is inserted before sel.text Bug Normal General
#5802 Text unselecting when anchor dialog box is opened Bug Normal General
#5814 Pasting large content in editor area freezes browser Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5815 JAWS is not reading the toolbar controls while navigating through arrow keys Bug Normal Accessibility
#5818 Editor strips the last <div> Bug Normal General
#5835 Select-boxes not editable with Firefox 3.6.3 Bug Normal General
#5848 No way to add custom buttons at the bottom of the dialog when using iframedialog plugin Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5864 config.disableNativeSpellChecker = true not working in Google Chrome Bug Normal General
#5867 CKEditor automatically adds <br /> Bug Normal General
#5871 Adding new line doesn't keep format in Safari and Chrome Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5874 Adding anchor tag deletes related content selection Bug Normal General
#5885 Disable editor in Iphone and Ipad Bug Normal General
#5889 new option on "Insert Link" pop-up dialog: Rel attribute New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#5906 Editor is flickering when we click the Format/Font/Size control Bug Normal General
#5916 Make the special character dialog extendable New Feature Normal General
#5929 Cursor not move inside style elements Bug Normal General
#5934 Scroll on pasting to long block Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5947 [IE] Selection highlight removed when context menu is opened. Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#5963 Image Handles Visible in IE7/8 Bug Normal General
#5966 NormalizeCSS shouldn't lowercase font style attributes Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5967 Font-Families should be enclosable in quotes Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5969 Table Background New Feature Normal General
#5981 Chrome: Changing paragraph format causes editor to scroll to top Bug Normal General
#5982 CKEditor: Bold, Italic, Underline can only be applied to already written text (Chrome, Safari, Opera) Bug Normal General
#5987 After creating a link at the end of a line, it's difficult to stop typing link text. Bug Normal General
#5990 The ability to change the colour of list markers. New Feature Normal Core : Lists
#5991 Opera's native context menu is displaying when you right click. Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#5994 Accessibility Instructions Help - No horizontal scroll or word wrap Bug Normal General
#6003 Toolbar drop downs remain visible when maximizing editor Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#6018 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x New Feature Normal Server : PHP
#6026 Handling of elements with attributes in the style system Bug Normal General
#6030 cleare single <br /> or blank <p></p> befor send Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#6031 Cursor problem inserting images at end of editor Bug Normal General
#6051 Copy a table then paste in CKEditor, generate wrong table property Bug Normal General
#6095 addMenuGroup is not a function Bug Normal General
#6113 editing textarea value New Feature Normal General
#6121 Chrome: Styles are hardcoded when text is moved Bug Normal General
#6123 Tab to Indent Bulltets & Shift-Tab to Back it up New Feature Normal General
#6139 Marking Words Bug Normal Core : Styles
#6148 Default width in Table dialog disappears when we activate Table dialog more than once Bug Normal General
#6149 CreateDiv: cannot get out of the div Bug Normal General
#6159 When working with nested lists content may be accidentally deleted Paweł Horzela Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6174 Hide the ckeditor container will makes the editor not editable. Bug Normal General
#6175 Drag'n'drop images into editor with automatic upload New Feature Normal General
#6176 IE6 Cursor missing from edit fields on all dialogs for Right to Left Languages Bug Normal General
#6185 safari/chrome we can't insert any element in the editor with out focussing in Editor body Bug Normal General
#6194 Copying and Pasting a Table, Pastes CKeditor's inline styles. Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#6195 WYSIWYG window resize problem in Safari and Chrome Bug Normal General
#6222 Cut/Copy/Paste menu disabled after text is cut from WYSIWYG editor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#6227 Indentation/Alignment is applied only to first 2 paragraphs if we have Page break or line break at the end of text Martin Bug Normal General
#6229 Underline is not colored when applied to colored text Bug Normal General
#6231 Double click on plugin Icons Screen Lock Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6234 Context menu items are missing in Opera browser. Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#6239 Cut & Copy controls are enabled by default in Toolbar Bug Normal General
#6244 Table colspan problem after remove cell Bug Normal General
#6245 Table rowspan problem while removing cells Bug Normal General
#6250 Justify text inserts P tag only Bug Normal General
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