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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#4865 Typing in source area in IE stuck with long document Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#4872 FF: N is null after clearing browser cache Bug Normal General
#4912 Spell Check Freeze Bug Normal General
#4979 Ensure all source files are in _source directory Bug Normal General
#4998 Odd height on URL field in add link dialog Bug Normal General
#5007 IE Standards Mode: Incorrect selection & range produced when clicking to the right of a <br /> Bug Normal General
#5020 Inserted image not being displayed correctly on IE6 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5036 Fckeditor is not displaying in IE Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#5044 Invoking WSC Spell Check causes IsDirty to be cleared Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5054 CKEditor bug found for Internet Exporer Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5058 Pressing tab when editor is maximized Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#5067 Some times the dialog box border is broken and we are not able to drag the dialogue box. Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5068 Paste in Safari Always Pastes at the Beginning of Editor Content Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5069 Panels are not working with IE in RTL page Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Floating Panel
#5080 FCKeditor do not load using Chrome Bug Normal General
#5088 Enumeration via html is destroyed by WYSIWYG-Editor view Bug Normal General
#5103 textarea name and chrome Bug Normal General
#5137 Strange issues with Text Color and Background Color toolbar controls with JAWS Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Accessibility
#5253 CKEditor 3.2 + Firebug 1.5.2 = Problems Bug Normal General
#5264 Blank Link Popup window Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5279 WSC spellchecker with IE6, the page scrolls down each time "Ignore" is clicked Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5332 forcePasteAsPlainText doesn't work anymore. Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5337 Major defect with enterMode = ENTER_BR Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#5351 Use of cut and paste from Word then save results in Server and Javascript errors. Bug Normal General
#5379 jQuery adapter TC affected by regression Bug Normal QA
#5451 [FF] Unable to apply block style on start of list item Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5472 Appling color stops on style already applied Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Core : Styles
#5480 Anchor link wrong 'class' attribute Bug Normal General
#5494 Editor should cleanup dialogs when it is destroyed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5511 Pasting plain text with blank lines intermixed with existing text Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5532 ie8 display inline-table problem Bug Normal UI : Skins
#5540 Focus not going to Accessibility Instructions dialog when we activate it Bug Normal Accessibility
#5557 Paste as plain-text functionality Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5620 creates paragraph with none empty editor, first time click (focus) without changing the dirty flag Bug Normal General
#5625 Focus arbitrarily jumping between editors Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) UI : Spell Checker
#5636 CKeditor 3.2.1.: The select menu option tools lose the listed options (options disappear in rich combo boxes). Bug Normal General
#5661 CKeditor 3.2.1. : Line growing inconsistently in Firefox Bug Normal General
#5682 [Safari] Selection lost when focus with tab key Bug Normal General
#5711 Chrome: undo broken by newlines and SCAYT Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#5721 customConfig doesn't work with non-relative path Bug Normal General
#5726 error in ckeditor.js Bug Normal General
#5816 don't show images in IE wrong baseHref Bug Normal General
#5823 IE 8 reports a javascript error in editor.js Bug Normal General
#5856 CKeditor inserts blank ul's when exiting out of nested lists Bug Normal General
#5858 Error on ScrollIntoView Bug Normal General
#5898 Fullscreen bug - Firefox Bug Normal General
#5968 FCKeditor not showing in any browser Bug Normal General
#5973 Insert space in ckeditor and I cant trim the value in it Bug Normal General
#5977 Hit java script error when closed the check spell immediately Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6291 [IE9] Invalid source HTML for this operation. Bug Normal General
#6292 [IE9] SCAYT: Invalid set operation on read-only property. Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6384 After editing twice, adds a sharp at the href of every link Bug Normal General
#6524 Remove image while unlink Bug Normal General
#6533 Problem with pasting from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#6560 Pasting text in dialog box while RTL is enabled, pasted paragraph position is locked Bug Normal General
#6702 insertElement on top of text selection Bug Normal General
#6786 Enforce compression thorugh htaccess New Feature Normal General
#6876 To investigate: insertHtml left trim text Bug Normal CKEditor 3.5.1 General
#7560 ASP.NET VB.NET inline configuration Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#7845 Better block iteration New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#8600 iOS: it is impossible to delete text on iPad (sometimes) Bug Normal General
#8689 IE9 problems with inserting text while in compatibility view. Bug Normal General
#9420 [Firefox] Error when accessing skinned editor context menu Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#10334 Getting CKEditor to work in the Windows 8 webview Bug Normal General
#10500 [FF36] Wrong position of context menu opened with SHIFT+F10 Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#12180 IE: Delay in the cursor postion setting after the text is pasted. Bug Normal General
#12664 Code Snippet: Codesnippet instance will insert the code block at the beginning of the editor Bug Normal General
#13353 [IE] Double enter doesn't escape from list Bug Normal General
#13425 Autoembed: breaking the link before embed loads Bug Normal General
#686 FCKeditor.Net: UserFilesPath Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#986 Window not stopped Bug Normal General
#1175 ASP.NET: Changing UserFiles Directory using the Session object Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#1628 FireFox JavaScript Alert With External Config File Bug Normal General
#1681 Error: -2147024809, Invalid Arguement when opening a 2nd editor in a popup Bug Normal General
#1820 Javascript frameworks within FCKeditor New Feature Normal General
#1903 Cursor is not coming when string inserted via javascript Bug Normal General
#1925 categorie link renamed on edit Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2060 Find focus text by scorlling entire page in Ie6 (maybe Ie7) Bug Normal General
#2130 Repeated addition of square brackets on editing external file links Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2143 FCKEditor.GetInstance and Dynamically loaded Web/User Controls. Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2258 FCK/Mediawiki does not save edits in IE7 -- but in FF is ok Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2259 javascript in deleted form header Bug Normal Safari Compatibility General
#2277 Punctuation Placement Issue with Right-to-Left Language Input Bug Normal UI : Language
#2280 Revision comparison bug (HTML passing into comparison rather than WikiText) Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2289 wiki sites freeze in firefox 3.0 Bug Normal General
#2290 Cut, copy and paste buttons are not working Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2399 FCKEditor AJAX problem - WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: Status code 500 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2414 fckeditor.html missing from Bug Normal Server : Java
#2416 [IE] inline dialog fails to show properly Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#2546 List is broken when pressing enter in empty sublist item Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2710 Text size larger than normal in Internet Explorer 7 - FCKEditor 2.6.3 Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2711 Square character appears in list of links - FCKEditor 2.6.3 Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2914 no automatic search results - MediaWiki + FCKeditor Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3011 MediaWiki syntax as a plugin New Feature Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3048 FCKeditor + IE7 + Tab-Browsing Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3158 HTML code appears when you use the Browser back button Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#3466 FCK Editor editor Style issue..! Bug Normal Core : Styles
#3738 .NET Connector could not run in medium trust. FCKEditor 2.6 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#3747 Editor dissapears? Bug Normal General
#3799 Text direction button for FCKeditor Mediawiki extension New Feature Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
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