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#12103 CKEditor.js throws error in IE8 using version 4.4.1 Bug Normal General
#13450 CKEditor leaving stray markup in style sheet Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#14668 CKEditor Lost \r\n Bug Normal General
#8563 ckeditor makes double <br> Bug Normal General
#9915 CKEditor_Net_3.6.4 JScript Error Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#9434 Ckeditor not work with prototype.js Bug Normal General
#13226 Ckeditor oversize on elements Bug Normal General
#10295 CKEditor renders with empty text in Firefox Bug Normal General
#8731 CK Editor Save Button is not working Bug Normal General
#11860 CK Editor Script Error while pasting content from a Word doc Bug Normal General
#11845 Ckeditor Script time out on large amounts of data Bug Normal General
#13479 CKEditor to doesn't work in Firefox 38.0.5 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#4209 CKEditor UI not visible in IE7 when the cache is empty and placed in table-layout:fixed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 General
#10231 CKEditor V4 - Unable to get property 'concat' of undefined or null reference Bug Normal General
#13364 CKEdit Stripping out Form tags? Bug Normal General
#8693 cke_protected_1 using Jason object Bug Normal General
#7773 CKFinder Google Chrome Issue Bug Normal General
#8468 ckFinder integration, clicking the image server button opens blank page first Bug Normal General
#11497 `cleanWord` undefined in "pastefromword" plugin Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#13937 Clearing "mouseup" timeouts on destroy in clipboard plugin Bug Normal General
#12664 Code Snippet: Codesnippet instance will insert the code block at the beginning of the editor Bug Normal General
#5462 Color is removed improperly from partial selections Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 Core : Styles
#3544 Color to a blank pop-up button Bug Normal General
#6810 combos in ckeditor are not being closed when used in a window Bug Normal General
#8215 config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR cause error on ie7 Bug Normal General
#13628 config.floatSpacePinnedOffsetY not working correctly with inline ckeditor Bug Normal General
#8776 config.width = '100%' not working on IE7 and IE8 Bug Normal General
#3316 ConnectorHandler doesn`t work in Grails Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Server : Java
#13866 Content Loses Formatting When Copied From Citrix Session into Local CKEditor Instance Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#14721 convertToPx function in RTL mode Tade0 Bug Normal General
#12995 copied text inserted multiple times Bug Normal General
#14396 Copy and paste from Word into CKEditor 4.5.5 incomplete on Mac / Firefox Bug Normal General
#14828 Copy and paste from word or excel in ckeditor, the formating is losing Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#6765 Copy from third party take it to next line. Bug Normal General
#6943 Copy / paste french characters into editor Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#5620 creates paragraph with none empty editor, first time click (focus) without changing the dirty flag Bug Normal General
#8965 creating ckeditor via PHP through AJAX to load an error Bug Normal Server : PHP
#7030 creating custom heading in Format box Bug Normal General
#2443 creating link with the string "gif" in it creates bad url Bug Normal General
#14779 curson jumping to back when spellcheck is enabled Bug Normal Server : Java
#9724 Cursor bug in IE 9 and IE 10 Bug Normal Core : Focus
#632 Cursor does not show up in Firefox on Tab into the editor New Feature Normal General
#1903 Cursor is not coming when string inserted via javascript Bug Normal General
#8962 cursor jumps back Bug Normal Core : Keystrokes
#13704 Cursor position lost after selected text deletion Bug Normal General
#5721 customConfig doesn't work with non-relative path Bug Normal General
#2290 Cut, copy and paste buttons are not working Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3124 Cut or Copy/Paste - HyperLink is lost Bug Normal General
#6888 Dataprocessor seems to be not working with 3.5 Bug Normal General
#13113 Demo site issue: insert consecutive links Bug Normal General
#2610 destroyed template tag when using mediawiki fckeditor extension with Firefox Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#7951 Dialog pop-up style error Bug Normal General
#13193 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6274 Dirty flag set incorrectly Bug Normal General
#14599 disabled editor, still being able to paste Bug Normal General
#8223 Disabling the Advanced tab for links causes "undefined" to be assigned to the name attribute Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#7580 div contenteditable + removeFormatCmd + insertHtml Bug Normal General
#7197 div replace <p> issue Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#6726 Document grows with every subsequent click on source control Bug Normal General
#6021 Does not show correct number sequence for statements that are separated by sub-bullets Bug Normal General
#5816 don't show images in IE wrong baseHref Bug Normal General
#11764 Double byte white space characters are skipped in Firefox during copy/paste Bug Normal General
#13684 Double Click inside the widget with CK Editor 4.5 && SCAYT Enabled causes IE to Freeze Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#13086 Double click the select control cannot open the dialog in FF Bug Normal General
#13391 double quote issue Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#11193 Double Quotes added when links added Bug Normal General
#8581 Double spacing between 2 lines in editor Bug Normal General
#13342 Drop Downs on Pages - Hyperlinks not functional Bug Normal General
#9905 Dynamic element creation causes problems with HTMLUnit Bug Normal General
#16738 Edge issue: script error on editor.applyStyle() "Unable to get property 'compare' of undefined or null reference" Bug Normal General
#8935 Editing a JS code Bug Normal UI : Source View
#11467 editing font size and colour Bug Normal General
#3747 Editor dissapears? Bug Normal General
#10768 editor focus method broken for ie 9+ Bug Normal Core : Focus
#8585 editor.getData() stops working if there are two editors on the same page. Bug Normal General
#13845 Editor screen collapse after switching from full screen mode to normal mode Bug Normal General
#5494 Editor should cleanup dialogs when it is destroyed Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#4083 Editor Source Mode Removed Head Tag Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#10428 Element properties does not show up in IE10 Bug Normal General
#11285 email-adress undefined in Chrome and IE Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal Core : Editable
#8616 Empty tables cells/rows with missing closing tags Bug Normal General
#6786 Enforce compression thorugh htaccess New Feature Normal General
#4979 Ensure all source files are in _source directory Bug Normal General
#9711 [enter BR] plain space is not trimmed on copy and paste Bug Normal Core : Selection
#5088 Enumeration via html is destroyed by WYSIWYG-Editor view Bug Normal General
#1681 Error: -2147024809, Invalid Arguement when opening a 2nd editor in a popup Bug Normal General
#5726 error in ckeditor.js Bug Normal General
#10168 Error on mouse hover in scroll bar Bug Normal General
#5858 Error on ScrollIntoView Bug Normal General
#11661 Error: Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' Bug Normal General
#6104 Error when trying to upload image on a page with two ckeditor instances Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6105 error when trying to upload images Bug Normal General
#6466 Error while switching from WYSIWYG to source view in IE 8 Bug Normal General
#8297 Extra Divs on every new instance of CKEditor Bug Normal General
#2655 Extra line breaks added from paste after submitting form (Firefox 3, Mac OS X) Bug Normal General
#2762 Extra line breaks in bulleted list each time it is saved Bug Normal General
#9857 Extra space added before closing tag Bug Normal General
#6338 extra tags being added on ckeditor javascript api Bug Normal General
#14284 extra white space appear in code snippet area in ckeditor Bug Normal General
#12152 Failed to execute 'setStart' on 'Range': The offset 2 is larger than or equal to the node's length (1). Bug Normal Core : Selection
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