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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#7228 fck editor image browse not working on subdomain Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#7236 IE throws 'lang.contextmenu.options' is null or not an object Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#7560 ASP.NET VB.NET inline configuration Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8168 CKEditor is not showing Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8607 GUI Displays Locally, but not on published website Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#9915 CKEditor_Net_3.6.4 JScript Error Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#10198 ASP.Net - Editor Add tags into the text content Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#10512 ckeditor does not fill with content in Chrome at first time load in ajax.dialog in mvc3 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#11278 ASP.NET validation does not read the right value of CKEditor Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#12529 Ck Editor in Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#13479 CKEditor to doesn't work in Firefox 38.0.5 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#2341 Multiple folder locations on single page New Feature Normal Server : Java
#2414 fckeditor.html missing from Bug Normal Server : Java
#3316 ConnectorHandler doesn`t work in Grails Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Server : Java
#10735 Chrome: CKEditor allows editing of data in text area in read mode. Bug Normal Server : Java
#11335 AJAX submit and load/initialization of CKEditor fails in Struts 2 application using Struts jQuery plugin Bug Normal Server : Java
#14779 curson jumping to back when spellcheck is enabled Bug Normal Server : Java
#2758 unnecessory insert <p>&nbsp;</p> Bug Normal Server : PHP
#8828 CkEditor is opening slow / CKEditor is loading slow Bug Normal Server : PHP
#8965 creating ckeditor via PHP through AJAX to load an error Bug Normal Server : PHP
#9420 [Firefox] Error when accessing skinned editor context menu Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#10500 [FF36] Wrong position of context menu opened with SHIFT+F10 Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#2416 [IE] inline dialog fails to show properly Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#3680 [webkit] Dialogs doesn't fire focus Bug Normal CKEditor 3.1 UI : Dialogs
#4492 IE6 Image Dialog positioning Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#4499 Broken drop shadow on Office2003 and v2 theme Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#4823 Table cell's bgcolor is better to be applied to background-color style, not to bgColor attribute New Feature Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Dialogs
#5020 Inserted image not being displayed correctly on IE6 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5067 Some times the dialog box border is broken and we are not able to drag the dialogue box. Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5264 Blank Link Popup window Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5332 forcePasteAsPlainText doesn't work anymore. Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6104 Error when trying to upload image on a page with two ckeditor instances Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8223 Disabling the Advanced tab for links causes "undefined" to be assigned to the name attribute Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8472 Image plugin bug Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8672 Missing "popup" in image link dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#9837 Opera/FF dialog white mask above (mac) Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10538 CKEditor 4 - Text selection disappearing when opening Link Dialog (first time) Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#11525 Hyperlink tool doesn't work with Internet Explorer Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#13193 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5337 Major defect with enterMode = ENTER_BR Bug Normal UI : Enter Key
#3822 CKeditor 3.x - IE7 and IE8 displaying text box too low Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#5069 Panels are not working with IE in RTL page Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Floating Panel
#5452 [IE+Quirks] Unscrollable combo dropdown list Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 UI : Floating Panel
#10773 too aggressive panels caching Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#2277 Punctuation Placement Issue with Right-to-Left Language Input Bug Normal UI : Language
#2847 Slovak language file updates and changes Bug Normal UI : Language
#13396 Translation issue (Russian) Bug Normal UI : Language
#5532 ie8 display inline-table problem Bug Normal UI : Skins
#8935 Editing a JS code Bug Normal UI : Source View
#10533 Junk Characters Bug Normal UI : Source View
#2851 IE7Pro support New Feature Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5044 Invoking WSC Spell Check causes IsDirty to be cleared Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5279 WSC spellchecker with IE6, the page scrolls down each time "Ignore" is clicked Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#5625 Focus arbitrarily jumping between editors Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) UI : Spell Checker
#5977 Hit java script error when closed the check spell immediately Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6292 [IE9] SCAYT: Invalid set operation on read-only property. Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#10235 Spell Checking Disrupting Use of Custom CSS Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#10401 [SCAYT] Lag on pressing enter Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#13684 Double Click inside the widget with CK Editor 4.5 && SCAYT Enabled causes IE to Freeze Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4761 IE8 scrollbar position is reset on unfocus in code view Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.2 UI : Toolbar
#5058 Pressing tab when editor is maximized Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#7040 FF3: office2003 skin toolbar buttons and pulldowns selection area shown half height Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#8380 Problem with opening insert special character tool bar Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#8513 Unordered list formatting inconsistencies - WYSIWYG in IE8 Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#9880 Width of toolbar Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#11206 Toolbar is not enabling Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#11744 Text Formatting not possible if using browser via citrix or RDP Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#13403 Maximize tool issue - after maximizing, if browser back button used, page layout is messed up Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#13524 Misaligned icons in Rails Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#14260 <table>-Widgets lose data-*-attributes when upcasted Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#14546 Widget code should be more resilient about changes in DOM New Feature Normal UI : Widgets
#14671 Undo/redo widget bug Bug Normal UI : Widgets
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