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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#7996 Invalid table code creates error Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8005 CKEditor.NET 3.5.3/CKEditor 3.6: editor not displayed after postback in DynamicData site kaga Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8095 Chrome pastes insert a meta tag Bug Normal General
#8099 RichCombo without css shows nothing Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#8107 Radio buttons on dialogs cause an error in IE quirks mode Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8111 Text disappears when clicking outside editing box. Bug Normal General
#8142 Application landmark taking focus to Tool bar instead of Editor body after visiting toolbar. Bug Normal Accessibility
#8158 Adding a link to an image via toolbar fails if HTML comment is in image's DOM parent chain Bug Normal General
#8165 Context Menu not allways closing Bug Normal General
#8178 CKEditor toolbar should float on a page and be dynamically attached to any selected HTML / DOM element New Feature Normal UI : Toolbar
#8185 Delete Table Context Menu not working Bug Normal General
#8194 Tab Order broken with radio buttons inside a dialog Bug Normal General
#8197 Folders pane too small in CKFinder File Browser in Internet Explorer Bug Normal File Browser
#8217 Turkish Translation of CKFinder New Feature Normal UI : Language
#8228 [Webkit] enter does not exit from pre blocks Bug Normal Core : Styles
#8236 specialchar plugin does not allow non-breakable space   Bug Normal General
#8241 In Chrome, Safari and Opera a <br /> is inserted in an empty text area when using BR enter mode Bug Normal General
#8245 Multiple tbody tags in IE 9 are re-ordered Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8265 First Word Backwards in IE Bug Normal General
#8272 Resize Editor Bug Normal General
#8276 Opera: cursor goes to start of editor body when we apply text/background colour Bug Normal General
#8289 Issue with apostrophe / single quote Bug Normal General
#8291 Load Tab on Image Button Task Normal General
#8296 focus event anomaly and safari/chrome crash Bug Normal General
#8372 Pasting Text and bulleting it causes all lines to be wrapped in single bullet instead of each line being bulleted Bug Normal Core : Lists
#8376 CKEditor toolbar layout issue on Chrome/Ubuntu Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#8377 Editing textarea contents in WYSIWYG is broken Bug Normal General
#8395 IE6-10: Clicking enter after selecting table, page-break or hr causes JS error Bug Normal Core : Selection
#8421 Language files not loading properly for the a11yhelp plugin Bug Normal General
#8424 ContentEditable, Image and Chrome Bug Normal General
#8454 Caret in wrong position after line break in opera Bug Normal Core : Keystrokes
#8457 Unable to click left of an indented image. Bug Normal General
#8477 Complete translation for French language (fr.js) Anna Tomanek New Feature Normal UI : Language
#8480 Dropdown menu's for Styles, Format, Font and Size not working correctly in IE8 Bug Normal General
#8484 New, updated Faroese Locale Anna Tomanek New Feature Normal UI : Language
#8494 Complete translation to esperanto of main language file Anna Tomanek New Feature Normal UI : Language
#8497 ie 7 scrollbar positioning problem Bug Normal General
#8506 French translation of CKeditor plugins Anna Tomanek New Feature Normal UI : Language
#8511 Focus not going back to Table dialog after clicking ok button on error dialog Bug Normal General
#8512 Opera: Tabbing inside tables not working properly Bug Normal General
#8520 IE8 Paste throws errors in <br> mode Garry Yao Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8537 Strange result when merging cells in tables Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8539 German translation error Anna Tomanek Bug Normal UI : Language
#8542 Disappearing paragraph after lists (IE Only) Bug Normal General
#8544 Turkish Language Anna Tomanek Task Normal UI : Language
#8553 SCAYT Causing Format Errors Bug Normal General
#8580 contentEditable is not worked on DIV Bug Normal General
#8588 [Safari, Chrome] Copying and pasting last table row does not work Bug Normal General
#8618 Paste from MS Word works incorrectly in FF9.0.1 Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8619 Plugins need to be able to register own keystrokes New Feature Normal General
#8647 Placeholder plugin bug Bug Normal General
#8651 Invalid table properties break the table Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8674 "data-cke-saved-src" is inserted and corrupt the source Bug Normal Core : Parser
#8692 API to allow access to an element before it is inserted in the editor New Feature Normal General
#8699 Focus not going back to correct field on Cell Properties after we close Select Color dialog using OK & Cancel buttons Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal General
#8708 IE9 image in table deselection on mouse right click Bug Normal General
#8711 CKEditor - sharedSpaces - IE9 - HTML5 - Bug Normal General
#8744 FF10 Mac insertHtml causes {cke_protected} Bug Normal General
#8764 Add support for HTML5 tags - E.g. missing figcaption Bug Normal Core : DTD
#8765 random sorting of styles dropdown list in Chrome 17 and Opera 11.61. Bug Normal General
#8794 NL Translation Anna Tomanek Bug Normal UI : Language
#8797 Infinite loop with malformed select tag Bug Normal General
#8800 IE6-10: ENTER key immediately after an anchor generates javascript error Bug Normal General
#8803 CKFinder parameter passed with double ampersand in querystring Bug Normal General
#8823 CKEditor ASP.Net control does not handle ReadOnly attribute kaga Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8837 p tags getting added inside list items (li) items in outer list Bug Normal General
#8847 with JAWS we can't open Select Color dialog more than once. Bug Normal Accessibility
#8889 SCAYT inserts nonbreaking spaces in IE 9/8/7 and Chrome 18 Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#8915 Pagebreak jumps to top of Number/Bullet list when we navigate to HTML Source & back to Rich text Bug Normal General
#8929 Scayt causes list formatting issues Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#8961 Inline styles are not applied to beginning text in IE 9 Bug Normal General
#8981 Error in Translation (LT) Anna Tomanek Bug Normal UI : Language
#8996 Pasting into styled content results in multiple style tags instead of just one Bug Normal General
#9004 insertHtml in Chrome strips 'span' element Bug Normal General
#9009 Text style lost on previous line in enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR when deselecting the style in the toolbar Bug Normal Core : Styles
#9050 [FF] scroll to wrong position on writing Bug Normal General
#9062 Czech localization - typos and suggestions for improvements Bug Normal UI : Language
#9085 <span class="Apple-tab-span"> remove Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9122 CKFinder for PHP4x websites Bug Normal General
#9136 [Webkit] Enter key scrolls down the page when CKEditor is in absolutely-positioned div Bug Normal General
#9168 Chrome and FF ; When a new page that using docprops plugin, title is not set. Bug Normal General
#9171 Error in the documentation Task Normal General
#9191 Not possible to outdent content in a div containing a table Bug Normal General
#9207 Source duplicates template background in IE Bug Normal General
#9216 Image attributes are converted in css style Bug Normal General
#9324 magicline and contenteditable=false Bug Normal Core : Editable
#9331 Pasting text creates simple Caesar cipher Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#9358 Mistake in the french translation of the em dash (special character) Anna Tomanek Bug Normal General
#9373 Error when checking/unchecking checkbox. [Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'preventDefasult' ] Bug Normal General
#9375 target.insertHtml is not working properly Bug Normal General
#9393 HTML comments handling Bug Normal Core : Styles
#9398 Double Insert HTML Bug Normal General
#9409 Create an editor on a detached element of the dom Bug Normal General
#9443 Firefox error: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMHTMLDocument.execCommand] Bug Normal General
#9450 autoGrow_onStartup not working Bug Normal General
#9461 [FF]: Inconsistent behavior in applying styling to selected text Bug Normal General
#9478 CKE 4.x - Undefined table width gets reset to default Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#9484 Arabic text issue in Editor Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#9502 [IE] The selection expands by some characters when eg. creating a link Bug Normal Core : Selection
#9547 Autogrow plugin breaks dropdowns Bug Normal General
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