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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2331 Content of <script> tags is not wrapped in <![CDATA[...]]> Bug Normal General
#2336 [IE] Second dialog box causes loss of position context Bug Normal General
#2338 problem running ver 2.6.2 in an IE HTA application Bug Normal General
#2419 MoveToAncestorNode does not return the correct node Bug Normal General
#2423 [FF3, Safari] Toolbar became disabled after switch to WYSIWYG mode when ToolbarLocation is Out Bug Normal General
#2425 Placeholder plugin does not load placeholder text into edit dialog within Windows Safari Bug Normal General
#2455 Perl connectors IO timeout errors Bug Normal Server : Perl
#2461 Context menu memory leak Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#2468 Textarea name independent of the instance name New Feature Normal General
#2470 Disable content links for SpellerPages Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#2478 Large table crashes Netscape 7.1 Bug Normal General
#2505 "Image Properties" popup and long names Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2511 Improper handling of nested nowiki tags Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2524 CKFinder Right click is not disabled in Ubuntu. Bug Normal General
#2538 paste from word is always greyed out Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2542 User link issue in multilingual mediawiki Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2545 add write rights to tgz archiv Bug Normal General
#2555 Invalid link conversion Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2557 Performance issues in mediawiki when using fckeditor Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2560 Background color applied to Text in IE when I select all Bug Normal General
#2577 when SourcePopup is true, closing source results in permission denied Bug Normal UI : Source View
#2581 Rename UserPathBuilder interface to something more appropriate Task Normal FCKeditor.Java 2.5 Server : Java
#2586 MediaWiki\wikia FCK editor vs IIS webserver Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2588 In Safari right click causes marking out a whole word Bug Normal General
#2599 Allow an arbitrary query string, and propagate it to dialog boxes New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#2606 Deleting a button (Safari) adds text-align: center to remaining contents Dmiry Polyakov Bug Normal General
#2615 Bug in FF when FCKConfig.StartupShowBlocks=true on a hidden FCKEditor instance Bug Normal General
#2620 Add emoticons New Feature Normal General
#2623 'Automatic' Button in the color picker for text and background color New Feature Normal General
#2640 Dynamically Generated Templates New Feature Normal General
#2658 paste of image in clipboard. New Feature Normal General
#2670 img tag valid xhtml generation failed Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#2671 Upload directly to Picasa New Feature Normal General
#2672 Ctrl-Del does not delete next work New Feature Normal General
#2682 Setting and clearing background colour does not work with 'non-canonical' styling Bug Normal Core : Styles
#2688 fck_paste.html: paste from word fails with ++ in url Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#2690 Second-level context menus are selectable Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#2692 Style tags are deleted by Google Chrome Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#2701 I have been having a bit of a problem in using numbered lists in FCKEditor. Bug Normal Core : Lists
#2703 FCKeditor objects rename proposal New Feature Normal General
#2708 FCK_link.js Email Protection Bug Normal General
#2709 Problems in Arabic Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#2719 Selected image could cause overlapped button not working. Bug Normal General
#2736 Opera can't display spell check Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#2737 Drawing Functions New Feature Normal General
#2749 InsertHtml() is inconsistent between IE 7 and Firefox 2 Bug Normal General
#2750 extra par tags inserted when submitting FCKeditor text (related to ticket 382) Bug Normal General
#2769 firefox copy paste links Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#2807 Fatal error when using content-type: application/xhtml+xml New Feature Normal General
#2826 divreplace example uses CSS features not available in IE6 Bug Normal General
#2866 Add OS Detection for Spellcheck and PHP 5 Support Bug Normal General
#2870 Adding style to existing text does not work. Bug Normal General
#2873 Server side integration - File Browser Wiktor Walc New Feature Normal File Browser
#2875 FCKConfig.BasePath should be root relative not absolute to URL Bug Normal General
#2894 GetParentElement wrongly gives body sometimes for ff and webkit Bug Normal General
#2919 mod_sec issues with File Browser Bug Normal General
#2928 turn editor area red when user doesn't fill it in New Feature Normal General
#2942 Element Styling Tool New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#2949 FCK.GetNamedCommandValue( 'FontSize' ) always returns null / empty Bug Normal General
#2969 plugin:dialog Clicking on checkbox or radio button labels don't activate their associated button in IE. Martin Kou Bug Normal Accessibility
#3012 plugin:format 'h1' font too big to display Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3016 V3: New Unit Tests Garry Yao Task Normal QA
#3063 Add textarea id fckeditor.js - code fix included in description! New Feature Normal General
#3107 enterMode problem with link Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3116 New button - quote selected text New Feature Normal General
#3179 Different style when quoting New Feature Normal General
#3241 Htmlwriter self-closing tag problem Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3242 Showblock ignore table and list Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3293 Table properties 2nd level menus do not show up in IE8 on Vista Martin Kou Bug Normal General
#3340 Mediawiki version doesn't work on iPhone Bug Normal General
#3361 [FF] createBookmark problem with multi-ranges Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3410 Python code needs generalization. Bug Normal General
#3424 upload permission with struts Bug Normal File Browser
#3440 Create quirks mode sample Task Normal General
#3469 Simplify range walking codes Bug Normal General
#3478 Simplify styles processing Bug Normal General
#3502 Update testcase for styles plugin Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Task Normal QA
#3524 CKEditor Toolbar is missing the left and upper border Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3525 Bug with link dialog box not showing up Bug Normal General
#3541 IDs in dialog violates W3C specs Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#3558 Investigate alternatives to <a href="..."> tags for accessible interactive elements. Task Normal Accessibility
#3584 Theme is too fragile Bug Normal General
#3586 Adjust the default formatting to match v2 Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#3597 Usability improvements in CKReleaser Wiktor Walc New Feature Normal Project : CKPackager
#3603 Line break mangled in source Bug Normal General
#3614 CKEditor: table is not resizing correctly Bug Normal General
#3629 typos and lint fixes Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Bug Normal General
#3693 dom.element.getAttribute returns unnormalized style properties Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3709 Selected text stays selected when switch to source view and back Garry Yao New Feature Normal General
#3732 loadData on wysiwyg mode without iframe reload New Feature Normal General
#3756 [IE7] Inconsistent navigation issue on tables with headers Bug Normal General
#3762 Table alignment use of align attribute Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
#3763 Pasting large spreadsheet data slow in IE Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 Plugin : Paste from Word
#3772 Incomplete URL from perl connector Bug Normal General
#3813 Unlink result in fragmental <a> Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 Core : Styles
#3842 Merge textnode broke by bookmark Bug Normal Core : Styles
#3850 [chrome] Combo inline labels are invisible in RTL Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal General
#3857 K-Meleon Kama skin problem Bug Normal General
#3863 DevTool - autoChangelog Garry Yao New Feature Normal General
#3872 Pasted text takes on style at cursor location Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 General
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