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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5970 IE8: Paragraph after floated div appears to have extra top padding Bug Normal General
#5976 "malformed" HTML being removed Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#5989 Serverside preview New Feature Normal General
#6024 [[Opera]] we can't start a Number/bullet list by just clicking Number/bullet list icon with out selecting Text in editor body [CORE-91] Bug Normal General
#6199 Tool to convert v2 template files to v3 New Feature Normal General
#6313 List number\bullet point don`t move with text align Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6316 List indent fix structure Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6421 IE7: The cursor placed in a beginning of a document Bug Normal General
#6459 IE: Slow typing speed on IE6 Bug Normal General
#6465 Paste: content pasted from Excel document loses formatting Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#6592 BIDI: Show block tag name mirroring New Feature Normal General
#6611 Align to center or right in lists - text is moved, bullet or number stays Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6623 Colors dialog: up/down arrow keys not working as expected Bug Normal Accessibility
#6757 [Opera] Dialog skin sides layout broken Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6759 Protected source does not protect attributes Bug Normal General
#6775 Right and bottom margins are not being respected on dialog move Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#7021 insertElement fails with a few cells selected Bug Normal General
#7057 [FF] Mixed dir list displayed wrong Bug Normal General
#7495 IE7 - additional paragraph added before list pasted from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#7768 IE6 - Incomplete frame of dialog box in Kama skin Bug Normal UI : Skins
#7789 Dialog shadow in Office and v2 skin broken when zoom is used on page Bug Normal UI : Skins
#7798 Wrong toolbar placement while Editor is resized under Opera Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#8003 CKPackager: issue with leaking variables Bug Normal Project : CKPackager
#8028 IE7 Quirks: issue with rendering Anchor dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8060 [IE Quirks] Dialog min-width/height doesn't work Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8064 [IE6+RTL] column resizer unavailable Bug Normal General
#8077 Editor Fullscreen mode - dialog resizing while switching tabs under IE6 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8300 [Opera] extra BR appears at document start Bug Normal General
#8353 IE7: Crash when changing list type Bug Normal Core : Lists
#8391 IE6&7: Exception thrown when scayt is being enabled and holding ENTERY key inside content area Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#8427 Opera: Problem with typing around contentEditable="false" element Bug Normal General
#8531 No   hack needed on tables Task Normal General
#8622 Opera: problems with splitting table cells Bug Normal General
#8639 Safari can't handle tables pasted from Excel Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#8676 Opera: Copy/paste problem into table cells Bug Normal General
#8789 CKEditor for ASP.NET. UpdatePanel and problem partial page updates Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#8907 IE6: hovering over Browse Server button makes dialog contents jump up Bug Normal General
#8913 IE9: Problems with full-width sapces. Bug Normal General
#9102 Not able to move images in IE7 and IE6 Bug Normal General
#9133 IE: Can't apply inline style to empty line. Bug Normal General
#9134 Opera: Can't apply inline style to empty line. Empty lines collapse. Bug Normal General
#9138 [IE8 Quirks] Placeholder plugin Bug Normal General
#9147 Chrome: RTL on a list bullet has no visual effect Bug Normal General
#9150 Opera: Link selection is incosistent Bug Normal General
#9158 Opera: pressing backspace at the beginning of list, removes the list Bug Normal General
#9427 [IE6-9] Error when pasting with SCAYT enabled Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#9568 [Opera] Scroll after inserting element Bug Normal Core : Selection
#9884 [FF3.x] Select all and copy breaks inline editor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9896 [WIN8] Intrusive title hint for inline editables Bug Normal Accessibility
#10120 [IE7, BIDI] Changing paragraph direction breaks toolbar Bug Normal Core : BiDi
#10347 [Opera] Error thrown when destroying inline editor with simultaneous click Bug Normal General
#10506 [IE7] Switching between modes when combo is open destroys selection Bug Normal Core : Selection
#10625 IE7 No preview in document Properties Plugin Bug Normal General
#10626 IE7 Sample "Sharing Toolbar and Bottom-bar Spaces" doesn't work on IE7. Bug Normal General
#10902 ACF is not applied when getting data while in source mode Bug Normal General
#10960 [IE10+] Error thrown and broken range produced while creating bookmarks Bug Normal Core : Selection
#11076 [IE8] Caret is not shown when you will move to end of document Bug Normal General
#11276 [IE8] Image2 does not look well when printed Bug Normal General
#11685 Bidi support for block quote. New Feature Normal General
#11689 Weird font being applied into editable for Chinese simplified Bug Normal General
#11722 [iOS][Android] Drag and drop does not work on mobile New Feature Normal General
#11782 Change POST request sent to backend in codesnippetgeshi New Feature Normal General
#11796 [UX] Two different dialog to pick a color Bug Normal General
#11804 Making changes in Document Properties plugin does not reflect in history Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#12210 Source code formatting is invalid when startupMode source is enabled Bug Normal General
#12262 Test and improve getSelectedText New Feature Normal General
#12325 [IE10] selection doesn't collapse on Shift + Left button Bug Normal General
#12693 [IE] Impossible to collapse selection using shortcut Bug Normal General
#12765 Paste from Word is not fired automatically Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#12769 should allow to find functions within arrays Bug Normal General
#12836 [IE9] Performance issue during past from word Bug Normal General
#13209 Spaces are lost when pasting content copied on other website Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#13270 When copy images between editor their src may nee to be corrected (different domains or base paths) Bug Normal General
#88 office 2007 Bug Normal General
#92 CKPackager: System.SystemException when running CKPackager under Linux/mono Bug Normal General
#96 Flash ActionScript 3 version New Feature Normal General
#101 IE: Can't use the Styles combo with TR, TD, TH Bug Normal General
#107 Impossible to use PHP inside tag definitions Bug Normal General
#120 simulate class-hierarchy for exact css match Bug Normal General
#130 Flashvars is ignored Bug Normal General
#146 Image Mapping Tool New Feature Normal General
#147 New Image Manager New Feature Normal General
#148 Empty DIV Bug Normal Core : Styles
#156 [PATCH] Style combo changes for IE Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.5 Beta Core : Styles
#218 Word-formatted text fails to paste with Firefox for Mac Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6 Plugin : Paste from Word
#230 Change the default <br> when pasting plain txt with CRLF New Feature Normal General
#275 My solution for images automatic resizing New Feature Normal File Browser
#302 Firefox automatic hyperlink creation New Feature Normal General
#303 Stylesheet link styles not applied in Firefox Bug Normal General
#316 FF: Impossible to position the cursor between two centered tables Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6 General
#322 Google-bar & forms Bug Normal General
#323 why is there so much extra added for inline styling? Bug Normal General
#325 API: GetXHTML() temporarily distorts rendering Bug Normal General
#334 loading fckeditor in firefox in frameset never stops "loading" Bug Normal General
#337 Bring back FCKConfig.EnableXHTML and FCKConfig.EnableSourceXHTML New Feature Normal General
#343 Image Properties - Preview --> Needed English Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#354 Filebrowser : Delete files and folders New Feature Normal File Browser
#408 Overwrite Uploaded Files New Feature Normal File Browser
#409 Thumbnail preview for Uploaded Pictures New Feature Normal File Browser
#440 FF: Whole paragraph is selected on right click Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6 General
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