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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9427 [IE6-9] Error when pasting with SCAYT enabled Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#8869 IE6 : CKEDITOR.dom.node.replace() fails with invalid argument error Bug Normal General
#7473 IE6: Dialogs containing dropdown menus become distorted briefly when dragging a dialog to a new position Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#4187 [IE6] Find a better solution for horizontal document scroll Bug Normal General
#4029 [IE6] Format combo background-color incorrect Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#8907 IE6: hovering over Browse Server button makes dialog contents jump up Bug Normal General
#4592 [IE6 IE7] Can not delete selected table cell contents. Bug Normal General
#5615 IE6 IE7: CKEditor scrolls up when clicked outside editor and config.docType is set Bug Normal General
#8575 IE6 IE7: Selecting a table header row using Elements path bar omitting first char in first header cell Bug Normal General
#7768 IE6 - Incomplete frame of dialog box in Kama skin Bug Normal UI : Skins
#5774 [IE6] Memory Leak revisited Garry Yao Bug Normal General
#8064 [IE6+RTL] column resizer unavailable Bug Normal General
#7809 IE6: setData fails when event handler attached via jQuery Bug Normal General
#7495 IE7 - additional paragraph added before list pasted from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#10120 [IE7, BIDI] Changing paragraph direction breaks toolbar Bug Normal Core : BiDi
#5900 [IE7] CKEditor looses content when Google toolbar spell check button used. Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4 General
#8353 IE7: Crash when changing list type Bug Normal Core : Lists
#10189 IE7 - 'dropdown' toolbar items not working Bug Normal General
#11299 [IE7] Editor does not load Bug Normal General
#7861 IE7 - E-Mail Link Dialog Goes off screen Bug Normal General
#6551 [IE7]: Improper behaviour when pasting a List in IE7 Bug Normal Core : Lists
#3756 [IE7] Inconsistent navigation issue on tables with headers Bug Normal General
#8587 IE7 maximize long delay Bug Normal Performance
#10625 IE7 No preview in document Properties Plugin Bug Normal General
#5722 [IE7] Paste into content RTL editor appears scrollbar Bug Normal General
#8028 IE7 Quirks: issue with rendering Anchor dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10626 IE7 Sample "Sharing Toolbar and Bottom-bar Spaces" doesn't work on IE7. Bug Normal General
#10506 [IE7] Switching between modes when combo is open destroys selection Bug Normal Core : Selection
#6421 IE7: The cursor placed in a beginning of a document Bug Normal General
#11076 [IE8] Caret is not shown when you will move to end of document Bug Normal General
#8088 IE8: Changing font size does not work with two bytes character Bug Normal General
#11276 [IE8] Image2 does not look well when printed Bug Normal General
#10018 IE8 not cleaning up invalid HTML Bug Normal Core : Parser
#5970 IE8: Paragraph after floated div appears to have extra top padding Bug Normal General
#9138 [IE8 Quirks] Placeholder plugin Bug Normal General
#8420 [IE8] Resize handles sometimes show up around paragraphs and bulleted lists Bug Normal General
#10572 [IE9, Chrome] Selection related to TD causes invalid caret move. Bug Normal General
#10677 IE9: CKEditor 3.6.6: Delay in the cursor postion setting after the text is pasted in the ENTER_BR mode Bug Normal General
#12836 [IE9] Performance issue during past from word Bug Normal General
#13234 IE9 - Picture Outlines are available when the picture is selected even if the picture is not visible Bug Normal General
#8913 IE9: Problems with full-width sapces. Bug Normal General
#9799 [IE9] unstable tests Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Low Core : Pasting
#6903 IE: Additional &nbsp is appended to 'empty' initial content (enter mode=DIV) Bug Normal General
#9133 IE: Can't apply inline style to empty line. Bug Normal General
#101 IE: Can't use the Styles combo with TR, TD, TH Bug Normal General
#748 [IE] Contents of div with styled width wrap incorrectly Bug Normal General
#14506 IE: Cursor moves outside of the anchor when space is entered Bug Normal General
#5866 IE Cursor positioning for Language:RTL style behaves differently to other browsers Bug Normal General
#706 IE - Display issue with table select Bug Normal General
#1220 IE: Hitting Backspace after a link removes it istead of deleting a char Bug Normal General
#8583 IE image resize handles appear outside of edit Bug Normal General
#14772 IE: Image resize marker placed out of the CKEditor area Bug Normal General
#12693 [IE] Impossible to collapse selection using shortcut Bug Normal General
#4036 [IE] Insert select control is causing error Garry Yao Bug Normal CKEditor 3.0 Core : Styles
#5235 IE is splitting global css definitions into 4 parts Bug Normal General
#8060 [IE Quirks] Dialog min-width/height doesn't work Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10366 IE: Resize handles appear on top of context menu IE Oracle Bug Low General
#2336 [IE] Second dialog box causes loss of position context Bug Normal General
#6459 IE: Slow typing speed on IE6 Bug Normal General
#6241 [[IE]] some format is lost during paste Paweł Horzela Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#13957 IE unwanted   after link Bug Normal General
#14751 if the p element is styled in a certain way, the paragraph cannot be deleted in IE and Edge Bug Normal General
#2701 I have been having a bit of a problem in using numbered lists in FCKEditor. Bug Normal Core : Lists
#13646 Image2 doens't work with [img] BBCODE tags Bug Normal General
#1766 Image alignment Bug Normal General
#5852 Image is not pasted in the FCK ediotr 2.6 when copied from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#146 Image Mapping Tool New Feature Normal General
#2505 "Image Properties" popup and long names Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#343 Image Properties - Preview --> Needed English Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#10266 Image resizing handles fall on top of dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#9819 image selector overlap in IE8 Bug Normal General
#870 Images resized by control points, less pixelated New Feature Normal General
#2670 img tag valid xhtml generation failed Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#848 Implement Marquee For Scrolling Text New Feature Normal General
#5038 Impossible to add new format tag using configuration settings Bug Normal General
#107 Impossible to use PHP inside tag definitions Bug Normal General
#2511 Improper handling of nested nowiki tags Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3772 Incomplete URL from perl connector Bug Normal General
#13546 Incorporate promises framework into CKEditor. New Feature Normal Performance
#14579 Incorrect special character encoding in Paste From Word Dialog in Firefox Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#5907 Indentation should be done with CSS2 text-indent property to support a11y Bug Normal Accessibility
#1477 In fullscreen mode, pop-up menu position relative to "content div Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#7208 In IE7/8, CKEditor performance degradation when adding multiple editors Bug Normal Performance
#14865 In Internet explorer, if the container that holds the ckeditor is draggable, you cannot select text within ckeditor. Bug Normal General
#10057 Inline CK: Enable links in non-editable elements New Feature Normal Core : Editable
#1914 Inline CSS caching is not compatible with AIR Bug Normal General
#10036 Inline edtor should apply block level formats only to the users selection Bug Normal General
#14556 In Microsoft Edge/IE11 editor scroll to top if you click in beginning of a line Bug Normal General
#2588 In Safari right click causes marking out a whole word Bug Normal General
#8032 Insert block element between block elements Bug Normal General
#7021 insertElement fails with a few cells selected Bug Normal General
#2749 InsertHtml() is inconsistent between IE 7 and Firefox 2 Bug Normal General
#4696 Insert Page break not splitting table and list Bug Normal General
#5407 Introduce a setting to keep using deprecated attributes New Feature Normal General
#2555 Invalid link conversion Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3558 Investigate alternatives to <a href="..."> tags for accessible interactive elements. Task Normal Accessibility
#11722 [iOS][Android] Drag and drop does not work on mobile New Feature Normal General
#1482 IsDirty always true after loading content with anchors Bug Normal General
#11358 issue in IE 11 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#7290 Issue with Number/Bulleted list - Stack overflow at line: 27 Bug Normal Core : Lists
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