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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5903 Resizing flash object causes selection display to be incorrect Bug Normal General
#5907 Indentation should be done with CSS2 text-indent property to support a11y Bug Normal Accessibility
#5918 BIDI: [IE8] Paragraphs with dir="rtl" display with resize handles Bug Normal General
#5946 [FF] Cut commad removing paragraph id attribute. Bug Normal General
#5964 Resizing images is buggy with IE8 and RTL direction Bug Normal General
#5965 Cursor initially overlaps previous line when font size is set to > 28. Bug Normal General
#5970 IE8: Paragraph after floated div appears to have extra top padding Bug Normal General
#5976 "malformed" HTML being removed Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#5989 Serverside preview New Feature Normal General
#6002 Script tags protection should not be hard-coded New Feature Normal General
#6024 [[Opera]] we can't start a Number/bullet list by just clicking Number/bullet list icon with out selecting Text in editor body [CORE-91] Bug Normal General
#6028 BIDI: Tables should align to corresponding direction when base language direction is set New Feature Normal General
#6052 When centered a table, the pads sizing the table are not centered Bug Normal General
#6069 [Chrome] Ugly yellow form outline around editor Bug Normal General
#6116 The contentEditable attribute is lost from textareas and inputs Sa'ar Zac Elias Bug Normal General
#6147 Page up/page down jump whole document on IE8 Bug Normal General
#6154 Unify wysiwygarea focus logic Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal CKEditor 3.4.2 General
#6186 FCK Editor: FireFox remove tags Bug Normal General
#6199 Tool to convert v2 template files to v3 New Feature Normal General
#6241 [[IE]] some format is lost during paste Paweł Horzela Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#6259 Redirection URL is incorrect when clicking inserted image in CKEditor Bug Normal General
#6313 List number\bullet point don`t move with text align Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6316 List indent fix structure Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6326 Table Resizing by drag table border not working in Chrome Bug Normal General
#6348 [PATCH] switch SCAYT plug-in to use SCAYT core 2.5 Task Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6378 Label for smiley can not be changed using Image properties dialog Martin Bug Normal General
#6421 IE7: The cursor placed in a beginning of a document Bug Normal General
#6436 Chrome: CTRL+V Paste with forcePasteAsPlainText=false inserts broken nested <div>s and sometimes <p>s Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#6456 Forced Line Breaks New Feature Normal General
#6459 IE: Slow typing speed on IE6 Bug Normal General
#6465 Paste: content pasted from Excel document loses formatting Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#6483 FCK Editor Image upload problem for https enable site Bug Normal File Browser
#6509 Dirty property should probably be set even when source doesn't change Bug Normal General
#6551 [IE7]: Improper behaviour when pasting a List in IE7 Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6592 BIDI: Show block tag name mirroring New Feature Normal General
#6611 Align to center or right in lists - text is moved, bullet or number stays Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6623 Colors dialog: up/down arrow keys not working as expected Bug Normal Accessibility
#6626 removeFormat + selected (resized) image Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#6627 Display select handles on "HR" New Feature Normal General
#6669 HTML code not inserting in IE, Inserting in FireFox Bug Normal General
#6722 Issue with styling when Img and <a> tags are present. Bug Normal General
#6757 [Opera] Dialog skin sides layout broken Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6759 Protected source does not protect attributes Bug Normal General
#6770 [PATCH] switch SCAYT plug-in to use SCAYT core 2.6 Task Normal UI : Spell Checker
#6775 Right and bottom margins are not being respected on dialog move Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#6793 Copy Paste of List not functioning properly Bug Normal General
#6839 FF - editor destructive on cut operation Bug Normal General
#6842 cloneContents can remove the selection. Bug Normal General
#6897 No "dir" attribute is added unless direction is changed manually New Feature Normal Core : BiDi
#6903 IE: Additional &nbsp is appended to 'empty' initial content (enter mode=DIV) Bug Normal General
#6950 Dialog for page-break-inside:avoid; in Tables New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#6951 Floating div element New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#6960 Opera we can't copy the read only paragraphs [CORE-35866] Bug Normal General
#7021 insertElement fails with a few cells selected Bug Normal General
#7057 [FF] Mixed dir list displayed wrong Bug Normal General
#7085 Defaults sking are "fugly" (here is better) New Feature Normal General
#7160 Cannot "paste" the form element on top of the page Garry Yao Bug Normal Core : Selection
#7184 Problems Selecting Images that are in a Table in Firefox Bug Normal General
#7208 In IE7/8, CKEditor performance degradation when adding multiple editors Bug Normal Performance
#7216 Create separate plugin for contentEditable=false Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo Task Normal Core : Read-only
#7260 node.js -> getParents performance poor Garry Yao Bug Normal Performance
#7290 Issue with Number/Bulleted list - Stack overflow at line: 27 Bug Normal Core : Lists
#7336 Line bulleting lost on paste special if entire line not selected Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#7337 Paste special does not correctly paste formatted WordPad text. Bug Normal General
#7353 error in IE9: ';' expected Bug Normal General
#7392 With multiple editor instances running, page is scrolled to last one in FireFox 3.6 Bug Normal General
#7473 IE6: Dialogs containing dropdown menus become distorted briefly when dragging a dialog to a new position Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#7482 FF: Indented numbered list not displaying correctly when pasted from MS Word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#7495 IE7 - additional paragraph added before list pasted from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#7589 BIDI: IE8: Difficulties using backspace to delete RTL paragraphs. Bug Normal Core : BiDi
#7607 Style attribute is deleted from the sourcecode while switching from Source to WYSIWYG Bug Normal General
#7622 Paste from notepad inconsistencies between browsers, formatting issue in IE8 Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#7753 Provide custom toolbar labels without modifying CKEDITOR.lang.toolbarGroupss New Feature Normal Accessibility
#7755 WYSIWYG: missing closing body tag in generated HTML Bug Normal General
#7768 IE6 - Incomplete frame of dialog box in Kama skin Bug Normal UI : Skins
#7777 [FF4] Place cursor between text, apply any style: cursor drops Frederico Caldeira Knabben Bug Normal Core : Styles
#7789 Dialog shadow in Office and v2 skin broken when zoom is used on page Bug Normal UI : Skins
#7798 Wrong toolbar placement while Editor is resized under Opera Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#7809 IE6: setData fails when event handler attached via jQuery Bug Normal General
#7858 IE 6 & 7: @ symbol is displayed in the editor when 0 is entered in the start text field in Numbered List dialog Bug Normal Core : Lists
#7861 IE7 - E-Mail Link Dialog Goes off screen Bug Normal General
#7866 Safari & Chrome : On V2 Skin when we Zoom in/Zoom out drop down lists getting distorted Bug Normal General
#7971 Script Does Not Work Bug Normal General
#7997 FF3.6: text don't show in WYSIWYG mode, but in Source all ok Bug Normal General
#8003 CKPackager: issue with leaking variables Bug Normal Project : CKPackager
#8022 Paste of relative path image with baseHref set results in wrong urls in IE Bug Normal General
#8028 IE7 Quirks: issue with rendering Anchor dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8032 Insert block element between block elements Bug Normal General
#8060 [IE Quirks] Dialog min-width/height doesn't work Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8064 [IE6+RTL] column resizer unavailable Bug Normal General
#8077 Editor Fullscreen mode - dialog resizing while switching tabs under IE6 Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8088 IE8: Changing font size does not work with two bytes character Bug Normal General
#8127 Opera: Undo not restoring the deleted empty paragraphs Bug Normal General
#8190 Ckeditor in Small IFrame Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#8227 Problems with insertElement in IE7 Bug Normal Core : Selection
#8261 jQuery adapter: allow to work with existing instances Piotr Jasiun New Feature Normal General
#8300 [Opera] extra BR appears at document start Bug Normal General
#8328 CKEDITOR not consequent when entering something after a link Bug Normal General
#8353 IE7: Crash when changing list type Bug Normal Core : Lists
#8390 Setting pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles to false not working properly Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
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