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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#6722 Issue with styling when Img and <a> tags are present. Bug Normal General
#14736 It does not work insert images from the clipboard in chrome and yandex-browser Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#5384 java: create userfilepath according to chosen directory New Feature Normal Server : Java
#1189 Javascript-Console Errors for skins Bug Normal General
#269 Javascript error: FCKTools.GetElementWindow(A) has no properties Martin Kou Bug Normal FCKeditor 2.6 General
#1255 Javascript error in Firefox: FCK is not defined Bug Normal General
#5065 JAWS is not reading the editor in Safari Bug Normal Accessibility
#8261 jQuery adapter: allow to work with existing instances Piotr Jasiun New Feature Normal General
#13565 Jumping over words with ctrl+right arrow not working as is should when ":" is in sencence Bug Normal General
#830 KHTML Compatibility? New Feature Normal General
#3857 K-Meleon Kama skin problem Bug Normal General
#6378 Label for smiley can not be changed using Image properties dialog Martin Bug Normal General
#2478 Large table crashes Netscape 7.1 Bug Normal General
#3603 Line break mangled in source Bug Normal General
#7336 Line bulleting lost on paste special if entire line not selected Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#2158 Links cause spellerpages to go out of sync and not complete, ending with error. Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#14374 Link to anchor in document not finding anchors Bug Normal General
#6316 List indent fix structure Bug Normal Core : Lists
#6313 List number\bullet point don`t move with text align Bug Normal Core : Lists
#3732 loadData on wysiwyg mode without iframe reload New Feature Normal General
#334 loading fckeditor in firefox in frameset never stops "loading" Bug Normal General
#8810 lost selection in ie9 when open floatpanel Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#904 Lotus Notes Domino Connector upload parameter New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#875 Make editor detectable on server side New Feature Normal General
#2911 Make it possible for CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal() to load plugins not named "plugin.js" Martin Kou New Feature Must have (possibly next milestone) CKEditor 3.0 General
#13733 Make non-break space and non-break hyphen available in special chars New Feature Normal General
#4966 Make the anchor image configurable New Feature Normal General
#11804 Making changes in Document Properties plugin does not reflect in history Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#5976 "malformed" HTML being removed Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#4541 Maximize adds extra space on non-Kama skins Bug Normal General
#4214 Maximize bugs Bug Normal General
#16819 Media Embed plugin does not work on https Bug Normal General
#2190 MediaWiki Edit Toolbar visible when in Wikitext mode New Feature Normal General
#1468 MediaWiki+FCKeditor doesn't play nicely with HTML lists Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#3340 Mediawiki version doesn't work on iPhone Bug Normal General
#2586 MediaWiki\wikia FCK editor vs IIS webserver Bug Normal Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2521 Memory leak issue Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) General
#5681 'menubutton' force focus Garry Yao Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#4366 Menu icon for Split Cell Vertically should have a different image from Split Cell Horizontally Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#3842 Merge textnode broke by bookmark Bug Normal Core : Styles
#16805 Microsoft Edge issue: Text copied in some lists is pasted with underline in it Bug Normal General
#1168 Minimum entity rewriting on non ASCII character New Feature Normal Core : Output Data
#685 Missing TemplatesXmlPath Property in FCKeditor.cs Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#13837 Mixed paragraph content in table cells Bug Normal Core : Tables
#2919 mod_sec issues with File Browser Bug Normal General
#10447 mouse-moving an image fails in chrome, works in safari Bug Normal Core : Editable
#470 Move fckconfig.js to a .dist New Feature Normal General
#44 Move the main script load code to FCKScriptLoader Task Normal General
#2419 MoveToAncestorNode does not return the correct node Bug Normal General
#2806 MoveToAncestorNode failing in IE if you look for the selected item Bug Low General
#12258 Moving form with CKEditor through DOM Bug Normal General
#1349 Mozilla style="-moz-style: -moz-initial" Bug Normal General
#5793 Multi-Cell selection in IE New Feature Normal General
#14796 multiple pictures selected Bug Normal General
#275 My solution for images automatic resizing New Feature Normal File Browser
#5138 Naming convention mistakes in dialogs' tabs Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#3899 Navigating problem in IE8 after image added Bug Normal General
#10208 Need ability to override a value in CKEDITOR.skins.icons[] New Feature Normal UI : Skins
#5013 Need a way for CKEditor to configure name format of language files New Feature Normal General
#14700 Need to be able to configure colors to wrap links New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#3116 New button - quote selected text New Feature Normal General
#232 New code for PHP classe of FCKeditor New Feature Normal Server : PHP
#147 New Image Manager New Feature Normal General
#4266 "New Page" button is not working when cursor is inside "Show Blocks" area Tobiasz Cudnik Bug Normal General
#10206 new way to specify pos_horz offset via calls to addIcon New Feature Normal UI : Skins
#12592 No default / calculated font displayed Bug Normal General
#7260 node.js -> getParents performance poor Garry Yao Bug Normal Performance
#6897 No "dir" attribute is added unless direction is changed manually New Feature Normal Core : BiDi
#368 No drag 'n drop into or out the editor area Bug Normal General
#8531 No &nbsp; hack needed on tables Task Normal General
#5362 Non existent language files causes JavaScript errors Bug Normal General
#5110 Not able to Cut and Paste bullet item Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9102 Not able to move images in IE7 and IE6 Bug Normal General
#14728 No way to stop showing the red flag separately Bug Normal General
#14750 npm benderjs-ckeditor plugin is out of date Bug Normal General
#88 office 2007 Bug Normal General
#900 onChange event New Feature Normal General
#16729 On copy + paste from Microsoft word doc( having text and image) , it doenot paste image Bug Normal General
#16797 On IE11, style="overflow-x: auto" becomes -ms-overflow-x when switching between source and wysiwyg Bug Normal General
#5035 openTag method doesn't use the attributes arg Task Normal Core : Output Data
#11232 Opera: Additional <br />s keep appearing Bug Normal General
#9134 Opera: Can't apply inline style to empty line. Empty lines collapse. Bug Normal General
#2736 Opera can't display spell check Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#4535 Opera: Check Spelling button is disabled Bug Normal General
#8676 Opera: Copy/paste problem into table cells Bug Normal General
#8824 Opera ctrl+v have jumps bug Bug Normal General
#6757 [Opera] Dialog skin sides layout broken Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10347 [Opera] Error thrown when destroying inline editor with simultaneous click Bug Normal General
#8300 [Opera] extra BR appears at document start Bug Normal General
#9150 Opera: Link selection is incosistent Bug Normal General
#8946 Opera: pasted text (with CRTL+V) inserts at the beginning when enter mode is set to BR Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#2204 Opera: paste from right-click menu creates unformatted text even inside formatted blocks [CORE-35090] Bug Normal General
#9158 Opera: pressing backspace at the beginning of list, removes the list Bug Normal General
#8622 Opera: problems with splitting table cells Bug Normal General
#8427 Opera: Problem with typing around contentEditable="false" element Bug Normal General
#4849 Opera: right-clicking with a mouse does not select an object Bug Normal General
#572 Opera & Safari: The xml output of the connectors isn't show in the tests Bug Low General
#9568 [Opera] Scroll after inserting element Bug Normal Core : Selection
#9525 [Opera] Tab key based navigation - first tab always jumps to editor with tabIndex=1 Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal General
#8127 Opera: Undo not restoring the deleted empty paragraphs Bug Normal General
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