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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9839 DIV with id="content" Bug Normal General
#9874 CKEditor / PHPMySqL : The HTML code is not correcltly transmitted to my Data Base Bug Normal General
#9884 [FF3.x] Select all and copy breaks inline editor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9896 [WIN8] Intrusive title hint for inline editables Bug Normal Accessibility
#10018 IE8 not cleaning up invalid HTML Bug Normal Core : Parser
#10036 Inline edtor should apply block level formats only to the users selection Bug Normal General
#10058 CKEDitor 4 inline editor firefox and IE bug Bug Normal General
#10094 Unable to dynamically/lazily load a CKBuilder-generated ckeditor.js Bug Normal General
#10120 [IE7, BIDI] Changing paragraph direction breaks toolbar Bug Normal Core : BiDi
#10173 Coldfusion 9 - throw() is a reserved function Bug Normal Server : ColdFusion
#10189 IE7 - 'dropdown' toolbar items not working Bug Normal General
#10241 Drag'n'drop images between browsers in CKEditor Bug Normal General
#10266 Image resizing handles fall on top of dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10324 Space text disappear when one image is moved around the text Bug Normal General
#10347 [Opera] Error thrown when destroying inline editor with simultaneous click Bug Normal General
#10366 IE: Resize handles appear on top of context menu IE Oracle Bug Low General
#10403 Problem of FCKeditor in IE10 Bug Normal General
#10433 editor.insertHtml and contenteditable bug Bug Normal Core : Read-only
#10447 mouse-moving an image fails in chrome, works in safari Bug Normal Core : Editable
#10449 BIDI: Incorrect cursor position in RTL mode (Chrome) Bug Normal General
#10456 Adding backround url() with a relative path in the body replace to fullpath Bug Normal Core : Styles
#10506 [IE7] Switching between modes when combo is open destroys selection Bug Normal Core : Selection
#10528 ckeditor.js adds a "cursor:col-resize" style to the body tag Bug Normal General
#10546 Chrome: headings crashes page on copy/paste (inline editor) Bug Normal General
#10551 span end tag without start tag on paste after cleanupfromword Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#10563 CKeditor 4.1.2: Access denied error in IE7 Bug Normal General
#10572 [IE9, Chrome] Selection related to TD causes invalid caret move. Bug Normal General
#10582 Webkit: Incorrect selection endOffset for styled content Bug Normal General
#10592 [IE10] Cannot delete text in multi table cells Bug Normal Core : Tables
#10613 The expected native right click context isn't available over entire CKEditor area Bug Normal General
#10625 IE7 No preview in document Properties Plugin Bug Normal General
#10626 IE7 Sample "Sharing Toolbar and Bottom-bar Spaces" doesn't work on IE7. Bug Normal General
#10677 IE9: CKEditor 3.6.6: Delay in the cursor postion setting after the text is pasted in the ENTER_BR mode Bug Normal General
#10690 CKEditor within xulrunner Bug Normal General
#10713 Capitalization of "true" in contenteditable makes CKEditor to not load. Olek Nowodziński Bug Normal General
#10723 overflow: scroll on parent causes toolbar to freeze at initial position Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#10726 Formatting not preserved when copying from a PDF into CKEditor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#10747 allowedContent, i can still add images Bug Normal General
#10757 Underline + text background-color issue in inline mode. Bug Normal General
#10902 ACF is not applied when getting data while in source mode Bug Normal General
#10960 [IE10+] Error thrown and broken range produced while creating bookmarks Bug Normal Core : Selection
#10985 Div boundary displayed outside editor area Bug Normal General
#11012 Using the editor within a frame Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#11049 Wrong validation for style tag if a quote for the type attribute is missing Bug Normal General
#11054 Pasting arrow from word converts to registered trademark symbol Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#11076 [IE8] Caret is not shown when you will move to end of document Bug Normal General
#11184 Underline does not reflect text color Bug Normal Core : Styles
#11197 Request for Office 2003 Skin and V2 in CKEditor 4.3 Bug Normal Core : Styles
#11220 Floated div causes empty gap in IE8-9 Bug Normal General
#11232 Opera: Additional <br />s keep appearing Bug Normal General
#11251 Cannot cut a list properly if it's selected by mouse. Bug Normal General
#11265 IE 11 ignores style="display: none" in compatability mode Bug Normal General
#11276 [IE8] Image2 does not look well when printed Bug Normal General
#11299 [IE7] Editor does not load Bug Normal General
#11319 ckeditor.js is throwing Not supported error in IE12 Bug Normal General
#11333 [IE11] Pasting broken in IE11 for ASP.NET CkEditor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#11358 issue in IE 11 Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#11360 Unable to Copy and Paste into IE11 Bug Normal General
#11370 Our Software Product does not work in IE7 even though we use CKEditor version 4.1.3 Bug Normal General
#11484 Text with CSS3 column-count property in IE 11 handled as bloc Bug Normal General
#11599 Cannot decrease indent of single list item. Bug Normal General
#11662 conflict with autogrow, divarea, magicline and sharedspace Bug Normal General
#11689 Weird font being applied into editable for Chinese simplified Bug Normal General
#11796 [UX] Two different dialog to pick a color Bug Normal General
#11804 Making changes in Document Properties plugin does not reflect in history Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#11925 Calling getUniqueId on a container fails in IE8 Bug Normal General
#11971 Underline and strikeout color not maintained during copy paste from word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#11985 PasteFromWord text in CKeditor changed unexpectedly to original WORD content Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#11987 PasteFromWord font&bullet color in CKeditor inconsistent to orginal WORD content Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#12061 CKEditor loses event handlers attached to DOM nodes when performing an Undo/Redo operation Bug Normal General
#12117 Defect - The formats is losted when copy from word(Office 2010) Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#12136 Some formatting options not working on inline widgets Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12182 IE 10/11 Issue with link popup while an image is selected Bug Normal General
#12192 Caret disappears in Firefox Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal General
#12210 Source code formatting is invalid when startupMode source is enabled Bug Normal General
#12229 WebKit: Cut/Copy don't go on "enabled" state Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#12258 Moving form with CKEditor through DOM Bug Normal General
#12313 p tags are incorrectly used when autoParagraph:false Bug Normal General
#12325 [IE10] selection doesn't collapse on Shift + Left button Bug Normal General
#12342 CKEditor in IE 11 Enterprise Mode with Compatibility Mode not working Bug Normal General
#12393 setData and destroy functions fail after doing drag&drop of the instance Bug Normal General
#12399 Paste from Word - Wrong MIME of images Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#12430 Display move cursor on images in IE Bug Normal Core : Styles
#12449 divarea and Firefox table handles Bug Normal General
#12508 divearea form Tomasz Jakut Bug Normal General
#12545 Copying font with zoom level above 100% pastes decimal font sizes Bug Normal General
#12592 No default / calculated font displayed Bug Normal General
#12693 [IE] Impossible to collapse selection using shortcut Bug Normal General
#12756 Ctrl+Shift+Down does not scroll the selection into view in IE Bug Normal General
#12765 Paste from Word is not fired automatically Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#12769 should allow to find functions within arrays Bug Normal General
#12802 Chrome: Pasting text by Ctrl+V to inline instance brake other instance view Bug Normal General
#12836 [IE9] Performance issue during past from word Bug Normal General
#12845 Alternate Text of the movie is not visible Bug Normal General
#12926 Content formatting lost on pasting into CK Editor Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#13130 editor.insertHtml not working on IE11 on CKEditor Bug Normal General
#13209 Spaces are lost when pasting content copied on other website Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#13234 IE9 - Picture Outlines are available when the picture is selected even if the picture is not visible Bug Normal General
#13270 When copy images between editor their src may nee to be corrected (different domains or base paths) Bug Normal General
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