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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#14423 cursor seems to be fixed at this position while pressing the arrow key Bug Normal General
#14448 Bulleted list and Numbered list are not aligned Bug Normal General
#14506 IE: Cursor moves outside of the anchor when space is entered Bug Normal General
#14556 In Microsoft Edge/IE11 editor scroll to top if you click in beginning of a line Bug Normal General
#14579 Incorrect special character encoding in Paste From Word Dialog in Firefox Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#14582 Unable to edit meta tags (microdata) within a widget New Feature Normal General
#14594 enterMode=ENTER_BR setting breaks IE10 behavior Bug Normal General
#14596 Can't drag a widget between horizontal locations Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#14651 Plugin toolbar not shown on pages with modified page settings Bug Normal General
#14677 CKEditor wraps double-byte characters to new line Bug Normal General
#14682 Does CKEditor for do auto sanitization? Task Normal Server : ASP.Net
#14700 Need to be able to configure colors to wrap links New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#14728 No way to stop showing the red flag separately Bug Normal General
#14736 It does not work insert images from the clipboard in chrome and yandex-browser Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#14750 npm benderjs-ckeditor plugin is out of date Bug Normal General
#14751 if the p element is styled in a certain way, the paragraph cannot be deleted in IE and Edge Bug Normal General
#14772 IE: Image resize marker placed out of the CKEditor area Bug Normal General
#14796 multiple pictures selected Bug Normal General
#14815 SCSS Support New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#14816 Resize selection box going out of editor area Bug Normal Core : Editable
#14817 fck editor on Big Medium Bug Normal General
#14830 Sourcearea: Keep buttons available while activated New Feature Normal General
#14865 In Internet explorer, if the container that holds the ckeditor is draggable, you cannot select text within ckeditor. Bug Normal General
#14870 The image2 plugin does not support to add custom css classes to images New Feature Normal UI : Widgets
#14917 "generateToken()": IE11 support + potential bug Safari 5- Bug Normal General
#16473 Cannot position cursor with mouse using Edge browser if CKEdit instance is contained inside a draggable DIV Bug Normal Core : Focus
#16588 [Safari] Failing test in core/dom/element and plugins/font due to vendor issue kkrzton Bug Normal General
#16698 undo still working after resetUndo() in source mode Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#16713 Enhance the config by supporting height_outer New Feature Normal General
#16729 On copy + paste from Microsoft word doc( having text and image) , it doenot paste image Bug Normal General
#16751 Edge Paste issue: Pasting a hyperlink with Mailto href removes the "href" attribute in Microsoft Edge Bug Normal General
#16754 Consider changes in New Feature Normal General
#16797 On IE11, style="overflow-x: auto" becomes -ms-overflow-x when switching between source and wysiwyg Bug Normal General
#16805 Microsoft Edge issue: Text copied in some lists is pasted with underline in it Bug Normal General
#16819 Media Embed plugin does not work on https Bug Normal General
#16838 Base path automatic detection fail Bug Normal General
#16839 Deleting marked header element leaves tag behind (IE/Edge only) Bug Normal General
#16975 How do i prevent CKEDITOR dialog from being closed once pressed ENTER(13) key? Task Normal General
#17004 Post Editor - Useragent sniffing breaks it in Pale Moon Bug Normal General
#572 Opera & Safari: The xml output of the connectors isn't show in the tests Bug Low General
#972 Rename fck_contextmenu.js and fck_othercommands Task Low General
#1046 Templates and stripped new lines Bug Low Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#1969 FCKXml.LoadUrl fails on non-http pages Bug Low General
#2325 Rich mode adds space characters to new lines characters Bug Low Project : MediaWiki+FCKeditor
#2646 regex to test image (file) extensions is incorrect Bug Low General
#2735 clicking link in Opera when text is selected doesn't clear selection [CORE-35943] Bug Low General
#2806 MoveToAncestorNode failing in IE if you look for the selected item Bug Low General
#9799 [IE9] unstable tests Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Low Core : Pasting
#10366 IE: Resize handles appear on top of context menu IE Oracle Bug Low General
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