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Type: Bug (66 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Priority Component Version Reporter
#14614 Whitespace is removed when pasting content in visual mode new Normal Core : Pasting 4.5.7 jwhitlock
#14613 race issue loading plugins when editor already destroyed race new Normal General 4.5.9 (GitHub - master) brian.mcnamara
#14603 Function "contains " in elementpath don't exclude root element if it is search from top elementpath contains new Normal General 4.5.9 (GitHub - master) cnj125
#14585 Table insertion fires insertElement before moving cursor inside itself new Normal Core : Tables 4.5.9 (GitHub - master) arubis
#14518 On IE11, data-bound elements in dialog are not updated when clicking OK IE new Normal General 4.5.7 asefkow
#14517 Mouse Clicks break tab navigation in "html" element in dialog new Normal General 4.5.7 asefkow
#14512 Missing leading spaces in response from getData() method leading whitespace new Normal Core : Output Data 4.5.7 mgolawski
#14428 Fullscreen mode on iphone/ipad IOS new Normal General 4.5.7 onkelhoy
#14396 Copy and paste from Word into CKEditor 4.5.5 incomplete on Mac / Firefox new Normal General 4.5.5 nettics
#14334 EDGE: Pasting Numbered list from word with more than 2 levels not working properly ibm new Normal General 4.5.6 satya
#14304 fixing position of range.endOffset moves to range.startOffset on moving the place of a word new Normal General 4.5.6 tom_reading
#14231 Memory usage increase with MathJax plugin new Normal General 4.5.4 Anna
#13961 Text overlap on iPhone 6S in landscape iOS new Normal General 4.5.4 EarleyDaysYet
#13960 Focus is lost for blind users of the Voiceover screen reader while editing text new Normal General 4.5.4 mpedersen
#13902 SetData gets slower and slower new Normal General 4.5.3 acy
#13900 Drag line for widgets is misaligned when paragraphs have margins new Normal UI : Widgets 4.5.4 matthew.popat
#13888 image2: editor.config.image2_captionedClass is not removed when going from captioned to uncaptioned with Drupal's extended image2 Drupal new Normal General 4.5.3 Wim Leers
#13846 [iOS] Inline editor does not stick when scrolled off screen iOS new Normal General 4.5.4 kinghenry
#13787 iOS notifications skewed to the left when zoomed out. iOS notification zoom scroll new Normal General 4.5.4 Tade0
#13713 divarea iphone double space new Normal General 4.5.3 MarkWade
#13648 [IE@WP] Table is inserted at the end of the document new Normal General 4.5.2 pjasiun
#13647 [IE@WP] Page is scrolled to the end when I press enter new Normal General 4.5.2 pjasiun
#13620 insertElement and insertHtml fail if widget is first in editor (Chrome) new Normal General 4.5.1 brandonh
#13615 [Chrome][Android] Dropdown options positioned incorrectly. new Normal General 4.4.0 scofalik
#13522 CKEditor & iPad Safari issue new Normal General 4.4.7 CKEditorUser
#13511 iOS selection UI obscures ckeditor toolbar iOS8 new Normal General 4.4.7 wachri
#13456 [IE] Error in console after C&P and then D&D. new Normal General 4.5.0 Beta a.delura
#13433 Error in console after D&D widget right after itself on empty content. new Normal General a.delura
#13048 Editor's contentscss and "Image2 plugins" 100% width style not working properly Image2 new Normal UI : Widgets 4.4.7 jepezi
#13035 Tabletools context menu is not showing when we invoke via JAVAFX webview new Normal General 4.4.7 uthaya
#12800 Horizontal overflow on iOS iOS new Normal General MarkWade
#12749 iOS 8 iPad screen scrolls back to top when typing into CKEditor iOS new Normal Performance 4.4.6 mguglerH2
#12595 [iOS 7 Safari] Selection issue in inline editor iOS new Normal Core : Selection 4.4.5 arshdeeps86
#12567 Dialogs are incorrectly sized on iOS iOS new Normal UI : Dialogs 4.4.5 mjbradford89
#12199 ckeditor is omitting a single trailing space in firefox and ie. new Normal General Ravi_SPS
#12044 iOS: unable to apply (Bold) style when typing quickly after selecting a style iOS new Normal General 4.0 wwalc
#11468 [iOS] Toolbar status doesn't update on iOS iOS new Normal Core : Selection zacaway
#11389 [iOS] Elements are inserted at wrong position on Ipad iOS new Normal General maristo
#11375 [iOS] On iPad adding a table shows cursor in first cell, but text cannot be entered iOS new Normal Core : Tables mbeck
#11256 [iOS] startupFocus option does not work on iPad iOS new Normal General zkloepping
#10820 [iOS] Calling insertText switches CKEditor into "Read Only" mode iOS new Normal General 4.0 wwalc
#10819 [iOS] Hitting return will cause all text below cursor to delete iOS new Normal General 4.0 wwalc
#10694 [iOS] Editing in ipad scrolling issue iOS new Normal General danspam
#10669 CKEditor follows links in WebKit-based browsers, replacing the iframe content iOS new Normal General 4.2.1 ChALkeR
#10590 [iOS][Android] Copy/Cut buttons not Enabled iOS new Normal General UberMeatShield
#10583 [iOS] CKeditor 4.1.2 is not working in ipad 6.1.3 iOS new Normal UI : Context Menu 4.1.2 debasispadhi@…
#10180 [iOS] iPad issue with Dropdown Menus iOS Support new Normal UI : Toolbar 4.0.1 cschnepf
#10101 afterUndo and afterRedo are fired on the commands new Normal Core : Undo & Redo 3.0 alfonsoml
#9937 [iOS] CKEditor 3.6.3 (revision 7474) - iOS6 iPad - CK editor textarea lost the focus iOS new Normal General 3.6.3 rutvikupadhyay
#9928 [iOS] creating form disables text entering iOS new Normal General mattleff
#9567 [iOS] Select All, selected area is not confined to the text area in iOS 6.0.1 iOS new Normal General 4.0 Beta megatron
#9556 [iOS] Can't fully exit out of list and continue adding text to editor in iOS 6.0.1 iOS new Normal General 4.0 Beta megatron
#9486 Using CKEDITOR.templates for stylesheets new Normal General 4.0 Reinmar
#9460 [iOS] CKE4 nighly build; Selection lost when selecting font menu iOS new Normal General 4.0 j.swiderski
#9407 [iOS] Flash content displays as very long rectangle on iOS 6 iOS new Normal General 3.6.5 joril
#9402 [iOS] keyboard gets closed after Paste in the editor iOS 6 new Normal General 3.6.4 mezhnik
#9011 CKFinder doesn't allow Select, Download or Upload options iOS CKFinder new Normal File Browser bradbyu
#8987 [iOS] Can not "Select All" after Copy and Paste text in the editor iOS new Normal General megatron
#8986 Delete bullet from middle of bullet list, extra space that cannot be removed. iOS new Normal General megatron
#8970 [iOS] Inconsistent behaviour in Editor using Jquery mobile in Safari on iOS5.1 iOS new Normal Core : Keystrokes ephraimm
#8947 [iOS] (iPad) copy/pasting formatted text iOS new Normal Core : Pasting 3.6.2 ks
#8881 [iOS] Paste images does not work on iOS iOS new Normal Core : Pasting 3.6.2 Magnusmega
#8705 [iOS] Caret (cursor) may not appear when typing is enabled iOS WebKit new Normal General 3.6.2 fredck
#6725 Mismatch between dialog::resize and dialog::getSize new Normal UI : Dialogs Saare
#5621 [IE] 32-bit windows has broken document.domain for IPv6 address, causing access denied errors IBM new Normal General damo
#4380 Listblock: Stylename containing single quote will crash onclick method new Normal Core : Styles mattis

Type: New Feature (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Priority Component Version Reporter
#14582 Unable to edit meta tags (microdata) within a widget new Normal General 4.5.8 AlexW
#14574 Add CKEDITOR.ui.dialog.numericInput new Normal UI : Dialogs 4.5.9 (GitHub - master) alfonsoml
#14546 Widget code should be more resilient about changes in DOM new Normal UI : Widgets 4.5.7 alfonsoml
#14417 Missing functionality to pass custom title attribute when using menugroups menubutton menu title config new Normal General 4.5.7 rpet
#14306 BIDI: Missing support for Arabic (Arabic Indic) numeric digits in CKEditor new Normal General 4.5.6 edithk
#14278 Add tool(s)s to deal with unwanted &nbsp entities new Normal General 4.5.4 sirtet
#13834 Limited range of CSS selectors for the style sheet parser plugin new Normal General 4.5.4 cguillou
#13762 Ability to add external font to editor new Normal General 4.5.3 ben_squire
#12290 Stylesheetparser in dialog new Normal Core : Styles datalink
#12220 link preview feature (same as facebook) new Normal General 4.4.3 hiki
#10239 Tabletools: add ability to set scope in cell attributes dialog output accessibility new Normal Core : Tables 3.0 calliandra
#10026 Breaking quotes in Email replies HasPatch new Normal General scsve
#9774 HasPatch adding a body wrapper (usefull for adding (invisible) css wrappers) HasPatch body css wrapper new Normal Core : Styles 3.6.2 ElMoonLite
#9271 Merge Columns column merge new Normal Core : Tables 3.2.1 ptebbenhoff
#7229 Request for relaying cut and copy events to the editor instance new Normal General arne
#7206 Provide support to load CKEditor in one frame and render it in another IBM new Normal General tmonahan
#5497 allow 'grouping' in Styles to be configurable new Normal Core : Styles SVN (CKEditor) - OLD Webunity

Type: Task (1 match)

Ticket Summary Keywords Status Priority Component Version Reporter
#3358 Optimize 'CKEDITOR.dom.range.enlarge' on block unit HasPatch new Normal General 3.0 garry.yao
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