Using our context menu in Opera

Test page.
In this page Opera shouldn't show its normal context menu, and instead use only our own code

In order to debug something in Opera, remember to use Opera.postError()
I've only bothered to make it work in Opera, as we know that the rest of the browsers handle the oncontextmenu event and it can be cancelled properly


To be able to test the page you must have javascript enabled and in the preferences, advanced, content, javascript options, "Allow script to receive right clicks" must be checked (it's off by default)

This script only takes care of the context menu generated by the mouse. The keyboard won't be affected.

We listen to the event with " addEventListener('contextmenu', showmenu, false);". It's possible to make it work also with "oncontextmenu = showmenu ;", but I don't think that we need to care about that.

This is the content of the context menu