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Delete By: turbo_1500 (turbo_1500) - 2006-07-07 23:34
FCKEditor 2.2 and 2.3 hangs(freezes) IE when you have multiple instance on a page. 
Culprit is call of FCK.focus(), which in turn sets focus to EditorWindow, in 'onfoucs' event handler function. This start an event chain loop 
in which focus keeps shuttling between two editor instances. 
Commented call to FCK.focus() to resolve this issue. Wonder if this will result in some undesirable behaviour. 
Culprit code in 2.2 : fckeditorcode_ie_1.js 
function Window_OnFocus(){ 
FCK.Focus(); /*culprit ..comment it*/ 
Culprit code in 2.3 : fckeditorcode_ie.js 
function FCKFocusManager_Win_OnFocus_Area(){ 
FCK.Focus(); /*culprit ..comment it*/ 


    Delete By: badgerdano (badgerdano) - 2006-08-17 17:52
    nice... this appears to fix bug [ 1484671 ] ieSpell & multiple editors not responding. 
    To reproduce: 
    Simply hit spell check on the Javascript samples 9, 10 or  
    11 and you will get a freeze up if you are using IE and  
    Im also wondering if this will result in some undesirable behavior tho... 

    Delete By: Chris D (diebelch) - 2006-10-23 16:43
    I am actually still getting a freezing issue using IE 7.0 and FCK 2.3. I tried the above mentioned fixed and still had problems.  
    The issue occurs when I have more then 1 FCK editor text area and I change focus from my IE to another app and then click on the FCK editor. This causes the IE to get focus as well as the FCK editor. It seems to go into an endless loop.  
    Anyone run into this before ? Any ideas ? 
    Thanks in advance.

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