Footnotes must be linked correctly and tagged as a footnote. Use word footnote feature; these should be converted to endnotes

               in an e-book version of the document             





                                           1) Identify by a bar at the end of the page, a smaller font, an asterisk, or a number. Identified earlier in the

                                           text by referencing the number or the asterisk next to the text.

                                           2) Endnotes are at the bottom of the chapter, or the end of a book and intended page breaks.



                                           1) We have identified footnotes in your manuscript, which may not present as you intend in your final ebook. Please




 The footnotes end up at the end of the document because the reader reads the pages as one continous page, so footnotes are all at the

  end of the book. iNitial Messaging: 

 An initial review of your manuscript has identified potential issues with your book and the way it will be displayed in an e-reader as



 List issues


 Sidebar of links to the help sections


 If we have an online editor, ability to refer or highlight, hyperlink the problem areas in the editor


 Reference back to the source document and identify in the source document and ability to review in there


 Need to be concious of the repetitveness of the errors, if they have 500 hard returns, don't flag every single one as an error, but provide examples

  and let them knem know that they may have more in the doc, or display the first few and then a 'view more' function


 Click to identify all your 'indent errors'  Click to identify all 'drop cap' errors hyuper link takes to the actual errors in the documennt, Next

  to dispay the next instance of that same type of error that needs attention


 Can we have a script similar to what is used in production to help re-format the errors for the author. Example- a script that strips all the

  hard returns. Would be good to have an opt-in allowing to correct the document before doing it by default. Ability to export the document.




 F1 type help functions in the document.


 Identify when we have found the error and explain that we have identified a sampling of the error but the entire document should be checked vs.

  identifying the whole scope of the error and the quantity of times the error has occurred with in the document. Concern with overwhelming the client

  with a large number of errors and giving up. Flip side- if they go to a competitior and they do not identify the errors, will the end result

  a bad quality product and they come back to ASI because we identified the errors to help.


 Downloadable document that lists all the possible errors.



 Pop-up with a report. Like -> not accepted, recommendations

 Here’s  what you do you correct it

 More specific is better

 Highlight all errors

 What are we going to highlight? – source document or sample in the browser or both?

 Upload -> give summary (x number of these errors) – examples?

 Would you like to continue with these errors OR do you want to continue?

 Not be overwhelming – give summary, make word document available for download

 Here are some examples – then the option of download


 MVP tell author that these types of errors were present in your document. Please resubmit.

 Would you like for us to correct the document or do it yourself?  OPTION FOR UPSELL

 Categorize errors and hook them up to what to do about this.

 Simple yes/no decision


 Wireframes of validation summary page – by next Monday if possible






 Download – Word doc

                       Open in another window





 Spell check/ grammar checks in documents.


 ? Help icon next to the error.


 Warnings vs. errors, TurboTax errors.


 Important to get them in, present a tiny amount of information and get their feet wet to see if the wizard if something they want.












































 Consistent paragraph styles applied to document.



                             1) Recognizing when someone has done a hard break instead of allowing the paragraph to flow (pp icon to show) hard returns

                             How many hard returns are acceptable? Likely will be consistent throughout the document and will repeat often, one incident

                             is likely intended, more than one is likely a habit we will see repeated throughout the document

                             Identify hard returns by using an existing macro to identify the hard returns. Looking for a Captial letter after the hard return

                             or an indent. A hard return followed by a lower case letter is an indicator of a 'bad' condition


                             2) Space between a group of paragraph or an indent. System must be able to identify based on a pattern. Standard indent is

                             using indent functionality. Left or right justified. Standard paragraph vs. a block paragraph. Most manuscripts have been

                             manually styled instead of setting the margin. -- Communicate this requirement by example. Need to try to get an

                             exaMPLE of a document. Shawm amd team can try to review existing documents. Tabs, spaces to manually style are critical to understand

 `                            Look at Smashwords Style Guide


                             3) All space between paragraphs should be remmoved, existing process may be in place that strips out the space and inserts between

                             images or other criteria. Shawn and Joy can provide more details.


                             4) Hard page breaks- page breaks are needed at certain places, at the import most of them are going to be wrong because Word

                             document is set up to view by pages, where as an eBook would be a continuous page. When we wamt something to purposefully show

                             at the top of a new viewing pane, we would want an actual page break. Chapter breaks, tables at the top of a page would require a

                             page break


                             5) Drop Caos that are styled in Word do not convert correctly. Look for a single letter where the font has been changed to a

                             larger font followed by a series of letters in a smaller font size.


                             6) Paragraph and line spacing should be OK when exporting. Margins as well.




   o              Ex. Chapter headings, paragraphs all use same style

  o              Tabs and spaces that are used for indent (manual styling)



 Preview- allowing the user to manipulate teh document as they see it on the screen, an online editor to allow on the spot

  fixes rather than formatting and reformatting the source document over and over again and repeating the process.


 PReview should be a continuous scroll model and show the flow of the document in a scrolling fashion as if one continuous page.


 Strong tutorials, videos and documentation remain critical


 Font list and special characters add subscript and superscript into the item