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#8149 ElementsPath doesn't show correct element General confirmed 07/04/11
#8156 IE6: In RTL Preview for some special characters not showing properly General confirmed 07/06/11
#8160 Text selection disappears when open dialogs UI : Dialogs confirmed 07/06/11
#8161 IE9: an iframe without doctype causes problem with combo elements General confirmed 07/06/11
#8162 File browser window size File Browser confirmed 07/07/11
#8164 IE8: empty paragaphs not editable/visible in wysiwyg mode General confirmed 07/07/11
#8166 Problems in IE when pressing CRTL+B on bolded text General confirmed 07/07/11
#8169 Webkit editor doesn't scroll without focus. General confirmed 07/08/11
#8175 Add/edit Radio button, enabled status is not saved under IE9/10 in CKE 3.x 4.x UI : Dialogs confirmed 07/11/11
#8177 Splitting cell vertically, causing incorrect rowspan. Core : Tables confirmed 07/12/11
#8180 FF and Opera: Dialog contents go out of dialog border when CKEditor is in RTL language General confirmed 07/13/11
#8184 Inconsistent behavior when inserting <dt><dd> into a definition list with insertHtml Core : Lists confirmed 07/14/11
#8186 If copied MS-Word text contains a text box, then text does not display correctly in the editor Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 07/14/11
#8189 Empty [link] tag causes content and structure loss General confirmed 07/16/11
#8198 custom smileys in config.js causing errors? General confirmed 07/20/11
#8201 Deleting first character of misspelled word deletes entire word (in Chrome) UI : Spell Checker confirmed 07/20/11
#8205 IE: using Undo after Unlink moving cursor to start of document in editor General confirmed 07/21/11
#8206 Firefox: unable to access caption with arrow keys General confirmed 07/21/11
#8207 IE8 IE9: empty paragraphs inserted when aligning text General confirmed 07/21/11
#8209 [Firefox5] : Unable to write in the same line ,After using display none/block on editor. General confirmed 07/25/11
#8213 [Webkit]: Inline styles are not copied with text General confirmed 07/27/11
#8230 Problem with Google minify General confirmed 08/01/11
#8231 Paste or PaasteFromWord with CKEditor in Webkit and Opera inserts empty paragraphs. Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 08/01/11
#8233 Can't modify disabled input field General confirmed 08/03/11
#8237 CK Editor doesn't support translation of keystroke names General confirmed 08/04/11
#8243 CKEDITOR assumes basepath will include protocol General confirmed 08/07/11
#8252 Inner duplicated style is not being removed Core : Styles confirmed 08/11/11
#8260 Change from raising error to show an alert if instance exists General new 08/12/11
#8266 Chrome: Paste from Word inserts blank line at top. Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 08/16/11
#8267 protectedSource is removed when it is the only source General confirmed 08/16/11
#8271 CKEditor toolbar becomes invisible when using Tab key and Maximize toolbar button General confirmed 08/18/11
#8273 Pasting into empty bullet doesn't behave as expected - FF/IE9 General confirmed 08/18/11
#8278 Opera: In Table dialog values for rows & columns not shown in Rows & Columns fields General confirmed 08/19/11
#8280 big amount of invalid content slows down SCAYT (chrome) UI : Spell Checker confirmed 08/22/11
#8281 Internet Explorer 7.x crashes when changing an item from a bulleted list into numbered list Core : Lists confirmed 08/23/11
#8288 Internet Explorer will not run blank javascript function as per documentation General confirmed 08/25/11
#8303 IE8: can't delete whole text before an anchor. General confirmed 08/30/11
#8306 FF : Custom attributes on links dropped during copy/paste General confirmed 08/30/11
#8307 [iOS] Maximize is broken General CKEditor 4.6.1 confirmed 08/30/11
#8308 [iOS] There is no scrollbar on toolbar combos UI : Toolbar confirmed 08/30/11
#8309 [iOS] Selection marker and ballon remain over toolbar panels UI : Floating Panel confirmed 08/30/11
#8310 [iOS] It's not (always) possible to close toolbar combos without selecting one item UI : Toolbar confirmed 08/30/11
#8311 [iOS] There is no way to open the context menu UI : Context Menu confirmed 08/30/11
#8312 [iOS] SCAYT blocks typing UI : Spell Checker confirmed 08/30/11
#8313 [iOS] Dialogs in the wrong are not draggable UI : Dialogs confirmed 08/30/11
#8314 [iOS] Dialog fields don't get focus when opened UI : Dialogs confirmed 08/30/11
#8315 [iOS] Editing area grows with no scrollbar General confirmed 08/30/11
#8316 [iOS] Resizer is not draggable General confirmed 08/30/11
#8318 [iOS] Copy/Paste balloon hide toolbar options UI : Toolbar confirmed 08/30/11
#8319 [iOS][Android] The divreplace sample doesn't work General confirmed 08/30/11
#8320 [iOS] The tableresize plugin is not usable General confirmed 08/30/11
#8322 [IE] Performance problems with nested documents Performance confirmed 08/31/11
#8323 FF 4: In HC mode, No Visual Focus when we tab to Check boxes & Combo boxes on all the dialogs General confirmed 08/31/11
#8325 Error Message not displayed when we enter invalid CSS in Styles field General confirmed 08/31/11
#8332 Chrome : link not inserted in correct position when we make a selection for the first time. General confirmed 09/01/11
#8334 Strange behaviour, missing line General confirmed 09/02/11
#8335 javascript error regularly in this situation General confirmed 09/02/11
#8338 Opera: link not inserted in correct position when we have image before cursor position (CORE-14592) General confirmed 09/02/11
#8341 Faulty removal of empty spans in paste from word cleaning Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 09/05/11
#8346 Focus after close dropdown UI : Floating Panel confirmed 09/05/11
#8351 Image not visible in page preview General confirmed 09/06/11
#8354 Save enabled only in design mode General confirmed 09/06/11
#8358 Safari & Chrome : Paste options are enabled & Paste option shown in context menu when Clipboard is empty General confirmed 09/08/11
#8360 UI color picker - units are placed on dialog border or labels overlap text fields UI : Skins confirmed 09/08/11
#8361 [Opera] Wrong cursor position occurs after editing link Core : Selection confirmed 09/08/11
#8362 Bullet list, options dialog, wrong size of content in V2 & Office skins UI : Skins confirmed 09/08/11
#8363 Selected Style and Font not visible in V2 and office skin UI : Skins confirmed 09/08/11
#8365 List item breakage in IE8 General confirmed 09/08/11
#8375 onfocus: Input text selection not cleared in Chrome General confirmed 09/13/11
#8382 [IE] PageUp and PageDown not working General confirmed 09/15/11
#8385 Problem when switching between multiple instances of ckeditor Core : Selection confirmed 09/16/11
#8386 IE: When copying and pasting a table, an empty <p> is appended on output Core : Pasting confirmed 09/16/11
#8388 CTRL-V Paste with Opera going to top of editor General confirmed 09/16/11
#8398 customConfig applied to second instance of CKEditor may apply to both or only one editor. General confirmed 09/21/11
#8402 SSI-style HTML comments inside href attributes are broken when Source button is clicked General confirmed 09/22/11
#8405 'mode' event documentation needs minor correction General Anna assigned 09/23/11
#8411 Losing formatting on backspace General confirmed 09/28/11
#8412 Opera: insertElement() not working as expected for inline elements General confirmed 09/28/11
#8416 IE: toolbar buttons don't respect cursor location. General confirmed 09/29/11
#8418 do feature detection of paste event support before simulating a paste event General confirmed 09/30/11
#8425 IE8 IE9: Selection Defect with contentEditable = "false" and unselectable = "on" General confirmed 10/03/11
#8426 Strings for specialchar plugin added directly to editor.lang instead of editor.lang.specialChar General confirmed 10/03/11
#8428 Copyright header missing from specialchar\lang\en.js General confirmed 10/03/11
#8441 Selection not updating when moving from left -> right Core : Selection confirmed 10/07/11
#8445 dialog.getSelectedElement() returns wrong element when element selected is within a table for 3.6.2, Firefox Core : Selection confirmed 10/10/11
#8446 IE8 - Unable to place cursor after image General confirmed 10/10/11
#8448 CSS errors in FF 7.01 using CKEditor 3.6.2 UI : Skins confirmed 10/11/11
#8453 Linebreak after image in Opera brings image down General confirmed 10/12/11
#8458 Ctrl + B can't work in this situation and javascript error is prompted General confirmed 10/17/11
#8462 Unnecessary paragraph gets created when trying to join two paragraphs using backspace General Webkit confirmed 10/18/11
#8466 Customized filebrowser button is not open dialog for file selection File Browser confirmed 10/18/11
#8467 <p> belongs with <br> at the end of list cause javascript error - nodeValue.length is null General confirmed 10/19/11
#8469 Id attribute get lost General confirmed 10/19/11
#8470 existing link can not be modified Core : Styles confirmed 10/20/11
#8471 Webkit: When Copy/Paste Table Cell It Gets Pasted in next Column General confirmed 10/20/11
#8473 JS error will cause CKEDITOR instances to not update their data to the iframe. General confirmed 10/20/11
#8476 Adding an anchor deletes the character to the right of anchor General confirmed 10/25/11
#8481 switching between source and wysiwyg introduces gratuitous white space General confirmed 10/27/11
#8482 DispHTMLUnknownElement with invalid code General confirmed 10/27/11
#8485 SCAYT selection bug UI : Spell Checker confirmed 10/28/11
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