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#14658 BBCode adds extra nodes when toggling modes in default sample. General confirmed 05/24/16
#14657 Bidi - Arabic UI - Image Properties window Perview section not translated into Arabic Core : BiDi confirmed 05/24/16
#14655 When merging header cell with body cell, table tools options for merge should be disabled General confirmed 05/23/16
#14654 [Webkit/Blink] Empty line is removed when changing selection after inline widget removal. General confirmed 05/23/16
#14653 Bidi - Template window in Arabic UI should be translated into arabic Core : BiDi confirmed 05/22/16
#14652 Bidi - Replace Icon in Arabic UI is not correctly mirrored Core : BiDi confirmed 05/22/16
#14648 config.allowedContent doesn't work when BBCode plugin active General confirmed 05/20/16
#14646 Text de-select problem on IE11 General confirmed 05/20/16
#14644 [Safari][iOS][AC] Minimized AC window hides under virtual keyboard. General confirmed 05/18/16
#14643 [Chrome][Android][AC] Pop-up window misplaced when view enlarged General confirmed 05/18/16
#14642 Shift+Enter after pressing backspace inserts two br's instead of one General confirmed 05/17/16
#14640 user agent Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of null General confirmed 05/17/16
#14636 Clicking at the end of text in table cell results in some menu options being disabled. General confirmed 05/13/16
#14634 getSelectedText omits <br> characters in IE General confirmed 05/13/16
#14632 Tabbing through table merged cells creates invalid rows General confirmed 05/12/16
#14631 [IE/Edge] Colordialog - focus moves to colors on "clear" button click General confirmed 05/11/16
#14624 Applying toolbar buttons should keep focus when pressed Accessibility confirmed 05/06/16
#14622 Borders lost when pasting from libre office calc from Chrome Windows - config.allowedContent off or with ACF filters General confirmed 05/05/16
#14616 [EDGE] Loss of focus on touch devices (randomly) Core : Focus new 05/02/16
#14615 protected source in attributes modified in custom html elements General confirmed 05/01/16
#14614 Whitespace is removed when pasting content in visual mode Core : Pasting confirmed 05/01/16
#14608 The inline editor is not scrolling inside scrollable div General confirmed 04/25/16
#14606 Problem with TableResizer General confirmed 04/22/16
#14603 Function "contains " in elementpath don't exclude root element if it is search from top General confirmed 04/21/16
#14598 Order of style properties is changed when inserting content General confirmed 04/19/16
#14593 CHROME: Copying & pasting content from one editor instance to another removing all styles General confirmed 04/18/16
#14591 French localization: Overlapped labels on flash properties windows General confirmed 04/15/16
#14588 CKEditor doesn’t translate 4-byte entities correctly. General confirmed 04/14/16
#14586 Copy-paste in Firefox results in extra spaces General confirmed 04/14/16
#14585 Table insertion fires insertElement before moving cursor inside itself Core : Tables new 04/13/16
#14581 Pasting from MS Excel to CKEditor using IE loses background colors IF cells are resized from the default prior to copying General confirmed 04/13/16
#14575 Page is scrolling down when I click on any panel element General confirmed 04/08/16
#14572 Drag & drop of anchor at edge of content to same location causes error General confirmed 04/06/16
#14566 Link continues to the second line General confirmed 04/05/16
#14563 Active link cursor continues on new line when pressing enter General confirmed 04/03/16
#14558 Widgets gets deleted when editor is readonly Core : Selection confirmed 03/31/16
#14557 [iOS] Long lines are not broken in the editable General confirmed 03/31/16
#14556 In Microsoft Edge editor scroll to top if you click in beginning of a line General confirmed 03/31/16
#14549 Safari 9: Link context menu opions are missing when image has alignment set General confirmed 03/24/16
#14548 EDGE: Not able to edit the Image if Image has Alignment set General confirmed 03/24/16
#14543 EDGE: Replacing text with empty string not working in Find & Replace dialog General confirmed 03/23/16
#14533 Selectors passed to CKEDITOR.dom.element.prototype.find are not properly escaped General confirmed 03/21/16
#14532 Inconsistent API of dialog.openDialog General confirmed 03/18/16
#14530 Ckeditor allows to create multiple anchors with same name and id General confirmed 03/18/16
#14529 Applying Styles can sometimes break existing content (especially widgets) Core : Styles confirmed 03/17/16
#14526 Carriage return in empty list leaves childless list behind. General confirmed 03/16/16
#14525 Japanese charactor disappeared while typing General confirmed 03/15/16
#14524 [IE] Destroying CKEditor prevents following input from focus General confirmed 03/15/16
#14521 Android backspace behaviour General confirmed 03/10/16
#14518 On IE11, data-bound elements in dialog are not updated when clicking OK General pending 03/09/16
#14517 Mouse Clicks break tab navigation in "html" element in dialog General confirmed 03/09/16
#14516 Copy form Safari: broken encoding General confirmed 03/09/16
#14515 Nested widget hover css selects all children UI : Widgets confirmed 03/09/16
#14514 AVT: JAWS users has no info when Insert Spanner is spinning on Insert Media dialog General confirmed 03/08/16
#14502 baseHref setting not used for loading resources in Сombo panels General confirmed 03/03/16
#14501 [Blink] Range.enlarge behaves different with empty blocks. Core : Selection confirmed 03/03/16
#14435 [Blink] Cursor disappears on removing selection General confirmed 02/27/16
#14434 Floating toolbar misplaced w/ body { position: relative; } and margin-top General confirmed 02/26/16
#14432 the traditional chinese translate for Insert/Remove Numbered List needs to revise General confirmed 02/26/16
#14430 Splitting/merging table cells messes up table layout Core : Tables confirmed 02/25/16
#14429 Webkit Blink add multiple &nbsp; to HTML pasted into contenteditable element. General confirmed 02/25/16
#14428 Fullscreen mode on iphone/ipad General new 02/24/16
#14427 Image2 widget isn't in the correct state after drag&drop General confirmed 02/24/16
#14424 Refactoring of the Popup plugin General confirmed 02/23/16
#14420 Bad source mapping included in the samples Documentation & Samples confirmed 02/21/16
#14414 List created incorectly when General confirmed 02/18/16
#14412 <blockquote> breaks into 2 <blockquote> when you increase indent for Blockquote General confirmed 02/17/16
#14411 Removing content using backspace right after paste not triggering onChange event General confirmed 02/17/16
#14408 Inaccessible "OK" button in dialogs (Moono) Accessibility confirmed 02/16/16
#14406 [IE] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste General confirmed 02/15/16
#14399 Double indented nested list items Core : Lists confirmed 02/12/16
#14398 Using the tab key to switch to multiple editors does not scroll down the page in Chrome Accessibility confirmed 02/12/16
#14397 [IE] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste General confirmed 02/11/16
#14395 [Firefox] backspacing into a list with an empty list in between causes content to be removed General confirmed 02/09/16
#14393 New line after styled elements creates inline context which breaks pasting block elements. Core : Pasting confirmed 02/09/16
#14392 uiColor config option doesn't change editor's color with kama skin UI : Skins confirmed 02/09/16
#14390 Indent plugin outdent doesn't work all the way using decimal ems General confirmed 02/09/16
#14387 Inline edit mode toolbar is resized to hide field when horizontally scrolling UI : Toolbar confirmed 02/08/16
#14382 Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html contain ID UI : Dialogs confirmed 02/08/16
#14372 IE: Column in doublecolumn widget disappears after drag & drop General confirmed 02/03/16
#14371 [Webkit] Wrong paragraphs inserted on select all + enter General confirmed 02/03/16
#14367 Dropdown open empty after moving CKEditor toolbar using shared spaces General confirmed 02/01/16
#14354 Backspace handler crosses editable boundaries General confirmed 01/27/16
#14353 [Blink] It is possible to select content outside nested editable General confirmed 01/27/16
#14349 Safari on MAC : Drag & drop of images from web not working General confirmed 01/26/16
#14346 native Browser Spellchecking not working when pressing return without space General confirmed 01/25/16
#14340 AVT: No info about applied text/background colour to normal/JAWS users in Colour options list box General confirmed 01/22/16
#14337 [IE] Proper selection restoring after modification of text while unfocused Core : Selection confirmed 01/20/16
#14334 EDGE: Pasting Numbered list from word with more than 2 levels not working properly General confirmed 01/19/16
#14331 BR Enter Mode: New list item not created when we press ENTER at end of list item General confirmed 01/19/16
#14321 [FF] Selection from native getSelection inconsistent with other browsers. General confirmed 01/14/16
#14319 BIDI: When locale is set to Arabic, Font Size combo displays Arabic-European digits General confirmed 01/14/16
#14313 Copying/pasting nested lists in IE results in flat list General confirmed 01/11/16
#14309 Table or horizontal line disappeared after insert in case of numbered/bulleted list. General confirmed 01/09/16
#14307 Page scrolling when spacebar is pressed to de-select lock ratio checkbox General confirmed 01/07/16
#14304 fixing position of range.endOffset moves to range.startOffset on moving the place of a word General new 01/07/16
#14302 span tag replaced by font General confirmed 01/06/16
#14299 [mathjax] MathJax dialog not updating on mouse paste General confirmed 01/05/16
#14294 CheckDirty is true after focusing image2 and simplebox widgets General confirmed 01/01/16
#14289 Issue with Merging and Deleting Cell at last column Core : Tables confirmed 12/29/15
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