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#12717 setReadOnly() does not work well with the Shared Space plugin General confirmed 12/01/14
#12707 Table CAPTION output below THEAD Core : Tables confirmed 11/25/14
#12684 Styles removed when cursor is placed at the beginning of a new line General confirmed 11/20/14
#12678 fail access toolbar button list using JAWS General confirmed 11/18/14
#12677 [Google Chrome] Triple-clicking a heading and then pressing backspace forces the text below to inherit the deleted heading styles General confirmed 11/18/14
#12673 Pasting a single whitespace besides an existing one in firefox has no effect General confirmed 11/17/14
#12666 Double Byte White Space disappear when pasting from Firefox General confirmed 11/14/14
#12654 Once Paste from Word - always Paste from Word Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 11/12/14
#12649 FF makes wrong selection of text Core : Selection confirmed 11/11/14
#12641 Firefox merges paragraphs with wrong style Core : Editable confirmed 11/07/14
#12638 BBCode plugin does not process URL's General confirmed 11/06/14
#12624 meta-tags protection General confirmed 11/04/14
#12610 checkElementMatch always return false for color style in IE11 Core : Styles confirmed 10/31/14
#12604 Unit dropdown (px, %) in cell properties layer does not fire an event Core : Tables confirmed 10/29/14
#12602 Enter key at the end of block is broken General confirmed 10/28/14
#12595 [iOS 7 Safari] Selection issue in inline editor Core : Selection new 10/27/14
#12588 MathJax Plugin: Tex input textarea should have spellcheck="false" General confirmed 10/23/14
#12584 Paste table within CK-Editor looses formattings (FF 33) Core : Tables confirmed 10/22/14
#12583 Certain edit operations destroy the protected structure of a widget General confirmed 10/22/14
#12574 baseHref option is ignored on inline editors Documentation & Samples confirmed 10/21/14
#12572 Problem when I typing Korean In IE, Chrome. General pending 10/21/14
#12570 Inline Editing: browser crash in Right to Left mode General confirmed 10/20/14
#12568 Docprops dialog color "choose" buttons behave strangely if colorpicker dialog is cancelled General confirmed 10/20/14
#12567 Dialogs are incorrectly sized on iOS UI : Dialogs new 10/18/14
#12557 Magicline not shown before or after elements with alignment or float General confirmed 10/15/14
#12555 Dialog blind is left behind when editor is destroyed UI : Dialogs confirmed 10/15/14
#12547 Changes in docprops dialog do not make the editor "dirty" General confirmed 10/14/14
#12544 [IE] Percentage margin of the first element breaks autogrowing General confirmed 10/11/14
#12542 Entire page scrolls down briefly if entire editor is not visible in Chrome General confirmed 10/11/14
#12539 Two CKEditors within the same fieldset will overflow on resize in Chrome/Safari. General confirmed 10/09/14
#12537 [Android] Styles do not work on KitKat word suggest General confirmed 10/09/14
#12535 Unable to select a table in IE after merging cells General confirmed 10/09/14
#12530 Right click on a text input in a widget stops working after moving a widget UI : Widgets confirmed 10/08/14
#12527 Dragging widget does not scroll the editor General confirmed 10/07/14
#12525 IE: Drop-downs closed immediately after show in a Bootstrap Modal Documentation & Samples confirmed 10/06/14
#12521 Language plugin: behavior on block level elements General confirmed 10/04/14
#12520 Language plugin: frustrating <span> expansion General confirmed 10/04/14
#12519 Having labels shown for menus includes "(Selected)" when the menu is open UI : Toolbar confirmed 10/03/14
#12508 divearea form General confirmed 10/01/14
#12502 CKEditor ordered list messed up (re-ordered) when deleting an existing bullet Core : Lists confirmed 09/30/14
#12497 HC Mode: HTML Tags inside dotted lines not shown when Show Blocks enableded Accessibility confirmed 09/29/14
#12496 Charset in docprops plugin is not recognized General confirmed 09/28/14
#12490 Bug of MathJax plugin General confirmed 09/26/14
#12463 System hangs when using Image upload on IOS 8 (iPhone, iPad) General confirmed 09/21/14
#12459 Exception occurs after using Replace All and closing Find and Replace dialog in IE11 General confirmed 09/17/14
#12458 CSS style attribute values with semicolons converted to lowercase in IE Core : Output Data confirmed 09/17/14
#12457 [iOS 8 Safari] Selection issues while typing General confirmed 09/17/14
#12446 Editor is silently disabled when using CKEDITOR.replace and no wysiwygarea or divarea plugin is available General confirmed 09/15/14
#12419 Not possible to change title for Table in Text and Table Template General confirmed 09/09/14
#12410 [Blink, Webkit] Pasting plain text into styles text is causing text formatting lost. Core : Pasting confirmed 09/06/14
#12388 Conflict when system uses data-widget attributes for other purposes than the Widget system UI : Widgets confirmed 09/02/14
#12373 Magicline is sometimes difficult to use with widgets UI : Widgets confirmed 08/29/14
#12359 Editor blur event is triggered when opening dialog with file element General confirmed 08/26/14
#12353 Markup inserted prior to doctype not handled nicely. General confirmed 08/25/14
#12351 Find/Replace accessibility UI : Dialogs confirmed 08/23/14
#12342 CKEditor in IE 11 Enterprise Mode with Compatibility Mode not working General pending 08/21/14
#12314 Entermode inconsistencies General pending 08/16/14
#12301 Accumulation of nested span (font size) tags for bulleted lists General confirmed 08/12/14
#12297 When searching a text, the matched chunk does highlight, but does not scroll to it's position in the area General confirmed 08/12/14
#12287 Unable to create link when certain fields are removed from the dialog UI : Dialogs confirmed 08/08/14
#12286 Dragging the Resizable corners of the table to out of the CKEditor makes the resizable corners displayed out of the editor and the editor becomes unresponsive when we click in scroll bars. Core : Tables confirmed 08/08/14
#12281 Bug in Core.Editable isInline() function when using the editor inside an iFrame Core : Editable confirmed 08/07/14
#12270 iFrame & Javascript videos don't play in IE General pending 08/01/14
#12259 Dialogs which create popup lose keyboard focus when popup is closed Core : Keystrokes confirmed 07/30/14
#12250 Cannot disable auto inline functionality when CKEditor is being loaded via Ajax General pending 07/25/14
#12248 Selecting and deleting last entries of a list will remove the entire list Core : Selection confirmed 07/24/14
#12238 Do not use the table summary attribute Accessibility confirmed 07/22/14
#12236 AVT: Keyboard Navigation not working properly with widgets in editor body Accessibility confirmed 07/22/14
#12235 AVT: Keyboard selection of widgets don't behave as expected Accessibility confirmed 07/22/14
#12212 carriage return at <br> followed by <a> causes cursor to move unexpectedly to beginning of buffer (chrome only) General confirmed 07/17/14
#12199 ckeditor is omitting a single trailing space in firefox and ie. General new 07/14/14
#12197 dialogadvtab plugin: style field input validation is too restrictive General confirmed 07/13/14
#12194 Title tag is messed up using special characters. General confirmed 07/11/14
#12193 placeholder sometimes get deleted on move in IE9 General confirmed 07/11/14
#12189 Link plugin dialog does not display subject of email links if subject parameter is not lowercase General confirmed 07/10/14
#12179 [FF] Error while using :after pseudoclass in contents.css Core : Editable confirmed 07/08/14
#12159 JAWS reading not set option twice in Code Snippet dialog General confirmed 07/02/14
#12156 [Safari] Paste from Twitter Core : Pasting confirmed 07/01/14
#12151 [IE11] The anchor tag text is being replaced when the link is edited General new 06/30/14
#12142 [iOS] Autocapitalize does not work as expected General confirmed 06/27/14
#12133 Links not opening when CKEditor is in readOnly mode Core : Read-only confirmed 06/25/14
#12131 Text wrapping and line heights after starting with a large font. General confirmed 06/24/14
#12118 cursor jumps to end of in Chrome when clicking strikethrough button mid-word General confirmed 06/19/14
#12114 image2 widget (align left/center/right) does not lose focus on IE8-11 in order to write text if alone UI : Widgets confirmed 06/18/14
#12099 Table Cell properties get duplicated on Chrome/Mac General confirmed 06/11/14
#12094 Content Transformations strips span of style General confirmed 06/11/14
#12087 Can't delete an empty line between block widgets UI : Widgets confirmed 06/10/14
#12083 placeholder plugin - inline editor - text align break html of the page General pending 06/09/14
#12074 Forms plugin: textarea, textfield, button selection impossible with a mouse General confirmed 06/05/14
#12062 Performance issues typing at the end of a large document in IE and Chrome General confirmed 06/03/14
#12043 The table should be highlighted when user selects table contents with keyboard (Ctrl+A, Shift+Arrow) General confirmed 05/30/14
#12029 Inline Mode - Cannot Change Border or Background Colours on Multiple Table Cells Core : Tables confirmed 05/28/14
#12028 Attribute contenteditable="false" in table cell does not fully disable content modification General confirmed 05/28/14
#12026 'Cut' option in tool bar is still enabled even when there is no text in the text area General confirmed 05/27/14
#11988 Image width set in percentages changed to be in pixels after drag and drop in chrome General confirmed 05/20/14
#11923 [Blink] Caret is rendered at wrong location when editable region ends with a non-editable region UI : Widgets confirmed 05/08/14
#11914 FF: Default values for Horizontal Alignment & Vertical Aalignment not shown on Cell Properties dialog General confirmed 05/07/14
#11906 Parser does not accept incorrect HTML tag with excessive quotes Core : Parser confirmed 05/05/14
#11902 Math plugin doesn't work when used in inline editor created on Paragraph. Core : Editable confirmed 05/05/14
#11879 (Chrome) Table: Insert Column After General confirmed 04/30/14
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