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#13677 Toolbar button icons (icons_hidpi.png) are mangled in some zoom levels in Blink-based browsers (Chrome/Opera) on a Retina Mac. UI : Toolbar confirmed 08/20/15
#13672 Valid characters for Anchor name General confirmed 08/19/15
#13666 buggy copy + paste General confirmed 08/17/15
#13651 Unable to paste unicode characters Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 08/13/15
#13648 [IE@WP] Table is inserted at the end of the document General new 08/12/15
#13647 [IE@WP] Page is scrolled to the end when I press enter General new 08/12/15
#13644 CKEditor shows no content anymore when character '<' is used in html comment General confirmed 08/11/15
#13630 [IE11] Focus issues when the editor gets loaded General confirmed 08/04/15
#13627 [bidi] Structure text is not supported in URL fields in Insert image dialogs General pending 08/04/15
#13625 Numbered List adds items when switching from Source to Preview Mode General confirmed 08/04/15
#13620 insertElement and insertHtml fail if widget is first in editor (Chrome) General confirmed 08/04/15
#13615 [Chrome][Android] Dropdown options positioned incorrectly. General confirmed 08/03/15
#13602 [Edge] Drag and drop within editor(s) throws an error or removes too much text General confirmed 07/30/15
#13600 Autoembedded content inserted after link deleted during load. General confirmed 07/30/15
#13598 [Lineutils] Incorrect width of the line General confirmed 07/30/15
#13595 Drag and drop image into editor does not work in IE11 General confirmed 07/29/15
#13592 [IE] Non-editable widget can become editable by clicking near the bottom of the widget General confirmed 07/29/15
#13579 [Chrome] ALT+0 does not open accessibility help if using Hiragana (IME) General confirmed 07/27/15
#13573 Any style from selectbox in toolbar can`t be applied to the selected text in CKEditor with divarea plugin in Safari browser in iOS Core : Styles confirmed 07/24/15
#13569 Drag and drop link pastes URL in plain text General confirmed 07/22/15
#13563 Dragging an image can delete it and throw an error General confirmed 07/21/15
#13561 Formatting text can remove empty lines General confirmed 07/21/15
#13553 Dropdowns shouldn’t show any option when multiple styles, fonts or formats are selected General confirmed 07/20/15
#13545 Error is thrown when creating one embed content on another. General confirmed 07/16/15
#13537 Comments between LI General confirmed 07/15/15
#13522 CKEditor & iPad Safari issue General new 07/10/15
#13511 iOS selection UI obscures ckeditor toolbar General new 07/08/15
#13509 [IE11] It is not possible to type in Japanese in right aligned table General confirmed 07/07/15
#13504 [IE9-10]:Inline styles are not always removed General confirmed 07/06/15
#13500 Delay before seeing upload notifications after pasting image from MS Paint. Core : Pasting confirmed 07/04/15
#13488 Documentation Bug: dev_files not found Documentation & Samples confirmed 07/02/15
#13473 [FF] Help icon is not mirrored in RTL CKEditor Core : BiDi confirmed 06/28/15
#13452 Resize of CKEditor in Chrome results in weird artifacts General confirmed 06/22/15
#13442 Editor scrolls to the top after paste when contained in absolute positioned element Core : Pasting confirmed 06/18/15
#13407 The window still resizes following mouse movement after letting go of the mouse click General confirmed 06/16/15
#13405 Text Area not working properly during resizing of dialog window when using paste plugin General confirmed 06/16/15
#13404 With enter mode as <br>, decreasing indent will cause different lines form back into 1 single line General confirmed 06/16/15
#13380 Alert messages in RTL mode are not mirrored Core : BiDi pending 06/08/15
#13372 CkEditor zoom plugin scroll General confirmed 06/08/15
#13368 [FF] Resizing tooltip in Bidi mode aligned to the right Core : BiDi confirmed 06/07/15
#13314 checkReadOnly is undefined when using readonly inline editors Core : Read-only confirmed 05/22/15
#13294 2 Buttons don't show in 'High Contrast Mode'; acessibility Accessibility confirmed 05/20/15
#13291 Easy copy and paste of checkboxes Core : Selection confirmed 05/18/15
#13288 Copy/paste of small strings causes editor enlargement (inline editing) General confirmed 05/17/15
#13287 bug with table content drag-and-drop - removes the cells General confirmed 05/16/15
#13276 Input:Select.Dialog: Delete default option. Value still existing UI : Dialogs confirmed 05/13/15
#13275 Images displayed as block may break CKEditor Core : Styles confirmed 05/13/15
#13257 Left-align button does not indicate correct state under mode of CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR General confirmed 05/07/15
#13250 Style attribute type gets corrupted when editing source in IE 8 UI : Source View confirmed 05/05/15
#13240 <br> vs \n in side a <pre> General confirmed 05/04/15
#13235 Change event not triggered when using the browser context menu General confirmed 04/30/15
#13190 Maximize problems General confirmed 04/15/15
#13162 BBCode plugin crash with smiley General confirmed 04/10/15
#13157 Enhanced Image plugin alignClasses don't work when image assigned a link General confirmed 04/09/15
#13149 [Windows Phone 8.1] Selection is not watched correctly so it is lost when blurring editor General confirmed 04/07/15
#13148 Pate from Word empty list issue Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 04/07/15
#13125 FF Only - The space after a contenteditable element is ignored when backspacing General confirmed 03/31/15
#13123 Memory leak General confirmed 03/31/15
#13120 Removing special container in IE General confirmed 03/30/15
#13117 Editor.document is not set in source mode General confirmed 03/30/15
#13111 quality of thumbnails is very low. Server : Java confirmed 03/27/15
#13100 No indication of page break presence using JAWS General confirmed 03/26/15
#13094 Delete CR removes form html below General confirmed 03/25/15
#13091 config.extraPlugins white space in string produces load resource error Documentation & Samples confirmed 03/25/15
#13058 IE8 Problem copy or cut and paste numeroted list with linebreak General confirmed 03/16/15
#13048 Editor's contentscss and "Image2 plugins" 100% width style not working properly UI : Widgets new 03/15/15
#13046 Dropdown not working in maximize mode with RTL body General confirmed 03/14/15
#13041 menus not working in showmodaldialog General confirmed 03/13/15
#13035 Tabletools context menu is not showing when we invoke via JAVAFX webview General new 03/12/15
#13024 break on backspace with arabic/persian languanges General confirmed 03/10/15
#13020 CKEditor exception in Firefox Core : Selection confirmed 03/09/15
#13004 SHift Enter Mode = P is not working for .NET site Server : ASP.Net confirmed 03/04/15
#12998 'blur' event lost when destroying General confirmed 03/01/15
#12985 Interferring Style Affecting Dialog Text Box Heights Core : Styles confirmed 02/26/15
#12969 SCAYT plugin stops working after setData is called with "Div Editing Area" plugin General confirmed 02/24/15
#12968 Deleting a paragraph deletes following div General confirmed 02/24/15
#12959 Focus issue when clicking on an image (inline editing) General confirmed 02/20/15
#12950 drop-down list WITHOUT a pre-selected option throws JS-Error in Chrome and IE11 UI : Dialogs confirmed 02/18/15
#12942 Anchors require deprecated name tag, id should be enough Core : Parser confirmed 02/17/15
#12940 Unable to paste text on new line after line with <o:p> MSWord formatting Core : Pasting confirmed 02/16/15
#12936 suggestion for translation - pt-br UI : Language confirmed 02/16/15
#12934 Plugin bbcode: type error + unexpected result General confirmed 02/15/15
#12915 Edit cell properties inside editable scrolls to top General confirmed 02/10/15
#12895 allowedContent for form elements can be improved General confirmed 02/04/15
#12891 Inline mode + Widgets( codeSnippet or formula ): CheckDirty() always returns "true" after page is loaded General confirmed 02/03/15
#12888 Inline editor loses focus/toolbar when dialog with file input on primary tab shown UI : Dialogs confirmed 02/02/15
#12876 Required "type" attribute is missing in the <style> element generated by the editor General confirmed 01/30/15
#12864 Toggling bulleted list insert line breaks when enterMode is configured as CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR General confirmed 01/28/15
#12863 Enter key issue with multi-byte character General confirmed 01/28/15
#12853 Removing HTML comment nodes with dataProcessor.htmlFilter removes script nodes too Core : Output Data confirmed 01/22/15
#12839 Link is not available for ACF-custom mode live demonstration in documentation Documentation & Samples confirmed 01/21/15
#12800 Horizontal overflow on iOS General new 01/07/15
#12794 SCRIPT5022: IndexSizeError on table caption change in IE9-11 Core : Tables confirmed 01/05/15
#12783 Backspace and delete keys do not function properly when working with lists that have sublist Core : Lists confirmed 12/30/14
#12774 Image is inserted with styles even when disallowed by ACF General confirmed 12/22/14
#12772 [IE] disableObjectResizing doesn't work General confirmed 12/18/14
#12768 Suggested Modification to jQuery Adaptor to better support jQuery UI Documentation & Samples confirmed 12/17/14
#12760 Match whole word option does not find words adjacent to special characters General confirmed 12/15/14
#12749 iOS 8 iPad screen scrolls back to top when typing into CKEditor General pending 12/11/14
#12741 The table in a list item gets deleted when clicking enter Core : Lists confirmed 12/09/14
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