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#8201 Deleting first character of misspelled word deletes entire word (in Chrome) UI : Spell Checker confirmed 07/20/11
#8198 custom smileys in config.js causing errors? General confirmed 07/20/11
#8189 Empty [link] tag causes content and structure loss General confirmed 07/16/11
#8186 If copied MS-Word text contains a text box, then text does not display correctly in the editor Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 07/14/11
#8164 IE8: empty paragaphs not editable/visible in wysiwyg mode General confirmed 07/07/11
#8162 File browser window size File Browser confirmed 07/07/11
#8160 Text selection disappears when open dialogs UI : Dialogs confirmed 07/06/11
#8156 IE6: In RTL Preview for some special characters not showing properly General confirmed 07/06/11
#8148 issue about sub-table Core : Tables confirmed 07/04/11
#8140 Preceeding newline lost when Alignment button is pressed in ENTER_BR General confirmed 06/29/11
#8138 Arrow keys stop working after hide-show cycle General confirmed 06/29/11
#8137 IE: Toolbar combos don't open on second click on modal dialogs Server : ASP.Net confirmed 06/29/11
#8136 Pasting numbered list with a different start value and style not working properly General confirmed 06/29/11
#8134 [IE8] line selection / following elements issue Core : Selection confirmed 06/29/11
#8131 CKEditor instance does not appear General confirmed 06/29/11
#8129 Inline CSS does not work when there are comments inside <style> tags General confirmed 06/28/11
#8118 [FF] Strikethrough style works incorrectly for bigger fonts Core : Styles confirmed 06/24/11
#8114 stack overflow at line: 26 old staff in Ckeditor Core : Parser confirmed 06/23/11
#8106 IE8 : Javascript error when deleting in bulleted list General confirmed 06/21/11
#8097 URL is applied incorrectly when the selection contains an anchor Core : Styles confirmed 06/20/11
#8092 CKEDITOR.editor.resize - Invalid documentation General confirmed 06/17/11
#8091 IE CKEDITOR.editor.resize throw 'invalid argument' when no height value is specified General confirmed 06/17/11
#8062 Problem with enterMode = BR when changing font/size then partial bulleting General confirmed 06/14/11
#8061 Webkit Drag and Drop shifts event focus to iframe document General confirmed 06/13/11
#8021 Problem handling images General confirmed 06/09/11
#8018 Opera: cursor not staying in current table cell after inserting a smiley. General confirmed 06/09/11
#8010 setData from dialog makes empty undo step Core : Undo & Redo confirmed 06/09/11
#8009 Paste From Word creates <a> tags with no attributes wherever contents are "highlighted" by Comments Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 06/09/11
#8008 Cannot delete horizontal rule via backspace General confirmed 06/08/11
#7997 FF3.6: text don't show in WYSIWYG mode, but in Source all ok General confirmed 06/07/11
#7989 Lists: Hitting enter with a selection outdents instead of clearing selection General confirmed 06/06/11
#7985 Horizontal Line breaks current formatting General confirmed 06/04/11
#7980 JS error when switching to source mode under specific conditions General confirmed 06/03/11
#7968 CKEditor 3.6 in IE7 - Unable to get value of the property 'getRanges': object is null or undefined UI : Enter Key confirmed 06/01/11
#7962 <td> align attribute causes validation errors in IE 8 Core : Tables confirmed 06/01/11
#7954 Editing pasted Numbered list with different Start Value not working properly Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 05/31/11
#7952 Creating lists inside a part of span looses span formatting on first row General confirmed 05/31/11
#7950 [IE] Text pasted differently than in other browsers Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 05/30/11
#7939 CKEditor inserting <p> when source-code has head tags like <meta>, <link> or <title> Core : Parser confirmed 05/27/11
#7936 Large cursor next to images in Webkit General confirmed 05/27/11
#7935 background:url() get stripped on ie8- General confirmed 05/27/11
#7928 elementspath + getSelectedElement problem General confirmed 05/27/11
#7923 No horizontal scrollbar when inserting a right aligned floating element that is wider than the page General confirmed 05/26/11
#7921 editor.mode always returns empty string General confirmed 05/26/11
#7920 Webkit: Incorrect font name is displayed General confirmed 05/25/11
#7902 JAWS not reading updated values of width/height on Image Properties dialog Accessibility confirmed 05/24/11
#7895 Using the enter key after a placeholder value General confirmed 05/23/11
#7888 Deleting the link in editor - the text font stays underlined General confirmed 05/23/11
#7864 Flash plugin url escapes some values Core : Output Data confirmed 05/17/11
#7863 Lists behaving different in br and p entermode General confirmed 05/17/11
#7856 Built-in contextMenu doesn't behave correctly UI : Context Menu confirmed 05/16/11
#7855 Clicking 'maximize' shows blank screen in Firefox when the editor is opened inside jQuery UI Dialog General confirmed 05/16/11
#7848 Inconsistent cut/copy with relation to new anchor feature General confirmed 05/13/11
#7846 Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly. (CORE-41467) General confirmed 05/13/11
#7842 Selection handles in FF can't be set or removed General confirmed 05/12/11
#7836 In Firefox, a <br /> is inserted in an empty text area when using editor.focus() on initially hidden editors General confirmed 05/11/11
#7831 Opera: can not enter text after inserting Horizontal Line General confirmed 05/10/11
#7827 IE Selected font name/size not shown in font name/ size drop down list after selecting an option General confirmed 05/09/11
#7825 Autogrow with sharedSpaces on firefox General confirmed 05/07/11
#7824 Cannot call method 'split' of undefined on CKEDITOR.replace General confirmed 05/06/11
#7823 IEJSLeaksDetector shows momory leak for IE8 and IE7 General confirmed 05/06/11
#7807 Last item in list not converted to LI after pasting from word Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 05/05/11
#7806 SCAYT plugin moves cursor in IE UI : Spell Checker confirmed 05/05/11
#7799 Pasted Source html + text is partly deleted General confirmed 05/05/11
#7782 [Minor] Selection bug in IE8 General confirmed 05/03/11
#7779 getData converts BR tag to nbsp General confirmed 05/03/11
#7771 'Maximize' in container with Opacity makes container disappear (FF) General confirmed 05/02/11
#7762 Unable to delete form elements with backspace key General confirmed 05/02/11
#7754 Style tag removed by undo command on Internet Explorer (Ctrl + z, or button) General confirmed 04/28/11
#7740 [[safari/chrome]] not possible to insert special character after smiley in a table cell General confirmed 04/27/11
#7737 [[safari/chrome]] have to click twice or type text to get elements in path bar General confirmed 04/27/11
#7735 Extra stylesheet on contentsCss doesn't work with fullPage = true General confirmed 04/26/11
#7730 Page UP/DOWN + Enter scrolls the entire page in Firefox General confirmed 04/26/11
#7705 IE7 Bug: 'lang.contextmenu' issues General confirmed 04/24/11
#7704 Submenu shown on top of a parent menu may block mouse navigation UI : Floating Panel confirmed 04/23/11
#7700 Memory leak when inside asp.net update panel General confirmed 04/22/11
#7665 IE9: Toolbar buttons are not displaying properly in RTL languages in v2 skin UI : Skins confirmed 04/20/11
#7662 Opera : Extra empty number/bullet shown in editor body when editing pasted Multilevel list Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 04/20/11
#7655 addButton nextSiblingId don't work General confirmed 04/20/11
#7644 Right Click when in full screen not working UI : Context Menu confirmed 04/19/11
#7640 Increasing the indenting on a list can separate the text from the bullets rather than moving the bullet points down. General confirmed 04/19/11
#7636 Wildly varying copy/paste results between browsers Core : Pasting confirmed 04/18/11
#7635 FF scrollIntoView doesn't work General confirmed 04/18/11
#7612 Opera: Indented bullets do not have circle or square styled bullets (CORE-41465) Core : Lists confirmed 04/14/11
#7605 [FF] Right click selects all content of pre block General confirmed 04/14/11
#7406 Problems with _source files General confirmed 03/25/11
#7143 Text Cursor loses position when document-overflow is modified General confirmed 02/08/11
#7078 Integration VB WebBrowser control and CKEditor Problem Server : ASP.Net confirmed 01/27/11
#6368 Chrome: Insert Image dialog causes extra http request on closing General confirmed 09/29/10
#6211 SCAYT context menu doesn't show on right mouse click in FF3 on Mac UI : Spell Checker confirmed 08/26/10
#6205 ckeditor.js - t.getNative().createRange is not a function Line 118 - Image plugin General confirmed 08/26/10
#6164 IE stripping object/embed tags with templates General confirmed 08/16/10
#6143 Fakeobjects element inserted inside paragraph General confirmed 08/12/10
#6120 Cannot Reorder CKEditor General confirmed 08/09/10
#6115 BIDI: when we apply RTL direction to a pasted Table, Borders are missing on one side. Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 08/09/10
#6015 (Webkit) Can't tab forward from CKEditor followed by <fieldset> or <legend> General confirmed 07/23/10
#5236 Unstyling an empty range in a beginning of a styled text does not unselect the button Core : Styles confirmed 02/24/10
#5230 Adding a background image to h1 tags effects the styles drop down in the editor UI : Skins confirmed 02/24/10
#5059 Pressing tab when editor is maximized General confirmed 01/26/10
#4582 Toolbar expand/collapse toggle button cannot be tabbed to and does not have tooltip text Accessibility confirmed 10/22/09
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