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#7561 IE 'editor.getSelection()' is null or not an object Core : Selection garry.yao review_failed 04/08/11
#7380 Line breaks in list items are lost when followed by another list Core : Output Data garry.yao review 03/23/11
#7173 Autogrow usability UI : Toolbar garry.yao confirmed 02/14/11
#6771 Strange <span> refactoring Core : Output Data garry.yao review 12/04/10
#6615 [IE] tableresize usability General garry.yao review_failed 11/03/10
#5614 Selection incorrect after Undo Core : Undo & Redo garry.yao review 05/04/10
#5479 [IE] Cursor after table at the end of document in enterMode=BR General garry.yao review 04/08/10
#3360 Enlarge range by element problem General garry.yao assigned 04/14/09
#4195 Inline quotion style problematic Core : Styles garry.yao review_failed 08/03/09
#3133 insertElement incorrect after deleteContents General garry.yao review_failed 03/17/09
#2976 plugin:basicstyle remove style at collapsed selection Core : Styles garry.yao review_failed 02/27/09
#2767 plug-in:basicstyle AND elementpath incorrect style range detection Core : Styles garry.yao review_failed 01/14/09
#7940 Fake object can be styled as images General j.swiderski review 05/29/11
#11026 Htmlentities of php start tag makes attributes empty in internet explorer General j.swiderski assigned 10/23/13
#10525 print does not work in AIR General j.swiderski assigned 06/07/13
#8967 obvious bug in getEnclosedNode Core : Selection j.swiderski assigned 05/15/12
#7925 CKEditor for .NET not being able to save Server : ASP.Net kaga review 05/26/11
#8712 CKEditor.NET 3.6.1: ASP.NET MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback=true does not work for links after update panel if CKEditor is present on page Server : ASP.Net kaga review 02/01/12
#11392 br tags are removed when switching to source an back. General k.krzton assigned 01/13/14
#14744 [Safari] Failing embedbase tests General k.krzton assigned 07/13/16
#14358 [Blink, FF] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste General k.krzton review 01/28/16
#14329 Typing Japanese with Windows IME on IE 11 does not fire change events General k.krzton review 01/19/16
#14288 Autolink in Firefox places caret inside link General k.krzton review_passed 12/28/15
#13943 When custom config is missing, the default config gets loaded twice. General k.krzton review 11/17/15
#13612 [mathjax] long formula causes dialog window to go out of the viewport UI : Dialogs k.krzton review 07/31/15
#12480 Error in console after removing formatting and disabling selection as a list item. General k.krzton review 09/24/14
#12459 Exception occurs after using Replace All and closing Find and Replace dialog in IE11 General k.krzton review 09/17/14
#11791 Can't change target anchor using id selector (in link dialog) General k.krzton review 04/10/14
#16618 [IE11][FF][CF] Styling could not be reapplied on a simple click General CKEditor 4.7.1 k.krzton review_failed 11/07/16
#14391 [Blink, FF] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste General k.krzton review 02/09/16
#13911 [IE11] Console errors during context menu test execution General k.krzton review 11/09/15
#13694 Link dialog removes onclick attribute General k.krzton review 08/25/15
#6659 Removing selected li while typing Core : Lists mani review_failed 11/10/10
#6395 Unable to set formating on empty page Core : Styles mani review_failed 10/01/10
#6243 list format error Core : Lists mani assigned 09/03/10
#6091 Inserting pagebreak inside some text in a list item breaks the item General mani review_failed 08/03/10
#171 Unable to set textfield char width to 20 General martinkou review_failed 03/03/07
#16833 IE11 malformed list pasted from Word Plugin : Paste from Word m.lewandowski assigned 01/30/17
#12656 Unnecessary space added to table class attribute General m.lewandowski review 11/12/14
#11792 [IEs] Click on the side of text in classic editor does not move caret there General m.lewandowski review_failed 04/10/14
#11247 Dead code in htmldataprocessor.html TC General m.lewandowski assigned 12/04/13
#11037 No link&unlink option in context menu opened on widget General m.lewandowski assigned 10/24/13
#5552 Dialog doesn't execute 'commit' and 'setup' method of element when element miss 'id' property. General m.nguyen review_failed 04/20/10
#17009 insertText splits spans with id attribute in to two General msamsel review 05/04/17
#9780 Calling setReadOnly(true) in IE 8 and 9 then clicking in the entry area causes Javascript Error Core : Read-only msamsel review 12/06/12
#17020 ScrollIntoView manipulates the focus General CKEditor 4.7.1 msamsel review 05/10/17
#16808 The Justify plugin doesn't obey the custom Advanced Content Filter rules General msamsel review 01/19/17
#13096 Another CKEditor Exception in Firefox Core : Keystrokes msamsel review 03/25/15
#12750 Paste from Word: strikethrough and underscore should have the same color as font General pjasiun reopened 12/11/14
#10383 IE10 crashes after deleting certain content General pjasiun assigned 04/26/13
#10378 IE: empty lines removed from list on copy/paste General pjasiun review_failed 04/25/13
#12019 Styles' states and values when block widget is selected UI : Widgets Reinmar confirmed 05/27/14
#10327 Under any circumstances filter should not be applied twice to one node General Reinmar assigned 04/15/13
#9784 Move selection change listener that fires contentDirChange to core General Reinmar review 12/07/12
#11442 [Blink, Webkit, IE11] Comments inside iframe tags get messed up General Reinmar confirmed 01/18/14
#8951 Scriptloader may fail when loading sequences of already loaded files General Saare review 05/04/12
#6835 A few dialogs' content is not resiable UI : Dialogs Saare review_failed 12/12/10
#8652 Upload controls not available in Safari, in RTL mode UI : Dialogs Saare review 01/10/12
#13575 IE11: Typing in Korean with Enter Mode BR moves cursor to previous line. UI : Enter Key scofalik assigned 07/24/15
#11663 Input Method Editor(IMEs) didn't work properly in CKEditor with the AutoGrow plugin in IE11 General scofalik review 03/13/14
#10082 [Android] Dialog windows open in an incorrect place on a page and cannot be moved UI : Dialogs s.kups review_failed 02/15/13
#11728 [Android][Chrome] Font size General s.kups assigned 03/26/14
#12479 selection bug with widgets UI : Widgets s.kups assigned 09/24/14
#13216 List gets styled when pressing delete General Support confirmed 04/22/15
#16893 Cannot set cell width or height because inline styles are stripped General Tade0 review 03/08/17
#13824 Notification is displayed too late. General Tade0 review 10/13/15
#13778 [Chrome] Trying to insert a block before a block widget fails with an error General Tade0 review 09/29/15
#13703 Pressing backspace near (but not next to) widget selects it. Core : Selection Tade0 assigned 08/28/15
#13604 Notifications are not visible when editor is placed in a absolutely positioned div with high z-index General Tade0 review 07/30/15
#13332 IE: collapsed selection doesn't match styling. General Tade0 review 05/28/15
#11415 [Chrome] &nbsp; is inserted instead of space. General Tade0 review 01/15/14
#13168 Impossible to navigate to editable from toolbar by keyboard and vice versa. Accessibility CKEditor 4.7.1 Tade0 review_failed 04/13/15
#14716 Scrollbar in the Styles drop-down list disappears after initial display General Tade0 confirmed 07/04/16
#14698 Vertical scrollbar flashes during auto grow General Tade0 review 06/22/16
#14619 Unable to resize editor on mobile General Tade0 confirmed 05/04/16
#14613 race issue loading plugins when editor already destroyed General Tade0 review 04/29/16
#14571 IE11: Widget selection lost after Undo & Redo General Tade0 assigned 04/06/16
#14565 Pressing delete key in a highlighted image inside a floating div throws an error Core : Editable Tade0 review_failed 04/05/16
#14562 triple click and delete ruins widget in chrome UI : Widgets Tade0 review 04/01/16
#14550 Direct path to handle.png in widget plugin General Tade0 review 03/25/16
#14534 Cannot read property 'blockLimit' of null Core : Styles Tade0 review 03/21/16
#14291 Required-Attribute not correctly translated between Source- and WYSIWYG-Editor General Tade0 review 12/30/15
#13925 [WSC] Error when clicking "Finish Checking" UI : Spell Checker Tade0 assigned 11/12/15
#13719 Right click on a widget loses editable selection UI : Widgets Tade0 review 09/02/15
#13717 [Blink] Editor loses selection when accessing context menu via Mac's ctrl+click Core : Editable Tade0 assigned 09/02/15
#13206 Style is not visible if it uses multiple classes Core : Styles Tade0 review 04/21/15
#17052 Selection started from nested table causes an error in a browser while scrolling down General CKEditor 4.7.1 t.jakut review 05/23/17
#13842 List Plugin adds extra <br> when making styled text a list Core : Lists t.jakut assigned 10/17/15
#13736 Unable to create D'n'D area inside CKEditor dialog => broked some add-ons General CKEditor 4.7.1 t.jakut review_failed 09/11/15
#13877 Copy paste from google doc forces bold - removes underline and italics General t.jakut review_failed 10/28/15
#13833 Styles dropdown doesn't work correctly for tables with border=0 Core : Tables t.jakut assigned 10/14/15
#13798 Changing paragraph format causes cursor to move on Firefox 41 Core : Focus t.jakut review 10/06/15
#13729 Table: Insert Column before and After fails if a cell vertical split exist Core : Tables t.jakut review 09/07/15
#13839 Incorrect Tab navigation behavior with radio buttons inside the dialog General CKEditor 4.7.1 t.jakut review_failed 10/16/15
#17067 Can't select cells in tfoot General t.jakut review 05/29/17
#13183 [IE10] Dropped image has micro size General t.jakut confirmed 04/14/15
#6808 [IE] dialog field content lost UI : Dialogs tobiasz.cudnik assigned 12/09/10
#6127 IE Cursor not going to next line when we press enter & we have set forceEntermode=br as config option General tobiasz.cudnik review_failed 08/10/10
#8462 Unnecessary paragraph gets created when trying to join two paragraphs using backspace General Webkit confirmed 10/18/11
#6040 CKLangtool should accept double quotes Project : CKLangTool wwalc assigned 07/28/10
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