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#10670 Inline CKeditor steals focus General confirmed 07/24/13
#10650 [IE] Cannot apply nested background colors General confirmed 07/17/13
#10639 Single Space Does Not Cause Lines to Re-Wrap Correctly General confirmed 07/15/13
#10631 Content Advisor in IE8 Causes 4.1.2 to not function General confirmed 07/12/13
#10602 Browse button in Image dialog misaligned UI : Skins confirmed 07/08/13
#10598 ck editor in iframe in firefox inserts two line breaks and a nbsp on enter Core : Keystrokes confirmed 07/08/13
#10591 Bug-Fix bbcode plugin: Font-Size Core : Output Data confirmed 07/04/13
#10575 Text in between two tables is pushed down when deleting upper table General confirmed 06/27/13
#10564 Removing Numbered Lists removes enclosed <p> General confirmed 06/21/13
#10559 Deactivating list tool for empty list gives script error General confirmed 06/20/13
#10556 Size (Font Size) menu dropdown jumps to page top when user clicks on it on chrome browser. General confirmed 06/19/13
#10554 SELECTION IS MODIFIED IN A SPECIAL CASES General confirmed 06/19/13
#10553 Find and Replace dialog cannot match text with multiple spaces General confirmed 06/19/13
#10549 Chrome: format lost when cut & paste subscript/superscript text General confirmed 06/18/13
#10541 Maximising removes styling of wrapping div General confirmed 06/14/13
#10530 Numbered List in comment doesn't show numbers after submit. General confirmed 06/10/13
#10517 Selecting cells by tab doesn't work when tabSpaces > 0 General confirmed 06/06/13
#10495 Pasting as plain text into pre blocks shouldn't replace pre Core : Pasting confirmed 06/03/13
#10494 ACF: Styles don't work with shared toolbar Core : Styles confirmed 06/01/13
#10490 Cannot create two 'textColor' button in toolbar General confirmed 05/30/13
#10489 User entered &nbsp; is missing from source when fillEmptyblocks = false Core : Tables confirmed 05/30/13
#10479 Increase/Deecrease Indent icons not displayed in toolbar when we have rtl lang & allowed content is p{margin-right} General confirmed 05/27/13
#10477 Exception on DELETE key Core : Selection confirmed 05/27/13
#10476 IE8: Unspecified error when pasting with a selection in the editor General confirmed 05/27/13
#10472 tableresize doesn't work for thead/tfoot General confirmed 05/26/13
#10468 [IE] Presence of CK Editor blocks scripts from properly loading with //@ sourceUrl on IE General confirmed 05/24/13
#10464 [IE] onDelete of Image not removing the Link General confirmed 05/23/13
#10436 Duplicate ids when shared space is used General confirmed 05/15/13
#10414 [Enter BR and IE] Problems when entering text in Korean General confirmed 05/07/13
#10413 Inline CKEditor doesn't hide its toolbars after interaction with richcombo UI : Toolbar confirmed 05/07/13
#10407 Automatic font color not applying once font color has been changed (outputHTML) General confirmed 05/04/13
#10406 Insert image dialog, entering 'n%' distorts the image General confirmed 05/03/13
#10404 Strange insertHTML behaviour with FF 20.0.1 after selectRanges and hide/show Core : Editable confirmed 05/03/13
#10402 TypeError: A/range is undefined when calling insertHtml after hide/show. Core : Editable confirmed 05/03/13
#10395 Release tag not updated for CKEditor General confirmed 05/01/13
#10393 Missing event when colorbutton plugin is activated General confirmed 04/30/13
#10391 Image upload in data-uri base64 doesn't work with large files General confirmed 04/29/13
#10388 Deleting a sub bullet, deletes entire bullet list General confirmed 04/29/13
#10375 table cell horizontal split error Core : Tables confirmed 04/24/13
#10371 Insert HTML space bug IE General confirmed 04/23/13
#10369 IE9 ENTER_BR problem with AUTOGROW plugin UI : Enter Key confirmed 04/23/13
#10355 Remove link-tag in Image-Dialog when Link is empty General confirmed 04/20/13
#10351 Opera: Replace Textarea Elements by Class Name sample - CKEditor loses focus General confirmed 04/19/13
#10344 build-config.js invalid to rebuild Project : CKBuilder confirmed 04/18/13
#10331 inline css images not displayed in Chrome General confirmed 04/16/13
#10326 Maximize button removes input[name=style] from form UI : Toolbar confirmed 04/14/13
#10312 Checkbox styling within a Dialog IE applied multiple times. UI : Dialogs confirmed 04/09/13
#10305 Strange jumps to the top in Firefox upon dialog closing (testcase included) General confirmed 04/07/13
#10290 Language code with locale handling General confirmed 04/02/13
#10279 4.0.x Autogrow in IE8/9 causes cursor to 'jump' General confirmed 03/27/13
#10269 Issue with ckeditor 4.0.2 running in a jquery dialog General confirmed 03/26/13
#10253 double alert in dialog UI : Dialogs confirmed 03/23/13
#10252 disableObjectResizing=true in full screen mode General confirmed 03/22/13
#10226 Add extra <p> tag in IE in enter mode is <br> General confirmed 03/18/13
#10209 [FF] Odd cursor position after deleting single bullet point General confirmed 03/13/13
#10207 about plugin (link to target='_blank') UI : Dialogs confirmed 03/13/13
#10199 CKFinder Bug - Image Properties Link Tab Browse Server Button UI : Dialogs confirmed 03/13/13
#10197 CKE 4.x Inline Can't disable object resizing General confirmed 03/12/13
#10176 Sourcedialog Resizing General confirmed 03/08/13
#10169 Editor context menu unavailable when opened outside the body element of the content area Core : Pasting confirmed 03/06/13
#10156 [Webkit] Cut&pasting text adds inline wrappers Core : Pasting confirmed 03/01/13
#10153 Style combo update issue when inline editor programmatically created and focused General confirmed 02/28/13
#10114 Invalid cursor position for non-editable element General confirmed 02/22/13
#10096 [IE10] Error javascript (Browser mode IE 10) General confirmed 02/20/13
#10093 IE9 inline/destroy multiple times causes return key to repeat that many times General confirmed 02/19/13
#10092 Focus lost on IE when reopening in an iframe with a jQuery onload listener General confirmed 02/18/13
#10085 Plugin divarea causes baseHref not working General confirmed 02/15/13
#10078 BBCode: No line-breaks when pasting paragraphed text Core : Pasting confirmed 02/14/13
#10065 [Webkit] Changing "Object Styles" of an image does not work properly General confirmed 02/13/13
#10061 Copy img in Chrome result in opacity: 0.9 General confirmed 02/12/13
#10060 Disabled textarea fields are not readOnly by default General confirmed 02/11/13
#10052 Image dialog - preview do not refresh when field is cleared UI : Dialogs confirmed 02/08/13
#10051 Image dialog - ratio lock is quantised UI : Dialogs confirmed 02/08/13
#10047 FF: Replacing <Enter> with <Shift+Enter> results in extra <br /> General confirmed 02/08/13
#10034 CKEditor 4 Inline editing - Clean trash after destroy General confirmed 02/05/13
#10023 ShowBlocks, do not outline forms/lists/tables General confirmed 02/04/13
#10021 Table plugin uses attributes deprecated in HTML5 Core : Tables confirmed 02/04/13
#10011 pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles ignored in IE9 under certain conditions Plugin : Paste from Word confirmed 01/31/13
#10003 Strike through button doesnt not correctly Core : Selection confirmed 01/30/13
#9996 Selection disappears from last line on getData() General confirmed 01/28/13
#9985 Using the Delete key causes input boxes to be deleted. Core : Keystrokes confirmed 01/24/13
#9984 Blockquote with enterMode = ckeditor.ENTER_BR and autoParagraph = false creates <p> tags General confirmed 01/24/13
#9968 [iOS] Cannot select an image on an ipad General confirmed 01/20/13
#9962 Paste buttons are disabled after deselecting text. UI : Toolbar confirmed 01/18/13
#9961 Webkit: Deleting empty list items result in BR inserted before text. Core : Lists confirmed 01/18/13
#9931 Copy/paste of hyperlinks with IE creates font tags Core : Pasting confirmed 01/10/13
#9861 Spacebar keypress ignored in last cell of row when first cell expands full length Core : Tables confirmed 12/21/12
#9828 Can't remove an iframe in BR mode General confirmed 12/13/12
#9826 Dialog height not correct if overflow:hidden/scroll UI : Dialogs confirmed 12/13/12
#9818 hidden field id deleted General confirmed 12/12/12
#9810 Links pasted into CKEditor become active in read-only mode Core : Read-only confirmed 12/12/12
#9791 IE10: Browser context menu overrides CKEditor context menus on misspelled words General confirmed 12/10/12
#9788 ASP.NET 3.6.4 & HTMLEncodeOutput=False will not postback correctly Server : ASP.Net confirmed 12/07/12
#9780 Calling setReadOnly(true) in IE 8 and 9 then clicking in the entry area causes Javascript Error Core : Read-only confirmed 12/06/12
#9767 [Opera&Framed] Simple formatting not applied to single lines General confirmed 12/05/12
#9760 IE9 crashes when user clicks on toolbar dropdowns General confirmed 12/03/12
#9759 Inconsistency in preview field for images with % heights General confirmed 12/03/12
#9756 Strikethrough splits text in Opera General confirmed 12/02/12
#9745 IE9, IE10: Image overriding the link if you try to insert it inside a link. General confirmed 11/30/12
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