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#4878 Avoid deprecated attributes in Flash dialog New Feature confirmed 12/22/09
#6915 Avoid ID duplications New Feature confirmed 12/27/10
#9831 Avoid silent failure when adding one function twice as a listener for the same event Bug confirmed 12/14/12
#14514 AVT: JAWS users has no info when Insert Spanner is spinning on Insert Media dialog Bug confirmed 03/08/16
#14340 AVT: No info about applied text/background colour to normal/JAWS users in Colour options list box Bug confirmed 01/22/16
#7935 background:url() get stripped on ie8- Bug confirmed 05/27/11
#14354 Backspace handler crosses editable boundaries Bug confirmed 01/27/16
#13820 backspace to beginning of line causes text to subsequently lose some formats Bug s.kups assigned 10/12/15
#14502 baseHref setting not used for loading resources in Сombo panels Bug confirmed 03/03/16
#11240 Basic formatting of a content of <pre> tag stripped by ACF is not preserved Bug confirmed 12/03/13
#11524 BBCode plugin "consumes" line breaks when switching to source Bug confirmed 02/01/14
#13162 BBCode plugin crash with smiley Bug confirmed 04/10/15
#12638 BBCode plugin does not process URL's Bug confirmed 11/06/14
#9855 Better context checking for toolbar buttons New Feature new 12/20/12
#8761 Better support for pasting from Open Office New Feature confirmed 02/21/12
#5597 Better validation in the colorbutton plugin Bug confirmed 04/29/10
#14306 BIDI: Missing support for Arabic (Arabic Indic) numeric digits in CKEditor New Feature new 01/07/16
#13627 [bidi] Structure text is not supported in URL fields in Insert image dialogs Bug pending 08/04/15
#14319 BIDI: When locale is set to Arabic, Font Size combo displays Arabic-European digits Bug confirmed 01/14/16
#14435 [Blink] Cursor disappears on removing selection Bug confirmed 02/27/16
#14391 [Blink, FF] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste Bug k.krzton review 02/09/16
#14358 [Blink, FF] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste Bug k.krzton review 01/28/16
#10949 [Blink Firefox] Readonly editor elementspath selection doesn't select as expected. Bug confirmed 10/04/13
#11610 [Blink] It is not possible to select text in with Shift+Click in link. Bug confirmed 02/21/14
#14353 [Blink] It is possible to select content outside nested editable Bug confirmed 01/27/16
#11261 [Blink] Problem with textarea in paragraph Bug confirmed 12/05/13
#11064 [Blink/Webkit] Can not select all when widget is last element Bug confirmed 10/31/13
#12139 [Blink, Webkit]: Can't delete inline styles with backsapce. Bug confirmed 06/26/14
#13224 Blink/Webkit change formatting of inline styles when removing them and don't remove them completely. Bug confirmed 04/27/15
#11442 [Blink, Webkit, IE11] Comments inside iframe tags get messed up Bug Reinmar confirmed 01/18/14
#12618 Block alignment buttons during upload Bug confirmed 11/03/14
#12091 Blocking ability to drop content in specific container New Feature confirmed 06/10/14
#14412 <blockquote> breaks into 2 <blockquote> when you increase indent for Blockquote Bug confirmed 02/17/16
#9984 Blockquote with enterMode = ckeditor.ENTER_BR and autoParagraph = false creates <p> tags Bug confirmed 01/24/13
#11023 Blocks and objects names should be taken from DTD in core/style.js Task confirmed 10/22/13
#14250 Block Styles are not copied to new line Bug confirmed 12/10/15
#12998 'blur' event lost when destroying Bug confirmed 03/01/15
#881 borders in a cell New Feature confirmed 06/26/07
#14622 Borders lost when pasting from libre office calc from Chrome Windows - config.allowedContent off or with ACF filters Bug confirmed 05/05/16
#10026 Breaking quotes in Email replies New Feature new 02/04/13
#13024 break on backspace with arabic/persian languanges Bug confirmed 03/10/15
#14331 BR Enter Mode: New list item not created when we press ENTER at end of list item Bug confirmed 01/19/16
#10765 Broken form submit with inline-textarea Bug confirmed 08/28/13
#10885 Broken path to an anchor when CKEditor is located in a directory with a space Bug confirmed 09/18/13
#9156 Browser Difference: removing paragraph between two lists is inconsistent Bug confirmed 07/17/12
#9414 Browser hangs and crashes when editing some valid HTML combination Bug confirmed 10/03/12
#9650 "Browse server" button is not aligned to the URL field Bug confirmed 11/17/12
#12209 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive Bug confirmed 07/16/14
#10431 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive. Bug confirmed 05/13/13
#11392 br tags are removed when switching to source an back. Bug confirmed 01/13/14
#8760 BR tags get removed when switching from source and back. Bug confirmed 02/21/12
#13240 <br> vs \n in side a <pre> Bug confirmed 05/04/15
#13666 buggy copy + paste Bug confirmed 08/17/15
#12490 Bug of MathJax plugin Bug confirmed 09/26/14
#13287 bug with table content drag-and-drop - removes the cells Bug confirmed 05/16/15
#9595 Builder must define CKEDITOR.lang.languages Bug confirmed 11/12/12
#844 Bullet Color New Feature confirmed 06/26/07
#12274 Bulleted/numbered list applied to description list breaks HTML Bug confirmed 08/03/14
#11070 Bullet point content loses font style/size (Possibly other settings) given various scenarios Bug confirmed 11/01/13
#14271 By pressing ENTER below a table in an enumerated list item, the whole list item will be deleted Bug confirmed 12/18/15
#11019 calling destroy() throws an error when image dialog is open Bug confirmed 10/22/13
#7824 Cannot call method 'split' of undefined on CKEDITOR.replace Bug confirmed 05/06/11
#10490 Cannot create two 'textColor' button in toolbar Bug confirmed 05/30/13
#8008 Cannot delete horizontal rule via backspace Bug confirmed 06/08/11
#12778 Cannot delete paragraph before and after a widget Bug confirmed 12/23/14
#12250 Cannot disable auto inline functionality when CKEditor is being loaded via Ajax Bug pending 07/25/14
#8999 Cannot edit label elements Bug confirmed 05/29/12
#13585 Cannot read property 'equals' of null when trying to wrap div elements in another div. Bug t.jakut review 07/28/15
#5233 Can not remove blockquote that was written in source mode or as default text Bug confirmed 02/24/10
#6120 Cannot Reorder CKEditor Bug confirmed 08/09/10
#12432 Can not select element after setting font size on it. Bug confirmed 09/11/14
#10682 Cannot set tablet headers back to None on table with one row Bug confirmed 07/30/13
#5877 can't bind Ctrl+X to plugin commands (h1, p) Bug confirmed 06/24/10
#13932 Can't change font in inline editor Bug confirmed 11/12/15
#11791 Can't change target anchor using id selector (in link dialog) Bug k.krzton review 04/10/14
#13301 Can't exit element floated/aligned to right with enter key Bug confirmed 05/20/15
#8233 Can't modify disabled input field Bug confirmed 08/03/11
#9828 Can't remove an iframe in BR mode Bug confirmed 12/13/12
#12526 Can't remove block style after changing format. Bug confirmed 10/07/14
#11963 Can't replace block widgets with anchor Bug confirmed 05/14/14
#13062 Can't unlink links Bug t.jakut review 03/17/15
#12465 Can't update checkbox/radio button state with dialog when it is opened with double-click Bug t.jakut review 09/22/14
#12662 Capitalisation of English names in the UI should be unified Bug confirmed 11/13/14
#5349 Caret is stuck when inserting any form element. Bug confirmed 03/19/10
#12212 carriage return at <br> followed by <a> causes cursor to move unexpectedly to beginning of buffer (chrome only) Bug confirmed 07/17/14
#8533 Carriage return disappears Bug confirmed 11/16/11
#14526 Carriage return in empty list leaves childless list behind. Bug confirmed 03/16/16
#1373 Center screen option for popup links New Feature confirmed 10/06/07
#12583 Certain edit operations destroy the protected structure of a widget Bug confirmed 10/22/14
#8574 Change contents of richcombo after init New Feature confirmed 12/07/11
#13005 Change Event is not fired after Delete Bug confirmed 03/04/15
#13235 Change event not triggered when using the browser context menu Bug confirmed 04/30/15
#8260 Change from raising error to show an alert if instance exists Bug new 08/12/11
#12547 Changes in docprops dialog do not make the editor "dirty" Bug confirmed 10/14/14
#595 Change the bgcolor and bordercolor of a table New Feature confirmed 06/21/07
#4158 Changing link target fails to generate event New Feature confirmed 07/30/09
#9189 Changing Table Headers from both to First Column not working Bug confirmed 08/02/12
#854 characters counter New Feature confirmed 06/26/07
#12496 Charset in docprops plugin is not recognized Bug confirmed 09/28/14
#14294 CheckDirty is true after focusing image2 and simplebox widgets Bug confirmed 01/01/16
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