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#7634 flash dialog sets only false param Bug confirmed 04/17/11
#7635 FF scrollIntoView doesn't work Bug confirmed 04/18/11
#7638 Unable to apply style to the <strong> element Bug confirmed 04/18/11
#7640 Increasing the indenting on a list can separate the text from the bullets rather than moving the bullet points down. Bug confirmed 04/19/11
#7655 addButton nextSiblingId don't work Bug confirmed 04/20/11
#7700 Memory leak when inside asp.net update panel Bug confirmed 04/22/11
#7705 IE7 Bug: 'lang.contextmenu' issues Bug confirmed 04/24/11
#7728 double click inside link Bug garry.yao review 04/26/11
#7730 Page UP/DOWN + Enter scrolls the entire page in Firefox Bug confirmed 04/26/11
#7735 Extra stylesheet on contentsCss doesn't work with fullPage = true Bug confirmed 04/26/11
#7737 [[safari/chrome]] have to click twice or type text to get elements in path bar Bug confirmed 04/27/11
#7739 [[safari/chrome]] deleting a list creates an empty div instead of paragraph Bug confirmed 04/27/11
#7740 [[safari/chrome]] not possible to insert special character after smiley in a table cell Bug confirmed 04/27/11
#7744 IE9 : Problems with creating list from selected text Bug confirmed 04/27/11
#7754 Style tag removed by undo command on Internet Explorer (Ctrl + z, or button) Bug confirmed 04/28/11
#7762 Unable to delete form elements with backspace key Bug confirmed 05/02/11
#7763 Problems with copy/cut buttons Bug confirmed 05/02/11
#7771 'Maximize' in container with Opacity makes container disappear (FF) Bug confirmed 05/02/11
#7778 jQuery Adapter does not work with ckeditor_basic.js Bug confirmed 05/03/11
#7779 getData converts BR tag to nbsp Bug confirmed 05/03/11
#7782 [Minor] Selection bug in IE8 Bug confirmed 05/03/11
#7790 [AIR] Border around smileys in the dialog is interrupting Bug confirmed 05/04/11
#7799 Pasted Source html + text is partly deleted Bug confirmed 05/05/11
#7819 Wrong Font size using BBCode plugin Bug confirmed 05/06/11
#7823 IEJSLeaksDetector shows momory leak for IE8 and IE7 Bug confirmed 05/06/11
#7824 Cannot call method 'split' of undefined on CKEDITOR.replace Bug confirmed 05/06/11
#7825 Autogrow with sharedSpaces on firefox Bug confirmed 05/07/11
#7827 IE Selected font name/size not shown in font name/ size drop down list after selecting an option Bug confirmed 05/09/11
#7831 Opera: can not enter text after inserting Horizontal Line Bug confirmed 05/10/11
#7836 In Firefox, a <br /> is inserted in an empty text area when using editor.focus() on initially hidden editors Bug confirmed 05/11/11
#7842 Selection handles in FF can't be set or removed Bug confirmed 05/12/11
#7846 Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly. (CORE-41467) Bug confirmed 05/13/11
#7848 Inconsistent cut/copy with relation to new anchor feature Bug confirmed 05/13/11
#7855 Clicking 'maximize' shows blank screen in Firefox when the editor is opened inside jQuery UI Dialog Bug confirmed 05/16/11
#7863 Lists behaving different in br and p entermode Bug confirmed 05/17/11
#7865 enterMode BR + SELECT element = Javascript Error Bug confirmed 05/17/11
#7870 pasted blocks in bbcode pluign Bug confirmed 05/18/11
#7888 Deleting the link in editor - the text font stays underlined Bug confirmed 05/23/11
#7890 Function editor.getData() return incorrect data. Bug confirmed 05/23/11
#7895 Using the enter key after a placeholder value Bug confirmed 05/23/11
#7920 Webkit: Incorrect font name is displayed Bug confirmed 05/25/11
#7921 editor.mode always returns empty string Bug confirmed 05/26/11
#7923 No horizontal scrollbar when inserting a right aligned floating element that is wider than the page Bug confirmed 05/26/11
#7927 bbcode and js event problem Bug confirmed 05/26/11
#7928 elementspath + getSelectedElement problem Bug confirmed 05/27/11
#7935 background:url() get stripped on ie8- Bug confirmed 05/27/11
#7936 Large cursor next to images in Webkit Bug confirmed 05/27/11
#7940 Fake object can be styled as images Bug j.swiderski review 05/29/11
#7952 Creating lists inside a part of span looses span formatting on first row Bug confirmed 05/31/11
#7956 [[IE & Opera]] issues with PageUp & PageDown when Auto grow plugin(with it's default configuration) is loaded Bug confirmed 05/31/11
#7973 Editor scrolls to the top when opening the context menu in a floating element Bug confirmed 06/02/11
#7975 Errors when creating a table in IE Bug garry.yao review_failed 06/02/11
#7976 IE: error when saving cell properties on selected content Bug confirmed 06/02/11
#7979 iframe body height causes problem with right click menu. Bug confirmed 06/02/11
#7980 JS error when switching to source mode under specific conditions Bug confirmed 06/03/11
#7984 AutoGrow fails on Firefox with document that has quirks mode Doctype Bug garry.yao confirmed 06/03/11
#7985 Horizontal Line breaks current formatting Bug confirmed 06/04/11
#7989 Lists: Hitting enter with a selection outdents instead of clearing selection Bug confirmed 06/06/11
#7994 IE8 and FF: Problems with typing text next to anchor. Bug confirmed 06/07/11
#7997 FF3.6: text don't show in WYSIWYG mode, but in Source all ok Bug confirmed 06/07/11
#8008 Cannot delete horizontal rule via backspace Bug confirmed 06/08/11
#8011 Empty paragraph added on pasting in Webkit and Firefox4 Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8017 Webkit: Problems with undo and lists after switching to source mode and back Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8018 Opera: cursor not staying in current table cell after inserting a smiley. Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8021 Problem handling images Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8024 Split cell horizontal/vertical Bug confirmed 06/10/11
#8027 IE Quirks: problem with typing text after inserting an anchor Bug confirmed 06/10/11
#8046 Path not refreshed in Firefox and Webkit Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8048 IE: Problems with switching to source and back using Space or Enter key Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8061 Webkit Drag and Drop shifts event focus to iframe document Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8062 Problem with enterMode = BR when changing font/size then partial bulleting Bug confirmed 06/14/11
#8066 [enterBr] Inserting page break / horizontal line creates a paragraph Bug confirmed 06/14/11
#8069 Image button, with float:right is placed outside FORM element in WYSIWYG Bug confirmed 06/14/11
#8075 consequent spaces in table caption Bug confirmed 06/15/11
#8088 IE8: Changing font size does not work with two bytes character Bug confirmed 06/17/11
#8091 IE CKEDITOR.editor.resize throw 'invalid argument' when no height value is specified Bug confirmed 06/17/11
#8092 CKEDITOR.editor.resize - Invalid documentation Bug confirmed 06/17/11
#8097 URL is applied incorrectly when the selection contains an anchor Bug confirmed 06/20/11
#8106 IE8 : Javascript error when deleting in bulleted list Bug confirmed 06/21/11
#8111 Text disappears when clicking outside editing box. Bug confirmed 06/22/11
#8127 Opera: Undo not restoring the deleted empty paragraphs Bug confirmed 06/28/11
#8129 Inline CSS does not work when there are comments inside <style> tags Bug confirmed 06/28/11
#8131 CKEditor instance does not appear Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8133 Webkit: Autogrow in quirks mode. Editor doesn't get smaller. Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8135 Safari: Editor in autogrow does not render nicely when fullPage is set to true Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8136 Pasting Numbered list with diff start value & style not working properly Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8138 Arrow keys stop working after hide-show cycle Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8140 Preceeding newline lost when Alignment button is pressed in ENTER_BR Bug confirmed 06/29/11
#8146 Creating link continues onto second line Bug confirmed 07/01/11
#8149 ElementsPath doesn't show correct element Bug confirmed 07/04/11
#8156 IE6: In RTL Preview for some special characters not showing properly Bug confirmed 07/06/11
#8161 IE9: an iframe without doctype causes problem with combo elements Bug confirmed 07/06/11
#8164 IE8: empty paragaphs not editable/visible in wysiwyg mode Bug confirmed 07/07/11
#8165 Context Menu not allways closing Bug confirmed 07/07/11
#8166 Problems in IE when pressing CRTL+B on bolded text Bug confirmed 07/07/11
#8169 Webkit editor doesn't scroll without focus. Bug confirmed 07/08/11
#8180 FF and Opera: Dialog contents go out of dialog border when CKEditor is in RTL language Bug confirmed 07/13/11
#8189 Empty [link] tag causes content and structure loss Bug confirmed 07/16/11
#8194 Tab Order broken when we have radio buttons inside the dialog Bug confirmed 07/18/11
#8198 custom smileys in config.js causing errors? Bug confirmed 07/20/11
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