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Core : Styles (52 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#7520 Nested inline styling cleanup Bug confirmed 04/05/11
#7698 [enterMode=BR] Impossible to exit blockquote Bug garry.yao assigned 04/22/11
#7788 Strike through with sub/sup for newly entered text - strike line is not crossing the text Bug confirmed 05/04/11
#7813 Unable to apply more than one style to selected text Bug confirmed 05/06/11
#7830 [FF] Select all + inline style in enterMode BR removes selection Bug confirmed 05/09/11
#8039 [IE9] Bgcolor partial removal problematic Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8045 Style override only works for attributes Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8097 URL is applied incorrectly when the selection contains an anchor Bug confirmed 06/20/11
#8118 [FF] Strikethrough style works incorrectly for bigger fonts Bug confirmed 06/24/11
#8252 Inner duplicated style is not being removed Bug confirmed 08/11/11
#8470 existing link can not be modified Bug confirmed 10/20/11
#8686 Bold, Italic, Underline plugins not detecting formatting using style element Bug confirmed 01/24/12
#8934 Text/Background color applied to entire paragraph removed when we apply new colour to a word in the paragraph Bug confirmed 04/27/12
#8958 can not escape style for a whole line in firefox Bug confirmed 05/08/12
#9001 Format cannot be applied if first line of selection is already in target format Bug confirmed 05/29/12
#9193 dont use "-moz-border-radius" use "border-radius" or also use border-radius Bug confirmed 08/08/12
#9295 Font Size and Bold/Italic/Underline creates multiple spans Bug confirmed 09/04/12
#9349 Custom style with anchor element fails Bug confirmed 09/18/12
#9405 Object style from the styles combo not visible in the styles combo Bug confirmed 10/01/12
#10494 ACF: Styles don't work with shared toolbar Bug confirmed 06/01/13
#10673 Deleted style incorrectly remembered Bug confirmed 07/25/13
#10675 Inline styles should be normalized when selection doesn't change Bug confirmed 07/26/13
#10687 background-image css not work on chrome Bug confirmed 08/01/13
#10872 Unexpected bold when breaking a line after Removing Format on collapsed selection Bug confirmed 09/16/13
#10995 Color (Foreground) doesn't get applied to span. Bug confirmed 10/15/13
#11346 Formatting lost when applied to highlighted section, cursor placed at end of line, then the same formatting option toggled again Bug confirmed 12/20/13
#11755 Styles dropdown not updated after object style change Bug confirmed 04/02/14
#12328 [IE8] Predefined style pruned by the editor Bug confirmed 08/18/14
#12343 ACF does not play well with basicstyles Bug confirmed 08/22/14
#12610 checkElementMatch always return false for color style in IE11 Bug confirmed 10/31/14
#12633 Styles system creates two identical subsequent inline elements Bug confirmed 11/06/14
#12687 Move workaround for #12403 to the styles system Bug confirmed 11/20/14
#12985 Interferring Style Affecting Dialog Text Box Heights Bug confirmed 02/26/15
#13206 Style is not visible if it uses multiple classes Bug confirmed 04/21/15
#13275 Images displayed as block may break CKEditor Bug confirmed 05/13/15
#13427 Persistent formatting in list contents immune to Remove Formatting Bug confirmed 06/18/15
#13573 Any style from selectbox in toolbar can`t be applied to the selected text in CKEditor with divarea plugin in Safari browser in iOS Bug confirmed 07/24/15
#608 Styles XML file support for element="*" New Feature confirmed 06/21/07
#717 CSS in ordered / unordered lists. New Feature confirmed 06/22/07
#3731 Support 'style only' override in style system New Feature confirmed 06/16/09
#4505 Merge inline styles into one tag on output HTML New Feature confirmed 10/11/09
#4523 Style plugin should allow refreshing of data New Feature confirmed 10/14/09
#5497 allow 'grouping' in Styles to be configurable New Feature new 04/08/10
#5600 Create new block Format to end PRE at start of line New Feature new 04/29/10
#5980 Styles: combine classes and allow wildcards New Feature confirmed 07/19/10
#9774 HasPatch adding a body wrapper (usefull for adding (invisible) css wrappers) New Feature new 12/06/12
#11120 Support for multiple simultaneous Block level styles is missing New Feature confirmed 11/11/13
#12127 Wrong behavior when applying object styles - existing inline styles are removed New Feature confirmed 06/24/14
#12290 Stylesheetparser in dialog New Feature new 08/09/14
#12904 Font Dropdowns could have 'default' option that resets font to default value New Feature confirmed 02/07/15
#12905 Style removal context menu New Feature confirmed 02/07/15
#10742 CKEDITOR.style issues (documentation, usability, …) Task confirmed 08/20/13

Core : Tables (48 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#1505 Adding additional 'table row after' on <th> headings creates second heading rather than row Bug confirmed 11/06/07
#2568 Adding Cell Background color adds unwanted space in the table Bug confirmed 09/22/08
#2778 Wrong colspan after horizontal splitting and merging back cells Bug confirmed 01/15/09
#2859 Wrong rowspan and empty rows after merging down rowspanned cells Bug confirmed 02/02/09
#6618 Delete Cell leaves a wrong rowspan Bug confirmed 11/03/10
#7017 Tables: Cells deleted when trying to set formating to whole table Bug confirmed 01/21/11
#7962 <td> align attribute causes validation errors in IE 8 Bug confirmed 06/01/11
#8044 Insert row/column wrong with incomplete cells Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8072 "Insert column before/after" on split cell Bug confirmed 06/15/11
#8148 issue about sub-table Bug confirmed 07/04/11
#8177 Splitting cell vertically, causing incorrect rowspan. Bug confirmed 07/12/11
#8645 Copy/paste problem with chrome into table cells Bug confirmed 01/06/12
#8666 Wrong rowspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells Bug confirmed 01/13/12
#8811 Cell width is not updated when a cell is split horizontally Bug confirmed 03/16/12
#8813 Cell width is not updated when cells are merged Bug confirmed 03/16/12
#8939 IE: Selecting a table row and pressing backspace only deletes a cell instead of the full row Bug confirmed 04/30/12
#9020 "vertical split a cell" works error when the row contains "colpan>1" cells Bug confirmed 06/07/12
#9039 On selecting multiple cell along with thead and applying any cell property other cell also get converted to thead. Bug confirmed 06/15/12
#9154 cell properties are applied to all children Bug confirmed 07/17/12
#9174 Styles applied to inner table are also applied to outer cell. Bug confirmed 07/26/12
#9294 IE: Inserting Cell Before or After not working if the table has only one cell Bug confirmed 09/04/12
#9308 duplicate no-repeat value for background-repeat in Table dialog Bug confirmed 09/07/12
#9410 An issue applying rowspan for the last column of a table Bug confirmed 10/03/12
#9454 Appending a row to a table via TAB key incorrectly handles rowspan'd cells Bug confirmed 10/16/12
#9614 Tabletools insert column before behavior is confusing Bug a.nowodzinski new 11/13/12
#9743 Table Properties For a Single Row Table not working properly Bug confirmed 11/30/12
#9808 Bogus <br> is inserted after nested table Bug confirmed 12/11/12
#9861 Spacebar keypress ignored in last cell of row when first cell expands full length Bug confirmed 12/21/12
#9944 insertcellbefore and insertcellafter in nested tables is incorrect Bug confirmed 01/14/13
#10021 Table plugin uses attributes deprecated in HTML5 Bug confirmed 02/04/13
#10375 table cell horizontal split error Bug confirmed 04/24/13
#10489 User entered &nbsp; is missing from source when fillEmptyblocks = false Bug confirmed 05/30/13
#10947 Status bar path not selecting 'caption' and 'thead' in table Bug confirmed 10/04/13
#10959 Delete cells in table with nested table removes entire document content Bug confirmed 10/07/13
#10993 Delete columns when rows are splitted Bug confirmed 10/14/13
#11017 Table border value should only allow integers Bug confirmed 10/21/13
#11255 split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells Bug confirmed 12/04/13
#11375 [iOS] On iPad adding a table shows cursor in first cell, but text cannot be entered Bug new 01/07/14
#11579 Merging of table cells containing an image widget fails in OSX using different browsers Bug confirmed 02/18/14
#11584 Ambiguous behavior when multiple cells with the same width but of a different unit (Cell Properties dialog) Bug a.nowodzinski assigned 02/19/14
#11622 No indentation of cell content possible if table cell is inside a list item Bug confirmed 02/27/14
#11686 [Webkit] "Delete Columns" sometimes removes two columns instead of one Bug confirmed 03/18/14
#11795 [FF] Ctrl+backspace inside table removes too much stuff Bug confirmed 04/10/14
#12029 Inline Mode - Cannot Change Border or Background Colours on Multiple Table Cells Bug confirmed 05/28/14
#12033 Using tableresize in fullPage mode leaves cursor style set on body Bug confirmed 05/28/14
#12286 Dragging the Resizable corners of the table to out of the CKEditor makes the resizable corners displayed out of the editor and the editor becomes unresponsive when we click in scroll bars. Bug confirmed 08/08/14
#12584 Paste table within CK-Editor looses formattings (FF 33) Bug confirmed 10/22/14
#12604 Unit dropdown (px, %) in cell properties layer does not fire an event Bug confirmed 10/29/14
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