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Core : Styles (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#5980 Styles: combine classes and allow wildcards New Feature confirmed 07/19/10
#9774 HasPatch adding a body wrapper (usefull for adding (invisible) css wrappers) New Feature new 12/06/12
#11120 Support for multiple simultaneous Block level styles is missing New Feature new 11/11/13
#10742 CKEDITOR.style issues (documentation, usability, …) Task confirmed 08/20/13

Core : Tables (55 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#1505 Adding additional 'table row after' on <th> headings creates second heading rather than row Bug confirmed 11/06/07
#2568 Adding Cell Background color adds unwanted space in the table Bug confirmed 09/22/08
#2778 Wrong colspan after horizontal splitting and merging back cells Bug confirmed 01/15/09
#2859 Wrong rowspan and empty rows after merging down rowspanned cells Bug confirmed 02/02/09
#6618 Delete Cell leaves a wrong rowspan Bug confirmed 11/03/10
#7017 Tables: Cells deleted when trying to set formating to whole table Bug confirmed 01/21/11
#7962 <td> align attribute causes validation errors in IE 8 Bug confirmed 06/01/11
#8044 Insert row/column wrong with incomplete cells Bug confirmed 06/13/11
#8072 "Insert column before/after" on split cell Bug confirmed 06/15/11
#8148 issue about sub-table Bug confirmed 07/04/11
#8177 Splitting cell vertically, causing incorrect rowspan. Bug confirmed 07/12/11
#8645 Copy/paste problem with chrome into table cells Bug confirmed 01/06/12
#8666 Wrong rowspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells Bug confirmed 01/13/12
#8811 Cell width is not updated when a cell is split horizontally Bug confirmed 03/16/12
#8813 Cell width is not updated when cells are merged Bug confirmed 03/16/12
#8939 IE: Selecting a table row and pressing backspace only deletes a cell instead of the full row Bug confirmed 04/30/12
#9020 "vertical split a cell" works error when the row contains "colpan>1" cells Bug confirmed 06/07/12
#9039 On selecting multiple cell along with thead and applying any cell property other cell also get converted to thead. Bug confirmed 06/15/12
#9154 cell properties are applied to all children Bug confirmed 07/17/12
#9174 Styles applied to inner table are also applied to outer cell. Bug confirmed 07/26/12
#9294 IE: Inserting Cell Before or After not working if the table has only one cell Bug confirmed 09/04/12
#9308 duplicate no-repeat value for background-repeat in Table dialog Bug confirmed 09/07/12
#9410 An issue applying rowspan for the last column of a table Bug confirmed 10/03/12
#9454 Appending a row to a table via TAB key incorrectly handles rowspan'd cells Bug confirmed 10/16/12
#9614 Tabletools insert column before behavior is confusing Bug a.nowodzinski new 11/13/12
#9743 Table Properties For a Single Row Table not working properly Bug confirmed 11/30/12
#9770 Error when merging cells in inlineditor Bug confirmed 12/05/12
#9808 Bogus <br> is inserted after nested table Bug confirmed 12/11/12
#9861 Spacebar keypress ignored in last cell of row when first cell expands full length Bug confirmed 12/21/12
#9944 insertcellbefore and insertcellafter in nested tables is incorrect Bug confirmed 01/14/13
#10021 Table plugin uses attributes deprecated in HTML5 Bug confirmed 02/04/13
#10375 table cell horizontal split error Bug confirmed 04/24/13
#10489 User entered &nbsp; is missing from source when fillEmptyblocks = false Bug confirmed 05/30/13
#10947 Status bar path not selecting 'caption' and 'thead' in table Bug confirmed 10/04/13
#10959 Delete cells in table with nested table removes entire document content Bug confirmed 10/07/13
#10993 Delete columns when rows are splitted Bug confirmed 10/14/13
#11017 Table border value should only allow integers Bug confirmed 10/21/13
#11072 Merge cells doesn't work in FF when replaced textarea with inline editor Bug new 11/04/13
#11255 split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells Bug confirmed 12/04/13
#11375 [iOS] On iPad adding a table shows cursor in first cell, but text cannot be entered Bug new 01/07/14
#11579 Merging of table cells containing an image widget fails in OSX using different browsers Bug confirmed 02/18/14
#11584 Ambiguous behavior when multiple cells with the same width but of a different unit (Cell Properties dialog) Bug a.nowodzinski assigned 02/19/14
#11622 No indentation of cell content possible if table cell is inside a list item Bug confirmed 02/27/14
#11626 Tableresize sets invalid width Bug confirmed 02/28/14
#11686 [Webkit] "Delete Columns" sometimes removes two columns instead of one Bug confirmed 03/18/14
#11795 [FF] Ctrl+backspace inside table removes too much stuff Bug confirmed 04/10/14
#6258 Table delete cells New Feature confirmed 09/07/10
#7803 Ability to specify border properties for tables and cells. New Feature confirmed 05/05/11
#7969 Add ability to move rows in a table (up/down, preferably with drag) New Feature confirmed 06/01/11
#8257 Adding support for css-classes in tableCell dialog New Feature confirmed 08/11/11
#8724 Draw a table with plug-in New Feature confirmed 02/06/12
#9197 IE: Selecting, applying styles or merging empty table cells in IE seems to be impossible New Feature confirmed 08/09/12
#9271 Merge Columns New Feature new 08/28/12
#10239 Tabletools: add ability to set scope in cell attributes dialog New Feature new 03/21/13
#11674 Tableresize - allow percent-based values New Feature new 03/14/14

Core : Undo & Redo (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#167 Improving IsDirty after switching modes and undo Bug confirmed 03/02/07
#5614 Selection incorrect after Undo Bug garry.yao review 05/04/10
#8010 setData from dialog makes empty undo step Bug confirmed 06/09/11
#8858 [IE] : Undo add extra space at the end of list item Bug confirmed 04/03/12
#8896 Using Ctrl-Z after switching to bold and back causes strange cursor jumps Bug confirmed 04/16/12
#10101 afterUndo and afterRedo are fired on the commands Bug alfonsoml new 02/20/13
#10412 IE7-8: Undo moves cursor to beginning of div Bug confirmed 05/06/13
#11611 'change' is fired when pressing arrow keys in the editor Bug confirmed 02/22/14
#1511 Undo image resizing New Feature confirmed 11/08/07

Documentation & Samples (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#9730 API docs for built-in dialog.validate functions Bug confirmed 11/28/12
#9739 Icons for plugins Bug a.nowodzinski review 11/29/12
#9750 Mention about cksource/ckeditor-dev and naming convention in README on ckeditor/ckeditor-dev Bug confirmed 11/30/12
#9795 No explanation for .cke_mixed_dir_content css class Bug confirmed 12/10/12
#9821 ALT+F key combinations do not work on Mac Bug confirmed 12/13/12
#10150 Copy styles available in styles and formats combos from contents.css to samples/styles.css Bug a.nowodzinski assigned 02/28/13
#10220 Docs for basePath need improvement Bug confirmed 03/15/13
#10228 Alert for samples when Basic or Standard packages were downloaded Bug a.nowodzinski assigned 03/18/13
#10261 Walker documentation seems to be outdated Bug confirmed 03/25/13
#10657 Config.removeButtons isn't mentioned in Toolbar configuration guide Bug Anna assigned 07/19/13
#10756 No documentation for POSITION_AFTER_START Bug confirmed 08/26/13
#11781 The codesnippetgeshi documentation is broken - colorize.php does not exist Bug m.lewandowski review 04/09/14
#11794 [UX] Apollo image has class instead of style Bug confirmed 04/10/14
#9644 Alternative source viewer in sample pages New Feature confirmed 11/16/12
#5023 Provide default stylesSet sample with more features Task confirmed 01/16/10
#9667 Redesign TAB Key-Based Navigation sample Task new 11/20/12
#9674 Unify alerts/warnings/infos in samples Task confirmed 11/20/12
#9920 Mention about magicline keystrokes in user guide Task Anna assigned 01/08/13
#10014 Promote better "API Changes in CKEditor 4" Task confirmed 02/01/13
#10043 Current CKEDITOR.htmlWriter.setRules documentation incomplete Task confirmed 02/07/13
#10737 UI languages sample should show some BiDi features Task confirmed 08/19/13
#10816 Mention in the ACF rules documentation that div[*] does not allow styles and classes Task confirmed 09/10/13
#10909 Link to CHANGES.md in http://docs.ckeditor.com/#!/guide/dev_api_changes Task confirmed 09/23/13
#11108 Widget's documentation : data object Task confirmed 11/08/13
#11168 Re-design and refine samples Task a.nowodzinski assigned 11/15/13
#11190 Updated missing meta information for language files Task confirmed 11/19/13

File Browser (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Type Owner Status Created
#2730 CreateFolder uses incorrent HTTP method Bug confirmed 12/18/08
#7210 ckfinder issue with too many pictures in one folder Bug confirmed 02/18/11
#8162 File browser window size Bug confirmed 07/07/11
#8466 Customized filebrowser button is not open dialog for file selection Bug confirmed 10/18/11
#9011 CKFinder doesn't allow Select, Download or Upload options Bug new 06/01/12
#9073 ImageUpload callback can not be called cross-domain. Bug confirmed 06/28/12
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