id summary reporter owner description type status priority milestone component version resolution keywords cc 2256 [IE] error when perfroming drag and drop with ForcePasteAsPlainText set to true Alexey Zuev "When I set ForsePasteAsPlainText to true and drag and drop some content from the page to FCKeditor I get the following error: ''htmlfile: Incompatible markup pointers for this operation.'' It happens in fckeditorcode_ie.js on the following line: {{{ FCKDomRange.prototype.MoveToSelection=function(){ //... D.pasteHTML(''); //error appears here //... } }}} text is inserted but it is styled. '''Steps to reproduce:''' 1. html-file: {{{ FCKeditor - Sample
drag and drop me
}}} 2. contents of 'fckeditor/' is default. Except, FCKConfig.ForcePasteAsPlainText = true ; in fckconfig.js 3. Drag and drop 'drag and drop me' text to FCKeditor Note: couple of times I've got ""Paste as Plain Text Dialog"" as a result. But in most times it was described error. I didn't notice regularity here. Browser: IE 7.0.5730.11 OS: Windows XP with SP2 " Bug closed Normal General FCKeditor 2.6 fixed IE