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This Trac site is used for the internal organization and development of the FCKeditor project.

There are many tools we can use here. Let's take a quick look at them, and learn how to best use it.

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The ticketing system is used to control and identify pending tasks and bugs that need work. Bugs found here are strictly related to current and future developments.

We are now working to move all open tickets from to this site (see #83).


An important missing in Trac's ticketing system is the tickets dependency handling. We have defined (see #6) an internal standard to track them. To make it simple, when dependencies are intended to be identified in a ticket, just add something like the following at the very end of the ticket description body (not in a comment):


Depends on: #1, #2 [[BR]]
Blocks: #3


The "Keywords" field in tickets is a powerful and important feature. It may give us many information regarding a ticket, including browser details, current status and ticket quality.

The following is the list of standard keywords. The keyword name is always "PascalCased" with no spaces:

Browser Specific
Firefox (Tickets) Marks tickets that are related to Gecko compatible browsers only (not only Firefox).
IE (Tickets) Marks tickets that are related to Internet Explorer only.
IE7 (Tickets) Marks tickets that are related to Internet Explorer version 7.x only.
Core Developers Activity
CantFix (Tickets) Indicates that the ticket is looking for something that is almost impossible (or excessively hard) to be achieved or fixed.
Confirmed (Tickets) For "Bugs", it indicates that a core developer was able to confirm the bug in some way, validating the ticket. For "New Features" and "Tasks", it indicates that the ticket has been reviewed and its has been understood as a valid request. It's not there to indicate our intentions on working on the ticket though.
HasPatch (Tickets) Tickets that contains a "valid" (checked by a core developer) proposal patch attached to it. A dedicated report has been created for it.
Discussion (Tickets) Tickets that need more discussion to understand the expected behavior, its correct interpretation, the correct way of handling then, etc...
Pending (Tickets) Marks tickets that need more information to be correctly understood or even reproduced. A dedicated report has been created to easily identify expired tickets (pending for more than 30 days).
SF (Tickets) Marks tickets that has been originally created at SourceForge and then transfered to this site.
WorksForMe (Tickets) Indicates that a core developer has tried to reproduce the problem with no success, having the expected results instead.

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