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#10660 Menu Button may be missing default mode confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Please insert attached file into plugins folder
  2. On sample page please specify
    toolbar_Basic : [['Accept' ]]
  3. Open sample, open menu button and click any option.

Problem: button gets disabled.

This is happening because plugin doesn't use modes: { wysiwyg: 1 }, (If you set it there is no problem). When I was looking through code of button.js plugin I haven't found any lines that sets modes, only lines that use mode property.
This is quite different from command.js which for example set default mode.

I believe that either there should be default mode for menu button or this property should be made required.

Problem can be reproduced in both CKEditor 4.x and 3.x

#10670 Inline CKeditor steals focus confirmed Bug Normal

I have a div with inline ckeditor on it and also an input box. when the page loads, i assign the focus on the input box, but it seems that the ckeditor steals the focus. If the inline ckeditor is not present, the focus stays on the text box. How can I fix this?

here is the fiddle demonstrating the issue.

P.S. I am using CKEditor version 4.0.2 and Chrome 28

#10673 Deleted style incorrectly remembered confirmed Bug Normal

Refer to the attached video for demonstration, but this can be easily reproduce on the demo CKEditor at as follows:

  1. click to enter the editor
  2. hit bold button
  3. type "bold "
  4. hit italic button
  5. type "italic "
  6. hit strike through button
  7. type "strike through"
  8. hit backspace to delete the entered text, up to the middle of the word "italic"
  9. start typing again
  10. the text will be formatted as italic and strike through, even though there is no existing strike through text in the editor, it should be just italic (and bold, from the beginning).
#10675 Inline styles should be normalized when selection doesn't change confirmed Bug Normal

Attached video shows reproduction on Summary:

  1. Click somewhere in the middle of a paragraph.
  2. Increase the font size significantly, the line height will increase accordingly (on Chrome).
  3. Decrease the font size back to the original setting.
  4. Observe the line height has not changed back to the original line height. Also, note the number of span elements created in the editor (one per font size change).
#10679 IE complains if "@" is used right after comment start confirmed Bug Normal

Problem was described on forum:

CKEditor uses conditional compilation to determine whether it is ran on IE. If CKEditor's source file is followed (even indirectly) by:




IE will parse this comment as a CC statement (although, I have no idea why :|) causing a very likely syntax error.

Possible workarounds:

  • load CKEditor source after script with such comment,
  • do not use @ right after comment start (space is enough).
#10682 Cannot set tablet headers back to None on table with one row confirmed Bug Normal

When a table has one row, and Headers are set to Both. It is not possible to go back into table properties and set the headers back to None.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a table with 1 row, 2 columns, Headers: Both
  2. Enter Table Properties and set Headers: None
  3. Click OK

Expected results:

  • Dialog exits and TH in the table are replaced with TD.

Actual results:

  • Dialog does not exit and there is a JavaScript error.

Here is one possible fix, applied to ckeditor/_source/plugins/table/dialogs/table.js (Note that this code segment is from version 3.6.5, although the bug is present in the latest version too):

// Move the row out of the THead and put it in the TBody:
thead = new CKEDITOR.dom.element( table.$.tHead );
tbody = table.getElementsByTag( 'tbody' ).getItem( 0 );

var previousFirstRow = tbody.getFirst();
while ( thead.getChildCount() > 0 )
    theRow = thead.getFirst();
    for ( i = 0; i < theRow.getChildCount() ; i++ )
        var newCell = theRow.getChild( i );
        if ( newCell.type == CKEDITOR.NODE_ELEMENT )
            newCell.renameNode( 'td' );
            newCell.removeAttribute( 'scope' );
    if ( previousFirstRow )
        theRow.insertBefore( previousFirstRow );
        theRow.appendTo( tbody );
#10687 background-image css not work on chrome confirmed Bug Normal


only on chrome have bug not display image

ckeditor version : 4.2 chrome version : 28

<div style="width: 500px;height: 500px;background-image: url('content/files/admins/backgrounds/bg.png');">
#10692 Links to files clickable in Firefox confirmed Bug Normal

When I have a link to a file (i.e. tmp.doc), that link becomes clickable in Firefox. I am able to reproduce this using the CKEditor demo page in Firefox only, seems to work in Chrome and IE. I am using Firefox version 22.0. To reproduce:

  1. Select text
  2. Click Insert Link button
  3. Type "/tmp.doc" in the URL field.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Single click on the newly created link in the editor and the document.location changes to /tmp.doc

If you type "/tmp.php" or "/tmp.html", the link is not clickable. It seems that non-web mime types trigger the link to be clickable (i.e. /tmp.xls also triggers the link to be clickable)

#10695 Speech to text functionality confirmed New Feature Normal

Submitted in Request ID: 1791

"We'd like to see the ability of your program to be functional within CKEditor so people who are poor typers can dictate what they want into a well known website editor. Any possibility of that, maybe as a plugin? Our experience with this suggests that using a headset is far more effective at getting correct input than a microphone built into a webcam."

Some links to show how speech recognition works:

DEMO 1 (one of 3 pgms/apps Google lists with a similar function)





#10697 CKBuilder: add a flag to mark parts of code needed in release version for tests confirmed New Feature Normal

We might need a special support for marking parts of code that are needed for testing and should be removed in release version. In short, they should be left in "test release" version.

Sample code:

		// Expose for tests.
		getNestedEditable: getNestedEditable,

		createEditableFilter: createEditableFilter

#10702 Image dialog gives script errpr when focus in all of a link. confirmed Bug Normal

Can be reproduced on DEMO page with IE9. With IE10 not an issue.

  1. Clear DEMO page (I used full featured GUI with full screen) and make a link.
  2. Click away from the link, and then double-click on it.
  3. The Hyperlink dialog displays. Click OK or Cancel.
  4. Without changing focus, click the Image tool.

RESULT: Error dialog displays these details.
Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getName'
The error comes from: plugins\image\dialogs\image.js line 302 (in ver. 4.1.1) from here
var childTagName = linkChildren.getItem( 0 ).getName();

#10709 Firefox, IE: Text entered after pasted URL becomes part of that URL confirmed Bug Normal

Environment: Windows 7/8, Chrome 28, FF 23

  1. Copy a URL from Chrome's address bar
  2. Go to Firefox and paste that URL into a ckeditor text field
  3. Immediately enter additional text (no spaces) after the URL

Result: The text you enter after the pasted URL becomes part of the text.

Real life use case: You enter in the text "Check out my website ( Here, the right side closing parentheses becomes bolded like it is actually part of the URL.

Only happens on Windows, and only from Chrome/IE10 to Firefox.

#10710 Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getParent' confirmed Bug Normal


Using CKEditor v4.1.1 - the following JavaScript error occurs when highlighting a word in the editor and switching to source view, when config.enterMode = EnterMode.BR.

Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getParent'

#10712 Editor.insertElement will insert passed element into every range in the selection confirmed Bug Normal

This is a FF's only issue. Currently (and this is a state from 3.0) Editor.insertElement will take passed element, clone it multiple times and insert into every range. This is a surprising behaviour, because we lose control over inserted element - we keep the reference only to one of them.

Correct behaviour IMO would be to clean all ranges and insert element only to the first (or last?) of them.

While working on this ticket it would be worth to review and correct insertHtml which does not clean other ranges when doing insertion.

#10724 SCAYT conflicts with FF text highlighting via the keyboard on misspelled words confirmed Bug Normal

SCAYT causes partial lines to be highlighted in FF not allowing the user to easily cut/copy the content they want when using the keyboard to highlight text(Shift + End, Shift + CTRL + Right Arrow)

Browser: FF 22.0

OS: Win 7

Reproducible location: Demo site and nightly build

I tested with IE9.0.8112.16421 and Chrome 28.0.1500.95 m as well and both seemed to work just fine.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the demo site
  2. Delete all sample content from the editor
  3. Enable SCAYT
  4. Type in a line with correct and incorrect words such as: "Hi there, how arre you?
  5. Place the cursor at the start of the line and then hold Shift and press End.

Once you release the keys you will notice SOMETIMES the text will first highlight the whole line as expected and then within a second will highlight just the text up to the first spelling mistake which in this case is 'arre'.

If you look at the HTML generated you will see this for the above:

<p>Hi there, how <span data-scaytid="1" data-scayt_word="arre">arre</span> you?<br></p>

The text will highlight up to the beginning of the span tag caused by SCAYT.

NOTE: Seems to only fail going left to right on a line, if I go right to left it highlights fine.

#10734 icon strip generated in local builder includes all the icons confirmed Bug Normal

The icons.png generated by the local version of CKBuilder includes all the images instead of just the used icons like the online version does.

Go to and download the Basic package. Now use the included build-config.js in a local version of CKEditor and use the script

Compare both icons.png files and you'll see that instead of 7Kb it's 17Kb and includes all the plugins.

#10737 UI languages sample should show some BiDi features confirmed Task Normal

Hey guys, The UI languages sample aims to show that the editor could be used in an RTL environment. While the basic goal of this sample is indeed reached (the UI does show up in Hebrew), it's worth showing some of the appropriate BiDi features CKEditor has to offer. When one changes the UI language in the sample, he might expect to try and write something using the chosen language. Currently, if the language is changed to (e.g.) Hebrew, the cursor stays on the left and the text is actually written as LTR. This could be solved either by changing the default writing direction on this sample accordingly, or at least by providing LTR/RTL and alignment buttons on the toolbar. P.S - "Try "arabic" or "hebrew" to check RTL support:" - Arabic and Hebrew should be capitalized (proper nouns). Just my two cents :)

#10742 issues (documentation, usability, …) confirmed Task Normal

I've been looking into in order to plug in custom and possibly somewhat involved styles. From the outset, and in combination with stylecombo, it seemed to strike a good balance between ease of customization and depth of said customization, a middle-ground between just customizing what controls are in the editor toolbar and creating completely new controls from scratch (or reimplementing the toolbar).

The main purpose at the moment is to integrate bootstrap and custom classes and have custom styles toggling these on the parent element (for collapsed selections, and ideally creating a new element with the right class for non-collapsed selections in the longer run), living in the standard toolbar's styles dropdown; and to replicate/merge the format dropdown there as well.

In the longer run, contextual enabling and disabling (possibly based on more complex predicates than just an element name) is expected.

In doing so, I've hit a bunch of snags:


Styles are more or less undocumented: the API documentation is marked as a "work in progress" and mostly empty, and the only guide I've found is little more than a few examples of styleDescription.

Neither really explain the semantics of styles created this way (whether and how they are filtered or applied, how their removal works, …), the case of a STYLE_OBJECT type (or indeed the existence of the type attribute at all), that element can be an object (and that this radically changes the behavior of the style) or that the style's #element or #_.definition will be accessed directly for various reasons.

The guide seems somewhat better fleshed out in the 3.x documentation. Amongst other things it does mention the various style types (though not that they can be overridden, that element can be an object, or what the semantics of each type are; the list of block-level elements is also very incomplete compared to CKEditor 4's).


So far I've seen/had these issues with the API, and its usage by other CKEDITOR code:

  • The purpose of some methods is unclear and I am not certain they are even called e.g. applyToRange and applyToObject seem to make sense (although applyToObject might be better called applyToElement, unless it's meant to apply only to STYLE_OBJECT elements? It seems to only ever be called by the div plugin, and I'm not sure of the context) but apply does not (it's redundant with Editor#applyStyle). Similarly, checkElementRemovable's purpose is unclear, as are its semantics in some corner-cases (e.g. if the style can *alter* one of the element's attributes but won't remove anythingd, should it return true or false?).
  • The main user of style objects (at least for my own use case), stylescombo, can only take a stylesDescription (or put differently stylesSet is always an array of styleDescription and can't trivially be a or instance of a sub-type thereof) (there's a second issue with being invoked on instanceConfig which also requires to handle being CK-cloned). Without changing this, providing a custom object (or subtype instance) can be fairly challenging (it's possible but hackish[0]). It also makes other very strange uses of style object methods, e.g. it has a special case in which it *never* calls buildPreview if the style's type is STYLE_OBJECT.
  • Most of the implementation of is neither overridable (with a fine grain) nor directly accessible, makes direct access to attributes rather than request services or behaviors from it. There are a number of accesses to #element and #._.definition (both #styles and #attributes) outside of (constructor or prototype) meaning custom styles (or subtypes) have to remain very close to the original *or* fully reimplement everything (at least the "entry points" seem respected though I have not yet dived into that). Considering the complexity of of the most useful utility functions (e.g. applyInlineStyle) this is quite bothersome for the implementation of a custom style type as a pretty significant amount of work must be duplicated.
  • The one and only accessible utility function is (oddly enough), and it's a "class" function on which means it can't easily be fixed up by-style when the existing version makes little sense for a specific custom style or style type (basically precluding the usage of its callers in a custom tyle type)
  • The built-in style type has no support for toggling classes on existing elements (it treats class as any other element to set/unset) and because the preview dropdown (of stylecombo) is a separate iframe it's also impossible to apply class styles to the preview (even if one manages to find out that TYPE_OBJECT is not doing to allow previews at all)


I'm posting this more as a task, as it's not exactly a bug nor is it precisely a request. Repeating the introduction and having spent a few days with it, I still think has quite a bit of potential for CKEDITOR integrators, but not in its current shape, and thus would like to start a discussion on it.

[0] essentially the requirements are to 1. replace by a sub-type copying getStyleText and altering the constructor to return the first parameter directly if it's already an instance of and 2. add a constructor property which returns the object it's called on instead of creating a new one.

#10745 [FF&Inline] Cells selection is lost when merging cells confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open inlinebycode sample.
  2. Select two cells.
  3. Right click -> cells -> merge cells.
  4. Nothing happened - only left cell is selected.

To debug add if ( !isDetect ) debugger; statement at the beginning of mergeCells function. See that when this function is called the selection is already broken, so only one cell is returned from getSelectedCells.

Note: mergeCells is called with isDetect flag when opening ctx menu and at this point selection is correct.

#10746 Ability to customize the way dialog UI Elements are rendered confirmed New Feature Normal

We would like the ability to customize the way UI Elements are rendered on dialogs. Currently it is not possible to overwrite the existing UI Elements so that they are rendered with a different markup e.g. changing the markup used to display dialog buttons. We would like to be able to customize this so that the editor will fit better with the look and feel of our products.

This ticket is based on a recent email exchange with Fred, where he said that this is not a planned feature for CKEditor 4 but it may be something that would be considered for CKEditor 5. I am logging it for tracking purposes.

#10748 Prevent save event instead of submit confirmed Task Normal

Working on #10689 I realized that this part of code works magicly:

// #8031 If textarea had required attribute and editor is empty fire 'required' event and if
// it was cancelled, prevent submitting the form.
if ( editor._.required && !element.getValue() && 'required' ) === false ) {
	// When user press save button event (evt) is undefined (see save plugin).
	// This method works because it throws error so originalSubmit won't be called.
	// Also because of hack there is try-cache in save plugin so error won't be shown.;

It should be fixed using save event instead of submit.

#10749 [Webkit/Blink] Loading URL with a # causes page to scroll confirmed Bug Normal

Open: or samples/datafiltering.html#

See that page is scrolled down.

Reported on:

#10752 IE10 crashes using custom bullets confirmed Bug Normal

This is probably an IE10 bug but can be recreated in CK only. STR:

  1. Unpack the attached on a machine with IE10 and IIS into the inetpub\wwwroot folder.
  2. Open IE10 and navigate to http://localhost/ckeditor.

RESULT: The browser loads CKEditor 4.1.1 and then loads a web page with a numbered list that uses a style with custom bullet images. The editor loads the page and then IE crashes probably when it tries to render the style. There must be some subtle timing issue here as well because the next time when the files are loaded from the IE cache, it doesn't crash. It crashes again after you clear the IE cache.

#10765 Broken form submit with inline-textarea confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Create a form with submit button.
  2. Create several inline-textarea instances within the form.
  3. Submit the form.

Then what happens:

  • In Chrome, for each instance, an error is thrown:
    An invalid form control with name='editor1' is not focusable.
    • A funny note: when instances have some startup data, there's no error.
  • In Firefox, the "Please fill out this field" tip is displayed even if some text was typed inside the instances.
    • A funny note: If there's startup data, submit goes fine.
  • In IE9, everything is fine, page submitted, data retrieved.
    • A funny note: There's nothing funny about IE and that makes me worry.
#10766 [Webkit] Irresistible content when pasting into entirely selected editable confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open replacebycode
  2. Set the following HTML:
    <p>Hello world!</p>
    <p style="text-align:right"><a href="#">Wooo! I&#39;m so sticky!</a></p>
  3. Select the paragraph:
    <p>[Hello world!]</p>
  4. C-c
  5. C-a
  6. C-v
  7. Switch to Source and back to WYSIWYG.

Note there's an unwanted paragraph aligned to the right at the end of editable:

<p>Hello world!</p>
<p style="text-align:right">&nbsp;</p>

Now remove the link from the original content and repeat all the steps. Use the following startup data:

<p>Hello world!</p>
<p style="text-align:right">Yay! I&#39;m not so sticky anymore!</p>

Result is just perfect:

<p>Hello world!</p>
#10767 Webkit removes whole table confirmed Bug Normal

To reproduce:

  1. Insert table 1X2 (1 row and two columns)
  2. Double (or even triple) click inside table so that whole cell gest selected (You have to see selection in table cell).
  3. Right-click on selected cell and choose Column->Delete Column.

Result: Whole table gets deleted.

Problem can be reproduced from CKEditor 4.0.1 in Chrome and Safari only.

#10779 Autogrow: Editor does not scroll to end of pasted content confirmed Bug Normal

To Reproduce:

  • Using the autogrow sample, paste the following HTML into Source view:
      <li>1</li><li>2</li><li>3</li><li>4</li><li>5</li><li>6</li>	<li>7</li><li>8</li><li>9</li><li>10</li>
  • Switch to wysiwyg mode and copy all contents
  • Place the cursor at the end of the contents and use Ctrl+V to paste multiple times.

Problem: The editor does not scroll to the end of the pasted content. The cursor is in the correct location because if you type some text after pasting, the editor does scroll to the bottom of the contents. However the editor should scroll to this position automatically after the paste event.

I have tried this with FF, IE and Chrome and can reproduce it on all 3 browsers.

#10784 Line missing when paste from Word confirmed Bug Normal

when paste text from Word, some line missed. The test word and screenshot are attached.

#10785 Editor content's stylesheet is removed from document after another editor's editable is reattached confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open widgetquote sample from #9764.
  2. Switch between modes twice in first editor.
  3. See that widget lost its styles in second (inline) editor.


  1. Open datafiltering sample from master and find in dev tools last stylesheet (with data-cke-temp attr) in host page's head.
  2. Switch between modes twice.
  3. Stylesheet was removed...

Problem is somewhere here:

It seems that framed editor (wysiwygarea or sourcearea) does not increase stylesheet_ref, but it decreases it. Or that order of detach and new editable's setup is incorrect.

#10788 [Safari] Pressing ESC when in opened color platte/combo moves focus to editable. confirmed Bug Normal
  1. In latest Safari (6.0.5) open replacebyclass.html
  2. Fn+Alt+F10 to focus the toolbar.
  3. Using TAB, go to font color toolbar (or any combo).
  4. SPACE to enter the palette (or the combo), navigate with arrows.
  5. ESC.

Expected: focus goes back to color button in the toolbar so it's possible to select a different toolbar (TAB) or a different button (arrows). This is the behaviour of Chrome.

Actual: focus goes to editable. Need to use the keystroke again to focus it.

#10791 It is possible to write in hidden elements in IE 9+. confirmed Bug Normal

It seems that in IE10 (at least) you can write in hidden elements that have innerHTML !== ; If the said element is contenteditable:false it is worse because you cannot get out of it.

It may relate to this:

Test case:

PS: I discovered the problem because I use an element (<span contenteditable="false" style="display:none">&nbsp;</span>) just before a space holder that is removed on click and on IE the users could not write... It may suggest a cursor positionning problem. PSS: No problem in chrome.

#10792 Error in IE10 With Compatibility View confirmed Bug Normal

In IE10 with Compatibility View, if move vertical scroll show javascript error Incompatible markup pointers for this operation.

#10794 [IE10 Quirks Mode]Toolbar for RTL languages looks bad confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Remove DOCTYPE declaration (<!DOCTYPE html>) from "User Interface Globalization" sample (samples/uilanguages.html).
  2. Open sample in IE 10.
  3. Change language to Arabic.

Result: toolbar has wrong styles (see attachment).

4.2.1 is first version with IE 10 QM support.

#10795 [IE10 Quirks Mode]Not code formating in source mode confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Remove DOCTYPE declaration (<!DOCTYPE html>) from "Replace Textareas by Class Name" sample (samples/replacebyclass.html).
  2. Open sample in IE 10.
  3. Switch to source mode.

Result: no code formatting (see attachment).

4.2.1 is first version with IE 10 QM support.

#10796 [IE] Text selection to end of caption causes JS error confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.0 until master
issue not found in though

  1. open any sample with CKEditor (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. using "Templates" button from toolbar, insert template "Text and table" (replacing current content)
  3. click "Table title" in order to edit it
  4. press Home key
  5. press Shift+End key

Expected result:
Table caption text should be selected.

Current result:
Caret does not move, no text is selected. Javascript exception is thrown.

js error:
SCRIPT16389: Unspecified error.
selection.js, line 800 character 5

additional info:
if caption has multiple lines, issue occurs only in last line.

#10801 enterMode BR - selecting one bold line and 'un-bold' it, makes the previous entered text 'un-bold' confirmed Bug Normal

Sorry for the title, i don't really know how to explain it in one sentence (also, English is not my main language)

I found a problem in CKEditor where bold text that's not selected is influenced by an action on a text that is selected. It's pretty hard to describe, so let's just give an example:

  • Open the 'enterkey.html' example from CKEditor (link below)
  • Set enter mode and shift-enter mode both to BR.
  • Empty the text area
  • Click 'Bold' button
  • Type one line of random text (hit enter key)
  • Type another line of random text (DON'T hit enter key)
  • Select the second line you just typed with your mouse
  • Click 'Bold' button to remove the bold from the last line

Result: Bold is removed from line 1 + 2 Expected result: Bold is removed from selected line 2 only

Same problem occurs for other layout options, such as italic and underline.

When you hit the enter key after line 2, and then select line 2, it works fine and only line 2 is changed. Also, when you select the 2nd line with your keyboard (shift+home for example) it works fine too.

Browser/OS: I think the bug is Chrome (or webkit?) specific. The problem occurs in latest stable version of Chrome in Windows 7 + 8.

Also tested in updated stable versions of IE 10 and FireFox in Win7+8, but there it works as expected.

Tested in 'latest' and 'nightly':

I hope the explanation is sufficient.

#10802 Regex support in Find/Replace plugin confirmed New Feature Normal

I'd love to see the Find/Replace plugin with an additional checkbox option to search using a regex string. You could use standard javascript regex syntax.

Could you please consider this for a future release. It would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

#10816 Mention in the ACF rules documentation that div[*] does not allow styles and classes confirmed Task Normal

#10817 Implement a time widget confirmed New Feature Normal

During works on #9764 we implemented simple time widget. It's not ready to be included in official release yet, so we're extracting it to this ticket.

#10818 Implement a captioned quote widget confirmed New Feature Normal

During works on #9764 we implemented simple captioned quote widget. It's not ready to be included in official release yet, so we're extracting it to this ticket.

#10821 Scrollbars cannot be used with big pictures in certain cases. confirmed Bug Normal

Description: If I have a large picture in the editor and it is selected while the picture is about center aligned the scrollbars don't work properly or don't work at all.


  • Open a clear DEMO page (I used with IE9)
  • Insert a large picture into the editor (the horizontal and vertical scrollbars appear)
  • Display the center of the picture (The scrollbars are about to the middle of its way)
  • Select the picture
  • Try to move the scrollbars
#10824 Languages plugin - can't nest language markup confirmed Bug Normal

Issue is reproducable with Chrome/31.0.1627.0, Firefox 23.0, MSIE10

We're unable to nest multiple spans using languages plugin

  1. open any sample with CKEditor languages plugin enabled (i.e. samples/replacebyclass.html)
  2. Replace content with following HTML: <p>This is sample code.</p>
  3. Select sample substring and apply French language (by clicking chinese icon at toolbar, and selecting proper lang).
  4. Select is sample code substring and apply Spanish language.

Expected result:
Produced source code: <p>This <span dir="ltr" lang="es">is <span dir="ltr" lang="fr">sample</span> code</span>.</p>

Current result:
Paragraph with nested spans: <p>This <span dir="ltr" lang="es">is sample code</span>.</p>

additional info:

  1. Currently spans are created with object being passed to CKEDITOR.editor.applyStyle()
#10829 CKEditor should prevent page to scroll by mouse wheel when focused. confirmed New Feature Normal

Hi, it is a pretty annoying behavior. Each time I need to reach the end of a large document and it starts to scroll the page. The work becomes a hell, lots of users complain on that.

The correct behavior:

  • CKEditor should not capture scroll events until focused. So when user simply move cursor over it and scrolls it should not have any reaction and the page should scroll instead (as it shoudl by default).
  • When focused it should scroll only current editor's area and prevent events to reach the document. If user will need to scroll the page it is possible to move mouse out from the editor and scroll.

That way users will not be afraid to use mouse wheel on the page. If they need to scroll the page — they'll be able to do so as usual. But when they work with an editor they will also be able to use mouse wheel safely, without moving the page.

Also, my browser does support smooth scrolling (google chrome with additional plugin), which does not work because of all currently applied hacks. Let browser manage scrolling and only do evt.stopPropagation() if @active so it will only scroll the editors area.

Please see the example video. I have to scroll each(!) ckeditor element to reach end of the page when I didn't event touch them. In other case, if I was working with specified document in the CKEditor and only was need to reach end of that document I would usually do a few very fast mouse wheel scrolls, but currently it will not work either, since it will reach end of document in editor and then reach end of the entire page. So both behaviors are broken.

#10834 Image2: The caption should not allow <p> and <br> (disable ENTER) confirmed Bug Normal

Referring to:

#10839 Image2: align center then align left/right throughs error confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Load the image2 sample.
  2. Remove the caption from the first image (in the dialog).
  3. Align the image "center" with the toolbar.
  4. Align the image "left" with the toolbar.

Nothing happens and a js error is thrown.

#10847 Firefox: Incorrect cursor position on backspace confirmed Bug Normal

To Reproduce:

  1. Type some text and press Enter key
  2. Hit Backspace
  3. New empty paragraph removed & cursor goes back to end of the first paragraph
  4. Press spacebar or type some text

Problem: Cursor moves to next line

#10858 Function focus() failed under IE if some of the HTML elements has style with specified width or height attributes confirmed Bug Normal

Steps to reproduce:

This issue is easy to reproduce by using api.html CKEditor sample:

  • run api.html sample on IE (any version)
  • Start debugging
  • Set editor content to:

<div style="width: 300px; height: 300px;">

<span class="text" style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;">CKEditor</span>


  • select text
  • right click and select "Copy" Now you will get error: ckeditor.js, line 265 character 107; SCRIPT16389: Incorrect function.

Without debugging you will just fail to do any actions that can change focus: like copy/paste using popup menu, change font name or font size by using font list boxes from toolbar.

Browser and OS: Internet Explorer 10, Windows 7

Error SCRIPT16389 is also mentioned in #10857, #10796, #10894, #10970.

#10872 Unexpected bold when breaking a line after Removing Format on collapsed selection confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Use replacebycode sample.
  2. Set HTML
    <p><b>Apollo 11</b> was the spaceflight that landed the first humans.</p>
  3. Set caret so it is still bold
    Apollo 11^ was…
  4. Click remove format.
  5. Type a few words.
  6. ENTER.
  7. For unknown reason, typing bold in the new line:
    <p><b>Apollo 11</b> cow says moo</p>
    <p><b>...</b> was the spaceflight that landed the first humans.</p>

I'm able to reproduce it since in Chrome, Firefox and Safari (Mac).

#10885 Broken path to an anchor when CKEditor is located in a directory with a space confirmed Bug Normal

Kudos to Anna and Olek.

When there is an anchor in the content, CKEditor requests the following image: /ckcke_contents_ltr0421/full/plugins/link/images/anchor.png?t=D8AD, assuming that CKEditor is located in "/ck 421/full/"on the server.

Note the weird path in the URL: /ckcke_contents_ltr0421/

Confirmed in 4.2.1 and 4.3 Beta. Did not check earlier versions.

#10889 Language plugin: removing formatting is too tricky confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Start with
<span dir="ltr" lang="es">
El invierno pasado estuvo tan fr&iacute;o que literalmente se form&oacute; hielo en mi barba.&nbsp;
  1. Apply bold to "invierno"
  1. Select a part of text around "invierno" and click the "Remove format" button to remove formatting.
  1. Result:
<span dir="ltr" lang="es">El</span> 
<span dir="ltr" lang="es">pasado estuvo tan fr&iacute;o que literalmente se form&oacute; hielo en mi barba.&nbsp; </span>

The information about the language is lost, causing an unexpected result for the unaware end user.

Expected result: removing formatting should not remove the information about the language (just colors, bold etc.), just like removing formatting does not remove links from the content.

#10894 IE: Unspecified error thrown when we tro to delete a row in a table containing list confirmed Bug Normal

To reproduce the defect:

  1. Open any CK sample & insert a table with default values.
  1. Insert a simple Numbered/Bulleted list(one list item) in one of table table cells
  1. Keep cursor in a different row, open Context menu and select Row - > Delete Row.

Expected Result: Corresponding row gets deleted

Actual Result: Corresponding row is deleted but a Javascript error thrown and the error is "Unspecified error"

#10897 IE9/IE10 - No visual indication that a table is selected confirmed Bug Normal

To reproduce:

  • Insert a table in the editor in IE9/IE10
  • Click on table in the elements path bar to select the table

Problem: There is no visual indication that the table is selected.

Note that if you use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V the table is copied and pasted, so it is actually selected. However the user is not aware of this.

In IE8, browser handles are displayed when the table is selected.

This stopped working in IE9/IE10 with git:396c4f0 where w3c DOM APIs were enabled for IE>9 so I am not sure if this is an IE issue or not. Either way it would be good to be able to give the user some visual indication that the table is selected in these browsers.

#10909 Link to in!/guide/dev_api_changes confirmed Task Normal
#10924 Attributes and styles are stripped from div elements when they are pasted in the editor confirmed Bug Normal

To Reproduce:

  1. Place the following in the Source view of the editor. This is just a styled div containing some text:
    <div name="styledDiv" style="padding-bottom: 4px; background-color: rgb(255,255,204); margin: 8px; padding-left: 4px; padding-right: 4px; padding-top: 4px; border-radius: 6px">Sample text inside a styled Div</div>
  2. Switch back to wysiwyg mode and click on the editor contents.
  3. Select the div in the elementspath bar and use Ctrl+C to copy it.
  4. Insert a paragraph below the div using the magicline feature.
  5. Paste the div from your clipboard using Ctrl+V


  • In FF, the div has been converted to a paragraph element and all attributes and styling have been removed.
  • In Chrome, the div has been converted to a paragraph element and all attributes and styling except the background color have been removed.
  • This usecase works well in IE.

Scenario 2:

  1. Clear the editor contents and repeat steps 1-4 above.
  2. Enter some text into the new paragraph created in step 4 above and press enter.
  3. Paste the div contents from your clipboard again.


  • In IE, the div has been converted to a paragraph element and all attributes and styling have been removed.
  • In Chrome, the div has been converted to a paragraph element and all attributes and styling except the background color have been removed.
  • This usecase works well in FF.

Note: The name attribute in the sample code provided will always be removed when ACF is enabled. However, the same results as outlined above also occur even when ACF is disabled.

#10928 Pulled quotes widget confirmed New Feature Normal
#10932 Allow all (reasonable) elements as widgets' nested editables confirmed New Feature Normal

Currently nested editables can be only initialized on elements included in the CKEDITO.dtd.$editable hash which includes those which should be "safe". However, it would be nice to increase number of allowed elements, especially with inline ones.

The workaround for now, if someone wants to try other elements, is to extend CKEDITOR.dtd.$editable object has early as possible.

#10940 [FF] contenteditable false prevents removing line breaks confirmed Bug Normal

When a tag with contenteditable=false is directly preceded by a BR, P, or DIV tag said tags cannot be removed.

<br />
<span contenteditable='false'>test</span>

I can occasionally click the margin to the left of the span and backspace the BR, but it's not dependable. It cannot be deleted from the end of the previous line at all. Deleting the SPAN will also delete the BR. Adding any printable character between the BR and SPAN will allow the BR to be removed.

Tested in chrome and firefox.
It IS working is IE8 of all browsers...

This issue is only valid for TC mentioned in comment:1 for Firefox. In all other cases editor does the same thing as native code in browser does.

Problem occurs in both CKE 3.x and 4.x (4.2.1 at the time of writing)

#10941 Indentation not applied to ul/ol element confirmed Bug Normal

1) Select a list (ul or ol) as whole. 2) Click Indent button

Result: Text inside list items is indented but not the list as a whole. The bullet points are aligned to the left, that means to the edge of the edit area.

#10942 Image2: Introduce a proper visual indicator of selected resizable image confirmed Bug Normal

Following the discussion suggesting that we may may want to improve UX by putting some kind of an outline to the image, I open this ticket for research purposes and general brainstorming.

#10946 [FF] Cursor stuck in widget confirmed Bug Normal
  1. open Firefox,
  2. go to
  3. put cursor after a widget (ex. after "is an example of an inline equation"),
  4. press and hold left arrow button on your keyboard,

You can not move cursor before widget. This bug could be reproduce with any inline widget.

#10947 Status bar path not selecting 'caption' and 'thead' in table confirmed Bug Normal

See the below link

#10949 [Blink Firefox] Readonly editor elementspath selection doesn't select as expected. confirmed Bug Normal

When the editor is readonly clicking an element in elements path does not truly select it in Blink and Firefox.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to the mission crew table and click to focus it
  3. Click "table" in elementspath
  4. The table is selected, but the selection color is gray. Notice that the copy icon is enabled.
  5. Press Ctrl-C to try and copy the selection
  6. Make the editor editable and try to paste or paste in some other program -> fail.

NOTE: This doesn't have to be table. You can select list or any other element. In blink and Firefox you won't be able to copy it. Blink informs you about it with system sound while FF does nothing.

Workaround: select the table with the mouse and copy it then (notice the blue selection instead of the gray one in step 3). This is really difficult to control though as the mouse selection is not accurate or easy. This is difficult when for example trying to copy long or nested tables.

#10952 Various issues when choosing inactive option in context menu confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open replacebyclass sample.
  2. Place caret in table cell.
  3. Press "option key" or click right mouse button to open context menu.
  4. Using keyboard navigate to Cell -> Merge cells (which is disabled).
  5. Press enter or click that option.

General problem - nothing should happen IMO when choosing disabled option.

Browser specific:

  • IE: focus is completely lost - I'm unable to close the context menu or navigate in it.
  • Chrome: focus is lost (at least I think so, because none option is focused), but everything still works.
#10955 IE9: Cursor jumps to start of next list level when we press tab to create another list level confirmed Bug Normal

To reproduce the defect:

  1. Open any CK Editor sample
  1. In Editor body, create a list with 2 list items
  1. Press Enter & Tab to create first sub list
  1. Press up arrow key to go to second list item in top level
  1. Press Tab key

Expected Result: A new sub list created with 2nd list item as first item in newly created sub-list and focus stays at end of newly created sub list

Actual Result: A new sub list created with 2nd list item as first item in newly created sub-list but focus jumps to first list item in next level

#10959 Delete cells in table with nested table removes entire document content confirmed Bug Normal

Open the attached html. Select the content in the first and second cells in the second row of the table. Execute Delete Cells.

The entire content of the document is deleted.

#10961 Optional loading of dependent js/css files confirmed New Feature Normal


I'm using CKEditor within a grails web project and I'm managing all js and css files using the asset pipeline plugin (this is very similar to the rails asset pipeline). As part of the build process, all Javascript files are minified and renamed based on the hash of the file. Since ckeditor is looking for files with specific names (config.js, styles.js, lang/en.js, etc.) in a specific location, this breaks the editor for me unless I exclude these files from that process.

I certainly see the utility in dynamically loading the dependent files within the plugin, but it would be nice to be able to disable this functionality for cases like mine. Having the ability to disable this behavior to give developers more control over how things are packaged would be amazing.

For example, this would allow developers the option to combine all the dependent js files they happen to be using into a single js file or whatever else is appropriate for them and their build process!

This is a great plugin and you've all done great work on it, and adding this would make my life (and probably a lot of other developers) life a lot easier.



#10964 Provide a "Stark" CKEditor skin, possibly as the base for the Moono skin? confirmed New Feature Normal

As discussed at DrupalCon Prague, with and

Drupal 7 and 8 ship with a "theme" (Drupal lingo for "skin" in the CKEditor world) called "Stark".

From the dictionary:

stark |stɑːk|
1 severe or bare in appearance or outline: the ridge formed a stark silhouette against the sky.
2 …


The Stark theme is provided for demonstration purposes; it uses Drupal’s default HTML markup and CSS styles. It can be used as a troubleshooting tool to determine whether module-related CSS and JavaScript are interfering with a more complex theme, and can be used by designers interested in studying Drupal’s default markup without the interference of changes commonly made by more complex themes.
To avoid obscuring CSS added to the page by Drupal or a contrib module, the Stark theme itself has no styling, except just enough CSS to arrange the page in a traditional “Header, sidebars, content, and footer” layout.

If CKEditor would also have a "Stark" skin, then it'd be much easier for people to build new skins. You would probably be able to reduce the amount of code specific to Moono significantly.

I think this is a low-priority nice-to-have. I added the "Drupal" keyword, but obviously it's useful to everybody.

#10966 Firefox: Unable to escape from the link/anchor confirmed Bug Normal

To Reproduce:

  1. Use ajax sample
  2. Type in a word, e.g. test, select it by using Ctrl + A
  3. Insert a link or anchor
  4. Press the END key
  5. Press space and continue typing

Problem: Cursor is inside the anchor tag

This issue was previously fixed under

#10969 [IE] Paragraph tyling does not preserved after pasting (using ctrl+v or paste dialog) confirmed Bug Normal

Reproduce the issue:

  1. Open CKEditor and type in some word.
  2. Click on Align Center
  3. Select all and cut by using CTRL+A and CTRL+X .
  4. Refresh the browser.

Version 1:

  1. Click on paste icon.
  2. In Paste Dialog CTRL+V and press OK.

Version 2:

  1. Press CTRL+V.

Expected results:

The style - align center should be applied (preserved) after pasting in the editor body through in both variants of the TC. The cut word from step 3 should be displayed in the center of the editor body. Note! In the Paste dialog the style appears to be correct, when transferring it to the editor body is lost.

Actual result:

The cut word from step 3 is displayed at the left on the editor body.

It is happen also with indentation.

issue occurs only in Internet Explorer .

DUP: #10550.

#10970 [IE] Not able to remove row in inline confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open IE10 or IE9
  2. Go to inlinebycode.html sample
  3. Go to templates.
  4. Select 'Text and Table' template and insert in.
  5. Right click on table cell and select Row -> Delete Rows
SCRIPT16389: Incorrect function.
inlinebycode.html, line 46 character 5
#10971 Add an option to make widgets non-removable confirmed New Feature Normal

On the new widgets feature, it's currently possible to focus and delete a widget.

Depending on the situation, this may not be a desirable behavior in all situations, e.g. the editable may not make sense without the widget, although editing both the content and surrounding (text) of the widget makes sense.

See attachment for an example, set caret at the start of the last paragraph then backspace twice, the widget (middle paragraph) will first be selected/focused, then removed. This may be preventable by catching the deletion event at the editor level and stopping it, but that feels hackish.

#10973 Empty inline editables in widgets become inaccessible confirmed New Feature Normal

Part of: #10974.

I'm not actually sure this is a valid bug as I'm somewhat uncertain the use case is supposed to be supported: inline widgets are supported, but inline editables are not by default although they generally work (and — I think — make sense in an inline widget).

Anyway, if one sets up inline editable parts in a widget and removes said parts's (textual) content, the widget *and part* remain, but the part becomes invisible and essentially un-editable: the usual outline disappears with the last visible character.

See attached document for a test case, inline widget content is the inline editable part, if the cursor is set to its end then the user backspaces until all text is removed it seemingly disappears entirely. Checking the DOM shows the widget and part are still there (and the drag & drop handle remains visible), but there's more or less no way to re-insert content in the widget.

#10974 Add support for inline nested editables confirmed New Feature Normal

Currently widget may have only block editables. Support for inline ones would be interesting.

Note: there's a workaround if one wants to initialize inline editable - CKEDITOR.dtd.$editable has to be extended with name of that element.

Includes: #10973

#10977 Correct spelling mistake with native spell checker does not trigger change event confirmed Bug Normal

If I correct a spelling mistake inside a CKEditor instance using the native spell checker, the change event is not triggered.

#10979 Undo does not work for resizing elements such as table, image, horizontal line confirmed Bug Normal

I tested with IE9 on full featured DEMO page.
1) Click the table to get square handles.
2) Resize the table to have different dimensions.
Result: undo does not work
3) Click the image to get square handles.
4) Resize the image to have different dimensions.
Result: undo does not work
3) Click the horizontal line on the bottom of the page to get square handles.
4) Resize the horizontal line to have different dimensions.
Result: undo does not work

#10981 Autogrow plugin cause the text content to 'shake' confirmed Bug Normal

To Reproduce:

  1. Open the Autogrow sample in IE10
  1. Select format (Heading 1) in the toolbar
  1. Type in some text
  1. Press enter twice
  1. Type in text and press enter until the editor starts to grow

Problem: On the line when autogrow gets triggered the text content shakes, e.g. jumps up and down.

#10987 [Blink] Copy-paste table within CKE breaks width percentage. confirmed Bug Normal

For my content widths being percentages is very important. When you copy a table with a width like 100% and the paste the same table in CKE, the width is replaced with a pixel value, which breaks layouts.

  1. Go to in Chrome (Opera not tested)
  2. Clear editor and add a table with a 100% width
  3. Click the table in elementspath to select it
  4. Move cursor to new paragraph
  5. Hit Ctrl-v or click paste from word to paste the table
  6. Check the table width, it is no longer fluid but horrid static pixels

Works fine in IE9

#10988 [FF] Widgets: Caret goes outside of contenteditable on home/end keys confirmed Bug Normal

since: 4.3 (didn't check earlier) until major

Firefox exclusive: pressing home/end key can put caret outside widget.

  1. open any sample with image2 plugin (i.e. plugins/image2/samples/image2.html)
  2. put caret inside first image caption
  3. CTRL + a to select all
  4. click on remove formatting button
  5. press home key

Expected result:
Caret should collapse at the begining of previous selection.

Current result:
Caret goes outside of widget.

additional info:

  1. When pressed home it places itself right before figure[class="caption"].
#10989 [Webkit/Blink] Widgets and content after them disappear when pargraphs are merged using backspace confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open mathjax sample.
  2. Set data to: <p>foo</p><p>bar <span class="math-tex">\(\TeX\)</span> bom</p>
  3. Place caret at the beginning of 2nd line.
  4. Press backspace. Widget and "bom" disappear.
#10993 Delete columns when rows are splitted confirmed Bug Normal
  • Insert table (3x3)
  • Split left-middle cell horizontally
  • Try to delete last column

Column is being removed but console error occurs.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of undefined

#10995 Color (Foreground) doesn't get applied to span. confirmed Bug Normal

Color (Foreground) doesn't get applied to span, when span has a class which has color attribute set in CSS. Althoug, it does work for background-color.

Tested on: Mac OS X 10.7+, Chrome many versions (30.0.+)

Working Demo:

  • Using CKEditor 4.2
  • Loads custom configuration
#10999 Resize an inline editor confirmed Bug Normal

If you convert an editable div to a CkEditor using the inline function, a call to the resize-method of the created instance will give an error.

This can be confirmed by adding the following line to the bottom of the inlinebycode.html sample:

  <button onClick="editor.resize(100,100)">Test resize</button>

The contents variable will never be set within the resize method.

#11008 Instantiating inline ckeditor on caret-owning element doesn't preserve caret position. confirmed New Feature Normal


1) Programmatically instantiate inline ckeditor on an element that already has focus and owns the caret.

Expected: caret should stay where it was.

Actual: caret moves to the beginning of the element.

Firefox 24.0

#11010 Fix memory leaks caused by CKEDITOR.filter.instances storing nested editables' filters forever confirmed Bug Normal

Every nested editable which has allowed content rules defined has its filter instance. These instances are stored in nested editable instances, which most likely are correctly garbage collected. But filter instances are also stored in CKEDITOR.filter.instances and they are kept there forever.

We could have filter.destroy() method removing instance from the instances hash and doing other cleanup if necessary. Then we could destroy filters when destroying widgets.

#11017 Table border value should only allow integers confirmed Bug Normal

Create a table. Specify table properties. Enter a border value. Floats are allowed, but XHTML indicates table border must be integer value. This causes our XHTML validation to fail.

<xsd:simpleType name="Pixels">


<xsd:documentation> integer representing length in pixels </xsd:documentation>

</xsd:annotation> <xsd:restriction base="xsd:nonNegativeInteger"/>

</xsd:simpleType> ...

<xsd:element name="table">


<xsd:attribute name="border" type="Pixels"/>



#11019 calling destroy() throws an error when image dialog is open confirmed Bug Normal

This started happening in 4.2, reproducible in Chrome and Firefox. For some reason, when dialog tries to hide coverElement, it is already gone from the focusManager.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'blur' of null


CKEDITOR.focusManager.remove - ckeditor.js:198

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open attached html file (it loads ckeditor & jquery from cdnjs)
  2. click "Go!"
  3. click "Image" in the ckeditor toolbar.
  4. Wait for 10 second countdown to end.

Observed Result: white dialog cover stays on screen, error printed to the dev console. Expected Result: exact opposite of "Observed Result".

#11022 [Webkit&Blink] Nested editable does not get focus in certain situations confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open Chrome,
  2. Open New Image plugin sample,
  3. Click on nested editable ("Roll out of Saturn V"),
  4. Click on browser url bar,
  5. Click again on nested editable.


  • editable has focus (blue outline), only accepted options are available.


  • editable haven't got focus (no blue outline), all buttons are available.
#11023 Blocks and objects names should be taken from DTD in core/style.js confirmed Task Normal

There are list of blocks and objects names defined in core/style.js. CKEDITOR.dtd should be reused there.

#11031 SCAYT issues confirmed Bug Normal

Go to

Delete everything in the editor. Hit "ctrl+b", and hit "a", hit "ctrl+b", and hit "a", hit "ctrl+b", and hit "a". Keep doing this for 10-15secs, and you'll see auto spell check will remove the bold automatically.

Sometimes it'll remove the cursor to the beginning of the word.

#11034 IframeDialog has very small content in CKEditor 4 continued. confirmed Bug Normal

This is the continuation of ticket #10610.

There are two methods of adding iframedialog to editor:

  1. CKEDITOR.dialog.addIframe method which is used when you only want to have iframe in dialog. The height of iframe (or rather wrapping div) was fixed in #10610.
  1. There is also possibility to add iframe to dialog (sample code below).This method is used when you want to have something more in dialog except for iframe. Furthermore this method isn't fixed by #10610. It works when you define width and height in pixels but doesn't when you define % for iframe dimentions.
    ontents :
                                 id : 'iframe',
                                 label : 'some label...',
                                 expand : true,
                                 elements :
                                             type : 'iframe',                                       

To summarize: adding iframe as contents and setting height to 100% will result in small iframe.

Why this is happening: Div surrounding iframe has height auto and all elements inside it (when you define % for iframe) are % so the wrapping div will never get dialog height in this case.
Please go to: ckeditor4\plugins\dialog\plugin.js
Line 1039
In CKE 4.x this line is style: || 'width: 100%;' while in 3.x this was style: || 'width: 100%;height:100%;'. Bringing back height fixes this issue.

Ticket #10610 didn't involve fixing dialog plugin but iframedialog plugin. As discussed with @fredck, fix from #10610 did its job in 50%. It should be checked why doesn't it work for second case and if something can be done about it.

I’m attaching sample plugin for testing.

#11035 Deleting one of two subsequent spaces should leave normal space confirmed Bug Normal

Extracted from: #11024. Related to: #9929.

There's WebKit&Blink bug:

If it won't be fixed in browsers we should take care of this when we'll be implementing custom delete/backspace support.

So "&nbsp; " and " &nbsp;" should result in normal space after deleting any of them.

#11038 [IE] Click on MathJax/Image widget wrapped with link causes location change confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open MathJax sample.
  2. Select some text containing widget (or just widget).
  3. Create link.
  4. Click widget - after a while page is redirected.

Reproduced on IE9, but most likely concerns also other IEs.

#11039 [Webkit/Blink] Link created in nested editable is not being selected confirmed Bug Normal
  1. Open image2 sample.
  2. Place caret in nested editable.
  3. Create link.
  4. Caret is moved the the beginning of main editable.
#11041 Search plugin doesn't scroll properly when there is only "BR content" in editor confirmed Bug Normal

Steps to reproduce:

  • mkdir ckeditor-bug
  • cd ckeditor-bug
  • wget
  • unzip
  • Copy test.html from this ticket's attachment to here
  • Call up test.html in a browser
  • Click magnifying glass in toolbar to call up search.
  • Enter xxx into search box
  • Click "Search" button multiple times. xxx occurs twice in the text, at the beginning and in the middle. The cursor jumps around to the start and end of the text without ever showing the second occurance of xxx.


  1. Put code from attached file in to editor.
  2. You can also write your own content but editor needs to be set to enter mode BR.
  3. Try to find 'xxx' or whatever word there is in your text and repeats throughout the content (there has to be few pages of content).

Result: Editor will match and select word but will not scroll to it correctly (This can be checked when you resize editor to match whole content).

Problem can be reproduced in all browsers from CKEditor 3.4

#11046 figcaption moved outside figure tag confirmed Bug Normal

In CKEditor 4.2.2 in Chrome, using the following code, ficaption tag is moved outside the figure (and table) tags.

Original code:

 <table class="nolines">
                                                <img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img1of2.jpg" /></figure>
                                        <figcaption>Transverse Imaging Plane</figcaption>
                                                <img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img2of2.jpg" /></figure>
                                        <figcaption>Transverse View Thyroid Gland</figcaption>
</table>  }}}

Modified by ckeditor:

<figcaption>Transverse Imaging Plane</figcaption><figcaption>Transverse View Thyroid Gland</figcaption>
<table class="nolines">
                        <figure><img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img1of2.jpg" /></figure>
                        <figure><img class="borderme shadowme" src="../media/4622/thyroid_intro_thyroidandparathyroid_3_img2of2.jpg" /></figure>

Also, I noticed figcaption doesn't appear in the status bar as a selectable tag (related?). I am using config.allowedContent = true; as well as config.autoParagraph = false; to supress extra paragraphs, which I think are related to the formatting issue.

#11053 SCAYT conflicts with FF selection when pasting and undoing confirmed Bug Normal

SCAYT causes the entire document to be highlighted from the beginning up to the point of the cursor when I highlight text, paste some text and then press CTRL+Z or the undo toolbar option when highlighting from the start of a line.

Browser: FF 24.0

OS: Win 7

Reproducible location: Demo site and nightly build

I also tested with IE9.0.8112.16421(Undo doesn't work so I can't test, reproducible on the demo site) and Chrome 30.0.1599.101 m (Worked fine).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the demo site
  2. Enable SCAYT (No spelling mistakes required)
  3. Delete the content currently there, for whatever reason I can't reproduce with the default text
  4. I type or paste in a few lines of text like so:

Hi there how are you

Hi there how are you

Hi there how are you

Hi there how are you

  1. I then highlight part of the line beginning at the start of the line.
  2. Paste some content
  3. Press CTRL+Z
  4. Notice it will now highlight the entire document up to the cursor
#11055 Image2 is not focused after pasting confirmed Bug Normal

Seleciton is placed inside nested editable. Instead, widget should be focused.

#11056 IE8-10 - UNDO and Ctrl+Zdon't work with SCAYT confirmed Bug Normal

This is based on #11053.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the demo site
  2. Enable SCAYT (No spelling mistakes required)
  3. Delete the content currently there, for whatever reason I can't reproduce with the default text
  4. I type or paste in a few lines of text like so:

Hi there how are you

Hi there how are you

Hi there how are you

Hi there how are you

  1. I then highlight part of the line beginning at the start of the line.
  2. Paste some content
  3. Press CTRL+Z or UNDO

Result: It doesn't work.

Problem can be reproduced from CKEditor 4.2.1 in all versions of IE

#11059 Widget reinitialization procedure should be redesigned confirmed Task Normal

Widget reinit/recreate procedure should be rethought.

There's no way currently to reinitialize in a lightweight manner widget to which we lost references. It has to pass through entire process of setting attributes, classes, data, etc. What we need is only - rebinding listeners and initial widget#data.

#11060 [IE11+] Selection is not placed right above the cursor when clicking below body confirmed Bug Normal

Follow up for #10906.

When clicking below body, selection should be placed right above the cursor. Now it's placed in the last position or at the beginning.

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