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#11541 In Find & Replace, Match Whole Word option is not working Bug pending 02/07/14
#11593 [Image2] If only one dimension is set the missing one should not be set when resizing image Bug confirmed 02/20/14
#11605 [IE] Selection cached after making selection by mouse Bug confirmed 02/21/14
#11606 [UX] UI Color Plugin cancel by "X" Bug confirmed 02/21/14
#11607 Custom direction "rtl" set for body in fullPage mode is reverted to "ltr" in data Bug confirmed 02/21/14
#11610 [Blink] It is not possible to select text in with Shift+Click in link. Bug confirmed 02/21/14
#11614 Warnings about deprecated API usage in strict-mode Bug confirmed 02/25/14
#11638 Inserted text blinks after multiple insertions using ctrl-v Bug confirmed 03/04/14
#11663 Input Method Editor(IMEs) didn't work properly in CKEditor with the AutoGrow plugin in IE11 Bug scofalik review 03/13/14
#11671 [IE 8-10] inserttext space as first call on editor problem Bug confirmed 03/13/14
#11679 Color buttons can't be customized Bug confirmed 03/17/14
#11690 Placeholder with forbidden characters Bug confirmed 03/19/14
#11691 [IE8] Can not expand selection when caret is at the end of a inline element Bug confirmed 03/19/14
#11692 [IE9-10] Home and end buttons in inputs move cursor to the wrong possition Bug confirmed 03/19/14
#11696 undo link scrolls to top of page Bug confirmed 03/20/14
#11701 Richcombo breaks on HTML entities in HTML formatted values Bug confirmed 03/21/14
#11720 Method insertElement causes error in IE if editable hasn't been yet focused Bug confirmed 03/25/14
#11728 [Android][Chrome] Font size Bug s.kups assigned 03/26/14
#11729 [iOS] Magicline does not work Bug confirmed 03/26/14
#11730 [iOS] Editor is scrolling when command is execute Bug confirmed 03/26/14
#11731 [iOS] Dialogs move selection to the begging of the document Bug confirmed 03/26/14
#11732 [iOS] It's not possible to switch to source and back Bug confirmed 03/26/14
#11733 [iOS] It is not possible to open Image2 edit dialog. Bug confirmed 03/26/14
#11734 [iOS] Native context ballon options does not work with ACF and undo Bug confirmed 03/26/14
#11750 Iframe Dialog Scrollbar problem. Bug confirmed 03/31/14
#11761 Event system dies along with the last editor being destroyed Bug confirmed 04/03/14
#11762 Styles are not applied in Internet Explorer if backspace is the last key pressed Bug confirmed 04/03/14
#11765 Editor does not show in divreplace sample, when clicked between paragraphs. Bug confirmed 04/04/14
#11767 Table Tools spanning not updated Bug confirmed 04/04/14
#11768 Merging table-cells using the cell-properties dialog is completely broken Bug confirmed 04/04/14
#11772 [Inline] Format drop down shows that selection is in a div when image2 is focused Bug confirmed 04/07/14
#11773 Hierarchy request script error Bug confirmed 04/07/14
#11778 IE11: The xml object loaded with Ajax plugin fails to find children Bug confirmed 04/08/14
#11779 Scrolling issues in modern browsers when document is in Quirks Mode Bug confirmed 04/09/14
#11786 [IE8] codesnippetgeshi does not print new lines correctly Bug confirmed 04/09/14
#11787 Umbrella ticket for Problems with Asian input Bug confirmed 04/09/14
#11791 Can't change target anchor using id selector (in link dialog) Bug k.krzton review 04/10/14
#11792 [IEs] Click on the side of text in classic editor does not move caret there Bug m.lewandowski review_failed 04/10/14
#11800 Missing integration of anchor and image2 Bug confirmed 04/10/14
#11802 Margin is set on list item when creating list from indented paragraph Bug confirmed 04/10/14
#11806 [IE-all] Creating placeholder in anchor and click drag handler load page which URL is set in anchor Bug confirmed 04/11/14
#11817 Magic line does not display properly Bug confirmed 04/11/14
#11825 [IE] Clicking on image2 in readonly mode causes error Bug confirmed 04/14/14
#11829 List element disappear after making indentation Bug confirmed 04/14/14
#11832 Remove "Dependent (Netscape)" from popup options Bug confirmed 04/15/14
#11835 [Opera] Dialog box is displayed behind flash content Bug confirmed 04/15/14
#11836 [IE8-10] Special container style is not fully removed Bug confirmed 04/15/14
#11837 [IE8-10]: Delete key removes too much Bug confirmed 04/15/14
#11840 [IE11] Editable fixDom causes selection to lose direction Bug confirmed 04/16/14
#11842 Invalid element given in a parameter for contextMenu.addListener listener. Bug confirmed 04/17/14
#11843 [IE8-11] selectionChange event outputs invalid element when Ie is in Compatibility mode. Bug confirmed 04/17/14
#11865 HTML parser and writer do not process HTML entities in attributes like browsers Bug confirmed 04/28/14
#11873 flash and iframe resizing Bug confirmed 04/29/14
#11877 Walker executes guard on node twice in specific situation Bug confirmed 04/30/14
#11878 [IE11]: Applying different numbers to list doesn’t work. Bug confirmed 04/30/14
#11879 (Chrome) Table: Insert Column After Bug confirmed 04/30/14
#11914 FF: Default values for Horizontal Alignment & Vertical Aalignment not shown on Cell Properties dialog Bug confirmed 05/07/14
#11938 Webkit Blink: Image2 Cursor not available when Image is only content in editor Bug confirmed 05/12/14
#11954 Invalid selection after deleting a table. Bug confirmed 05/14/14
#11956 [IE, Chrome, Opera] Dialog box doesn't open on two words links with background. Bug t.jakut review 05/14/14
#11959 [IE10] Tableresize: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference Bug confirmed 05/14/14
#11963 Can't replace block widgets with anchor Bug confirmed 05/14/14
#11966 [IE] Compatibility view: Caret goes outside of the last block element, when showblocks is enabled Bug confirmed 05/15/14
#11967 [Opera@Win] Inline editor created from textarea blinks when clicking Bug confirmed 05/15/14
#11968 Error in dialog box when trying to replace found text with empty block. Bug confirmed 05/15/14
#11978 [Gecko] Fix D&D for multiselection Bug confirmed 05/19/14
#11979 No support for ctrl key while dropping Bug confirmed 05/19/14
#11988 Image width set in percentages changed to be in pixels after drag and drop in chrome Bug confirmed 05/20/14
#12007 Elements path - viewport is scrolled and selection placed incorrectly when clicking on specific elements inside widget Bug confirmed 05/23/14
#12026 'Cut' option in tool bar is still enabled even when there is no text in the text area Bug confirmed 05/27/14
#12028 Attribute contenteditable="false" in table cell does not fully disable content modification Bug confirmed 05/28/14
#12043 The table should be highlighted when user selects table contents with keyboard (Ctrl+A, Shift+Arrow) Bug confirmed 05/30/14
#12044 iOS: unable to apply (Bold) style when typing quickly after selecting a style Bug new 05/30/14
#12062 Performance issues typing at the end of a large document in IE and Chrome Bug confirmed 06/03/14
#12074 Forms plugin: textarea, textfield, button selection impossible with a mouse Bug confirmed 06/05/14
#12083 placeholder plugin - inline editor - text align break html of the page Bug pending 06/09/14
#12094 Content Transformations strips span of style Bug confirmed 06/11/14
#12099 Table Cell properties get duplicated on Chrome/Mac Bug confirmed 06/11/14
#12131 Text wrapping and line heights after starting with a large font. Bug confirmed 06/24/14
#12139 [Blink, Webkit]: Can't delete inline styles with Ctrl+A Backsapce/Del Bug confirmed 06/26/14
#12142 [iOS] Autocapitalize does not work as expected Bug confirmed 06/27/14
#12151 [IE11] The anchor tag text is being replaced when the link is edited Bug confirmed 06/30/14
#12159 JAWS reading the "not set" option twice in the Code Snippet dialog Bug confirmed 07/02/14
#12167 The save plugin needs improvements Bug confirmed 07/03/14
#12181 Dropdown markers not grayed out when in readonly mode Bug confirmed 07/08/14
#12184 [IE] config.disableObjectResizing doesn't working after drag and drop Bug confirmed 07/09/14
#12193 placeholder sometimes get deleted on move in IE9 Bug confirmed 07/11/14
#12194 Title tag is messed up using special characters. Bug confirmed 07/11/14
#12197 dialogadvtab plugin: style field input validation is too restrictive Bug confirmed 07/13/14
#12199 ckeditor is omitting a single trailing space in firefox and ie. Bug new 07/14/14
#12201 [ACF]: Missing Format plugin breaks indentation Bug confirmed 07/14/14
#12205 Justify/ alignment language strings are duplicated Bug confirmed 07/15/14
#12209 BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive Bug confirmed 07/16/14
#12212 carriage return at <br> followed by <a> causes cursor to move unexpectedly to beginning of buffer (chrome only) Bug confirmed 07/17/14
#12250 Cannot disable auto inline functionality when CKEditor is being loaded via Ajax Bug pending 07/25/14
#12270 iFrame & Javascript videos don't play in IE Bug pending 08/01/14
#12274 Bulleted/numbered list applied to description list breaks HTML Bug confirmed 08/03/14
#12277 [IE] It's not possible to resize last column using table resizer when borders are collapses Bug confirmed 08/04/14
#12285 Tab key based navigation is broken in iframedialog plugin. Bug confirmed 08/08/14
#12297 When searching a text, the matched chunk does highlight, but does not scroll to it's position in the area Bug confirmed 08/12/14
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