Changeset 2591

Oct 19, 2008, 3:45:14 PM (16 years ago)
Michael Osipov

ASSIGNED - #28: Implement Interface for File Browser Connector and Quick Uploader

  • Connector methods now throw default SecurityException instead of SecurityIssueException
  • Dispatcher#doGet requires explicit resource type
  • Dispatcher#doGet parameter validation cleanup and more verbose logging statements
  • Added WriteException if fileupload fails due to some illegal parameters or an IOException
  • All exceptions have now a generated serial id
  • now observes all SecurityExceptions
  • checks now if the currentDir is really a dir
  • The UserPathsBuilder#getUserFilesAbsolutePath is now called everywhere
  • Added SC_UNKNOWN = 110 error (copied from GetResponse)
  • UtilsFile#getUniqueFile now throws a SecurityException just in case
  • Added some TODOs
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