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21:25 Ticket #16444 (Inline Editor Not fully destroyed with .destroy() method) created by vleango
== Steps to reproduce == 1. visit …
16:33 Ticket #16395 (minified build missing widgetcommon/icons folder thus showing blank ...) closed by j.swiderski
invalid: There is a problem with this custom plugin. If you use icons …
15:27 Ticket #16436 (Undo doesn't work properly) closed by j.swiderski
invalid: It has always worked that way - this is by design. There is a fixed …
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14:36 Ticket #16410 (Images loaded in text is not responsive) closed by j.swiderski
duplicate: You can use something like below: […] Please see: …
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09:46 Ticket #16436 (Undo doesn't work properly) created by Duskfall
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Open http://ckeditor.com/demo 2. Clear …


18:20 Ticket #16410 (Images loaded in text is not responsive) created by freespirit
== Steps to reproduce == 1. load picture in text 2. when double …


21:48 Ticket #16395 (minified build missing widgetcommon/icons folder thus showing blank ...) created by stevko
== Steps to reproduce == 1. download both full and minified builds …
14:39 Ticket #16393 ([Moono-lisa] Toolbar is broken when a row is too long) created by wwalc
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Create a relatively long single-row …
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09:11 Ticket #16391 (CKEditor: Clipboard is pasted multiple times) created by Fg195
In Firefox Version Firefox 49.0.1: When a text is pasted from a word …


21:48 Ticket #16383 (Strikethrough button is invalid in Moono-lisa) created by wwalc
== Actual result == [[Image(...)]]
14:20 Ticket #16373 (AVT: Title for all icons in CK Editor dialogs not displayed for ...) created by satya
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Open nightly build. 2. Open a dialogs …


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16:19 Ticket #16339 (Can't copy and paste in IE) closed by j.swiderski
invalid: I can't confirm your findings. I have copied text/HTML from few …
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18:01 Ticket #14928 (Undo button remains disabled if resizing an already loaded image as ...) closed by j.swiderski
duplicate: I will mark this issue as duplicate of #10979 and add your comment there.
17:07 Ticket #16339 (Can't copy and paste in IE) created by MarwaRaafat
== Steps to reproduce == 1. I copy some text from anywhere 2. try to …
16:19 Ticket #14853 (Redesigning link and image menus for simplicity) closed by j.swiderski
duplicate: >The image menu has the same issues. All things mentioned in that …
16:13 Ticket #16338 (Make link dialog simpler) created by j.swiderski
Taken from #14853 where user sugests simplification of link and image …
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11:56 Ticket #14933 (Buggy behaviour when getting current selected node indexes) created by AzureLithium
I'm trying to integrate a speech plugin (based on another app of us) …
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11:26 Ticket #14931 (AVT: Title for all buttons in CK Editor Toolbar not displayed for ...) created by satya
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Open nightly build. 2. Navigate to …
10:32 Ticket #14928 (Undo button remains disabled if resizing an already loaded image as ...) created by Wizard
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Load a ckeditor instance which initially …
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19:08 Ticket #14924 (Dialog tab is disabled if has content elements of html type only (same ...) created by chad.rehm
== Steps to reproduce == 1. download and use mytest.zip​ by …
12:50 Ticket #14923 (Copy paste from word does not retain font size for first <li> tag) created by sibasish.palo
== Steps to reproduce == 1. create a ordered list in MS word. 2. copy …


18:47 Ticket #14922 (event listeners leak between each setData) created by XipanXiao
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Switch the editor content by setting …
13:33 Ticket #14921 (Copy paste content in WYSIWYG 4.5.11 removes styles created using ...) created by aleks.kuc
== Steps to reproduce == 1. open http://ckeditor.com/demo 2. go to …
01:33 Ticket #14920 (Strikethrough didn't show correctly when font size is changed) created by kykun
Strikethrough didn't show correctly when font size is changed. And …


20:32 Ticket #14919 (hitting enter in a ckeditor when multiple ckeditors are on the page, ...) created by cfitzpatrick
== Steps to reproduce == 1. Open a page in IE11 that has about 5 …
17:59 Ticket #14910 (Special Characters) closed by j.swiderski
invalid: You have missed exactly two settings which matter here: …
17:48 Ticket #14916 (equation editor) closed by j.swiderski
invalid: I'm sorry but this is a place for reporting CKEditor bugs and not …
14:53 Ticket #14918 (inline CKEditor with extraPlugins: 'autogrow') closed by j.swiderski
invalid: Please see: …
14:40 Ticket #14915 (Default font is not taking) closed by j.swiderski
invalid: You need to set Arial in ckeditor/contents.css and clear browser's …
10:24 Ticket #14918 (inline CKEditor with extraPlugins: 'autogrow') created by Satish.Trivedi
== Steps to reproduce == 1. textarea input control for multi-line …


23:46 Ticket #14917 ("generateToken()": IE11 support + potential bug Safari 5-) created by ARuben
Hi, I notice a potential bug in "tools.generateToken()" for Safari …
12:29 Ticket #14916 (equation editor) created by aasad
Hi, I used the eqneditor and It worked fine. But the formula is …
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