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    r7451 r7452  
    5555                <li><a href="">#8698</a> : <em>Esc</em> key does not close the color picker dialog window.</li>
    5656                <li><a href="">#8413</a> : HTML comment nodes break content styling in tables.</li>
    57                 <li><a href="">#7932</a> : [IE] Clicking below the content region scrolls the page to the top.</li>
     57                <li><a href="">#7932</a>, <a href="">#8643</a> : [IE] Clicking below the content region scrolls the page to the top.</li>
     58                <li><a href="">#5538</a>, <a href="">#8729</a> : [IE] Focus jump results in incorrect context menu display.</li>
     59                <li><a href="">#6359</a> : [IE] Selectable area in blank WYSIWYG editor is too small.</li>
     60                <li><a href="">#7326</a>, <a href="">#8074</a> : [FF] Scrolling does not work correctly in editor with large amount of text.</li>
    5861                <li><a href="">#8630</a> : HTML events are now disabled when loading data.</li>
    5962                <li><a href="">#8433</a> : [IE9] Use W3C event model.</li>
    6871                <li><a href="">#8527</a> : Insertion with cursor before an empty anchor is error-prone.</li>
    6972                <li><a href="">#8632</a> : Cursor panic when the <em>Backspace</em> key is used in a list item.</li>
     73                <li><a href="">#8455</a> : Mousedown focus is too agressive.</li>
     74                <li><a href="">#8475</a> : Issue with deleting elements with inline styling in tables.</li>
    7075                <li><a href="">#8324</a> : [IE8] Undo generates an error when a control type element is selected.</li>
    7176                <li><a href="">#7946</a> : Find and Replace dialog window result does not scroll into view when the editor is off the viewport.</li>
    72                 <li><a href="">#8157</a> : Fix editor leaves object element selection handler covers dialog.</li>
     77                <li><a href="">#8157</a> : Flash/IFrame dialog window cannot be closed when displayed over Flash/IFrame with <code>dialog_startupFocusTab</code> set to <code>true</code>.</li>
    7378                <li><a href="">#8305</a> : Text direction lost when converting a paragraph to a list.</li>
    7479                <li><a href="">#8379</a> : The cursor moves to the start of the document when inserting a row or column is undone.</li>
    9499                <li><a href="">#8528</a> : Redundant <code>imagePreviewBoxId</code> in the Image Properties dialog window is now removed.</li>
    95100                <li><a href="">#8864</a> : [IE]Fix ARIA presentation of toolbar rich combo in JAWS.</li>
     101                <li>Updated the following language files as submitted to the <a href="">CKEditor UI Translation Center</a>: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Faroese, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Uighur, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh.</li>
    96102        </ul>
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