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Jun 3, 2013, 1:57:24 PM (11 years ago)
Jakub Ś

Ok so ha have got like two use cases here. User wants to delete image and insert new one into existing link (rather rare) or delete both.
After consulting this issue I know we should take second approach as editor should not leave empty inline elements in editor.

As I have written few times this is low priority concerning browser incompatibility issue as there are 3 ways to remove link.

Problem can be reproduced in all versions of IE from CKEditor 4.0 beta (in v3 it didn’t work in any browser).


  • Ticket #10464

    • Property Keywords IE added; Delete Image removed
    • Property Status changed from new to confirmed
    • Property Version changed from 3.6.6 (SVN - trunk) to 4.0 Beta
    • Property Summary changed from onDelete of Image not removing the Link to [IE] onDelete of Image not removing the Link
  • Ticket #10464 – Description

    initial v2  
    33what I want is, when i select an image and delete it using delete key, I want to delete the anchor tag related to that image tag. Any possibilities? Any event to control that?
     7To reproduce:
     81. In IE, clear editor contents, paste below code in source and switch to wysiwyg
     10<p><a href=""><img alt="Saturn V carrying Apollo 11" id="aa" src="assets/sample.jpg" /></a></p>
     122. Select image and remove it with Delete key
     133. Click in line where image was. Now element's path should show "p a"
     144. Insert new image - it gets inserted into link.
     16**There is definitely browser incompatibility** but this is rather low priority issue as user can remove image and link by clicking “a”  on elements path, remove link using context menu or pressing delete before inserting new image.
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