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    1 Hi,
     1This is probably continuation of [ 10165-comment:28]. To reproduce this problem I have:
     2* Set up domain
     3* I have put CKEditor under this domain
     4* On sample page replacebycode.html I have set {{{document.domain='';}}} which is the same as current domain
     5* Next I have loaded page {{{}}}
     6Result: Access denied is thrown. Seems when domain set to the same value as actual domain is causing problems in IE7. I know editor sets document.domian for content area which is in iframe. Perhaps it doesn't do it when domain are the same and IE7 needs such setting.
    3 Sorry for late reply. I didn't check this problem and I'm getting it in quite weird case (at least for me weird).
     10The above is the only case that doesn't work. In ticket #10165 this issue was fixed probably all other cases e.g.
     11* I have tried from level calling page (in iframe) which is under and has {{{}}} set. Works.
     12* I have also tired calling this page, located under, directly i.e URL is and page has {{{}}} set. Works as well.
    5 Before i start making mess by adding comments - **@clusserman could you describe exactly what issue you are having?**. I would like to know how what domain (perhaps few domains) have you set for your application. What do you set in document.domain property and what have you got in browser URL bar?
     14Useful link:
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