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    1818* We're talking about very complex cases, but in fact current design works fine for the easy ones. If you've got a simple widget which doesn't use some complex upcast, it can define ACF rules quite precisely and the upcast is limited to discovering its special class or something. Integration with styles is based on a single property which defines widget element. And that's all. If widget was meant to handle all that then it would be a lot harder to implement even in such basic case.
    1919* The integration with Drupal, which enables features through HTML elements list defined in the admin panel would not be possible any more or would be a lot more complex.
     20* One more aspect which we should consider is that making changes in APIs and whole concepts which we introduced not so long ago could not be well justified.
    2122**tl;dr** Proposed idea is valid and makes a lot of sense in general. However, I think that it cannot be implemented now because it'd require a lot of changes in our and other code. I'm not also sure whether it's not too demanding for CKE5.
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