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Apr 10, 2014, 5:45:31 PM (6 years ago)
Piotrek Koszuliński

I rephrased the ticket, because the issue occurs earlier that previously described.


  • Ticket #11802

    • Property Status changed from new to confirmed
    • Property Version changed from 4.1 to
    • Property Summary changed from Switching to source mode modify source on indented list to Margin is set on list item when creating list from indented paragraph
  • Ticket #11802 – Description

    v1 v3  
    333. Click few times "Increase indent"
    444. Click "Insert/Remove ordered list"
    5 5. Type some text
    6 5. Click "Source" to get into source mode
    7 As expected source is:
    8   <ol>
    9     <li style="margin-left: 80px;">Hidden message</li>
    10   </ol>
    11 7. Repeat step 5 twice.
    12 Actual result:
    13   <ol>
    14     <li>Hidden message</li>
    15   </ol>
     55. Switch to source mode:
    17 Cannot reproduce in version 4.1.0 because button "Increase indent" is disabled.
    18 In version 4.0 everything works as expected.
     9        <li style="margin-left: 120px;">Foo</li>
     10        <li>Bar</li>
     17<ul style="margin-left: 120px;">
     18        <li>Foo</li>
     19        <li>Bar</li>
     25Paragraph's margin should be moved to `ol/li` when creating list, because this is where indent/outdent buttons add/remove margin when you have a caret in the first item of a list.
     27However, I'm not sure what if we're creating list out of few paragraphs when each have different margin. I think that in such case it's best to remove those margins and "normalize" the situation. Otherwise, we'd have to go crazy and e.g. create sublists based on indentation of following paragraphs, but that would be a waste of time and we don't know if user wanted to do that anyway.
     29Alternatively, we can simply remove all margins when creating list, because none of the solutions seem to be 100% correct. Everyone can have different idea about how that should work.
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