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    initial v2  
    22Related to #12173.
    4 * On `editable#cut` content should be deleted with lower priority (999). Currently it's hard to override cut data, because it's immediately gone.
    5 * `initPasteDataTransfer` has no documentation.
    6 * In `initPasteDataTransfer` and `initDropDataTransfer` you expect first argument to be what? Because docs says it's native event, when it's not.
    7 * I mentioned this during one of previous reviews and I noticed this again - we can't write conditional code based on repeating `` usage. This makes code hard to read and hard to maintain, because it's unclear what this condition means - why IE, why not other browsers, whether IE12, 13 too or not. You need to create meaningfull variables like `dataTransferSetCustomDataSupport` and use them. E.g. in `pasteDataFromClipboard` you created `htmlAlwaysInDataTransfer` - it's great, just make it global for this plugin and then create more of them.
    8 * `CKEDITOR.DATA_TRANSFER_INTERNAL` flags should start from 1 (1, 2, 4).
     5TC1 (Chrome,FF):
     6* open
     7* copy text from textarea
     8* try pasting it into first editor
     9* nothing happens
     11TC2 (IE8):
     12* open
     13* copy text from textarea
     14* paste it... it's underlined :D
     15* it happens only when pasting into the framed editor and it happens also when pasting using button in the toolbar (and allowing clipboard access)
     16* and that happens because our pastebin doesn't grab data at all, but `editor#paste` is fired so... we access clipboard directly :|
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