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    initial v1  
    33  a. I.e. to avoid "notification avalanche", which would cover the entire editor, if some "notificatiogenic" action is repeated.
    44  b. But with a long timeout, to give users a chance to read it. Send a message in Gmail to see how it works. It's more like 30s than 5s. Keep it 15, and it'll be just fine.
    5   c. It applies to errors as well because of 2.a.
     5  c. The only reason to close the notification before timeout is opening a dialog, because dialog is a separate, independent view (just like switching folders in Gmail once the message has been sent).
     6  d. It applies to errors as well because of 2.a.
    673. There must be a possibility to close each notification. And, AFAIR, there is.
    784. Closing notifications on window scroll makes no sense because of 1. CKE scrolls randomly sometimes. Also see 5.
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