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    2525== Accessibility
    27 -- I'll check that today / tomorrow and update the comment --
     29> I wonder what is the right solution for such magic and whether there are mechanisms to notify the user about the transformation.
     31We should be able to do that with {{{aria-live}}} as it has some decent support in JAWS / NVDA.
     33Alright so as for the a11y:
     35* Selection - after successful embed upcast, the widget should be selected. Now selection is collapsed, and it's placed **before** the widget (which is actually the least optimal case).
     36* User should be notified about:
     37        * finished upcasting, like "Inserted embed widget <title/url>" or "Embedded <title/url>"
     38        * requesting oEmbed provider for the content
     39        * unrecognized embed response (provider could not recognize url)
     40* I'm missing context menu option to edit embed url (I know that it's doable with {{{enter}}} key, but not a lot of people will be familiar with that).
     41* User should be also able to inspect content but that depends on #11700.
     43And we're coming to #11700 issue which is crucial in terms of accessibilty. I'd even say that all things mentioned above, gives nothing if #11700 is not implemented.
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