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    initial v1  
    11Sorry for may bad english, it's not may native.
    23First of all, I would like to say big thanks for making better and flexible browser and upload, especially idea for one config for both thees features. It solves many problems.
    35By default FCKEditor provides 4 types of resource types, but thees "Resource types" are "hard coded" for Browser in frmresourcetype.html.
    47The second... for resource type (example: Image) i can specify name Image (which is by default and now is defined in $Config['ConfigAllowedTypes' ]) but real folder name i would like to specify different from resource type name, for example Images (note, last s). Its only for flexibility and backward compatibility with very old FCKEditor versions. As I understand, this I can do specifying $Config['FileTypesPath' ][ 'Image' ] config option. It also need to bear in mind when dynamicly create resource type js array for Browser in frmresourcetype.html.
    59In attachment i add a zip with two files (frmresourcetype.html and my own resourcetypes.js.php) to show how I dynamicly add resource types in browser for PHP coonnector. Of cource, resourcetypes.js.php is included in connector folder.
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