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Nov 12, 2009, 3:13:52 PM (13 years ago)
Tobiasz Cudnik
  • I don't understand why the branch has been set at branches/features/4210/3.1.x (I mean, why the "3.1.x"?), but that's ok... not an issue.

I'm not sure about 3.1.x, but because of small misunderstanding this is actually a second branch, which i've decided not to create third time.

  • To make things clearer, we should change the order the scripts are loaded in the sample. In this way we leave the CKEditor stuff grouped:


  • The sample code must also set the "release" path for the adapter, which is "../adapters/jquery/adapter.js".


  • Usually we'll have a single file for the adapters. As those are to be used inside <script> tags in the pages, I think it would be a better thing to not have folders for each of them, so end developers could simply use "/ckeditor/adapters/jquery.js". It would look less cumbersome.


  • The "setData" event firing logic is a bit unclear. It also forces the getData() call even when not needed, which impacts on performance. I think a better solution could be proposed after #4445.

"dataReady" event makes "setData" forwarding easier. Although it's not perfect it works in this case. It's important to notice, that it needs code from actual trunk.

I've removed getData call and param, as the only way to skip performance penalty would be passing lazy func getter which is almost the same as editor.getData() call.

  • I think the new "autoUpdateElementJquery" config is not needed as this thing can be controlled by the autoUpdateElement config, and a local variable could be used to save the original value of it. If the autoUpdateElementJquery setting is still needed, it should be prefixed with an underscore as it has a private scope.

The reason for this was order of fired events for Ajax Forms plugin, which handles (and cancels) "submit" event on his own.

  • CKEDITOR.on( 'instanceReady' ) is being used to setup the instances. The problem is that it is that on() is being called for every single instance and every instance creation is passed for each of the listeners. This means that the setup is being done multiple times for multiple editor instances. We should actually have a single CKEDITOR.on( 'instanceReady' ) being defined, or instead having the "per instance" instanceReady event being listened.


  • The jqueryOverrideVal will be always "true". We're not giving the chance to set it to false. We could simply consider the default value as true and then check if its undefined or "true".

I forgot it's a global option and doesn't come from the instance. Fixed.

I've also extended the docs with some informations about provided jQuery events.

Mentioned fixes were commited with [4465], [4467], [4468], [4469].


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