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Jul 5, 2010, 7:08:32 AM (13 years ago)
Tobiasz Cudnik

Quoting philip_andrew from #5581:

I found I can fix this bug by commenting out the following code in plugin.js in /plugins/selection/plugin.js

// IE before version 8 will leave cursor blinking inside the document after
// editor blurred unless we clean up the selection. (#4716)
if ( && CKEDITOR.env.version < 8 )
doc.getWindow().on( 'blur', function( evt )


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  • Ticket #5280 – Description

    initial v6  
    55When I click in-between the vertical scroll bar and the bottom arrow, the page scrolls down but bounces back.  The same goes when I click in-between the vertical scroll bar and the top arrow.
     7Additional reproduction scenario moved from #5581:
     9In ie7, I go to
     11Click on the word Red in little red riding hood, just put the cursor somewhere there by clicking on the text.
     13Use the scrollbar to scroll down (down button on scrollbar, not the scrollbar itself, use down button).
     15Cannot scroll down, the focus jumps back to the cursor at the top of the page, so the whole page jumps back upwards.
     17This is a serious problem for my customer as they can only use IE7.
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