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Jun 9, 2007, 9:57:52 AM (13 years ago)
Alfonso Martínez de Lizarrondo

Having the full hierarchy of DOM nodes show up in the context menu sounds like a bad idea. After all it's a context menu, so it should show things relative only to the context, and everything beyond the table isn't needed:

if you want to edit the div or p (supposing that there are the proper commands for those tags) should be available when you right click on that element, or you would end up with a context menu really too long as soon as some elements get nested.

There are other options like having a status bar with all the nodes (available as a plugin) that are better suited if you want to show all the hierarchy anyway.

Voting for WontFix.


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    initial v2  
    11If you have :
    2 [P]
    3   [DIV]
    4     [TABLE]
    5       [TR]
    6         [TD]
     4  <DIV>
     5    <TABLE>
     6      <TR>
     7        <TD>
    78        Cursor here
    8         [/TD]
    9       [/TR]
    10     [/TABLE]
    11   [/DIV]
    12 [/P]
     9        </TD>
     10      </TR>
     11    </TABLE>
     12  </DIV>
    1415And you right click where 'Cursor here' is, the context menu should show :
    16 _______________
    17 Edit Table Cell
    18 Edit Table Row
    19 Edit Table
    20 Edit DIV
    21 Edit P
    22 _______________
     18Edit Table Cell[[BR]]
     19Edit Table Row[[BR]]
     20Edit Table[[BR]]
     21Edit DIV[[BR]]
     22Edit P[[BR]]
    24 All the hierarchy until you reach the [BODY] Tag.
     25All the hierarchy until you reach the <BODY> Tag.
    2526Else, how are you suppose to edit the style of a the P tag for instance? ...
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