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May 2, 2012, 1:31:04 PM (10 years ago)
Jakub Ś

This is Webkit pasting problem and also our problem.

When you paste something from Notepad in Webkit or when you paste HTML it gets wrapped in Divs. When you have your enter mode set to default ENTER_P (paragraph) those Divs get pasted inside this paragraph.
This can be confirmed when looking at elements path and when viewing the code with Chrome developer tools (Please check the attached screen.png)
This invalid code gets fixed when switching to source or getting the data from editor (when HTML data processor is called). That is why users get impression that extra p is added.

NOTE: This will be fixed in version 4 of editor which will soon be introduced.


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    initial v5  
    2222  Line Two</div>
     25**Update:** [[BR]]
     26* FF3, FF4, Opera - use br to keep formatting. This is from CKEditor 3.0
     27* Webkit uses divs to keep formatting. This is from CKEditor 3.2.1
     28* IE (all versions) use <p> tags for pasted text.
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