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    66**MY conclusion here is that you can and should only give fixed dimensions in CSS class** (cke_fakediv in this case).
    8 **Extra paragraphs** - I think it has to do with how parser works and **IMHO** it can't be fixed. Fake element is represented by img which in editor is seen as inline (isBlockLike property is false). Div on the other hand is block element. [[BR]]
    9 **This is what I think is happening** - Every time you switch between wysiwyg and source, editor sees: image and wraps it in paragraph but then image is changed into div so it is being moved out of paragraph and so on.[[BR]]
    10 The only way to work around this problem is to change div to some kind of inline element like object/iframe or span (which is ok if this element won’t contain other block elements).[[BR]]
    11 **MY conclusion here is that you can only use inline elements to replace them with fake element**
     8**Extra paragraphs** - As mentioned by @garry.yao in post below, 3rd argument passed to method **createFakeParserElement** should be real element - div in this case.
    1310I would like to hear how other members of CKSource see this and if I'm wrong what is the proper solution.
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