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Oct 29, 2012, 12:16:05 PM (10 years ago)
Jakub Ś


  • Ticket #8395

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    • Property Component changed from Core : Tables to Core : Selection
    • Property Summary changed from Clicking enter after selecting table getting script error in IE8 to IE6-10: Clicking enter after selecting table, page-break or hr causes JS error
    • Property Version changed from 3.6.2 to 3.0
    • Property Keywords IE added
  • Ticket #8395 – Description

    initial v2  
    1   Go to in IE8 and clear the existing contents. create new table. select the table and press enter below script error is thrown.
    2 Line: 33
    3 Error: 'getFirst()' is null or not an object
     2   1. Clear editor contents
     3   2. Click on/Select the table (so that you could see resize squares)
     4   3. Press ENTER key
     71. clear the page
     82. type some character + press ENTER + press page_break
     93. press Ctrl+A
     104. press page_break again.
     12Alternative STR:
     131. Click anywhere in the "Little Red Riding Hood" page and press page_break.
     142. press Ctrl+A to select the whole page.
     153. Click again on the page_break.
     17**Horizontal line**
     181. clear editor contents
     192.  insert <hr />
     203.  set cursor at the beginning of paragraph that contains horizontal line - press cursor UP key (little cursor should be blinking at the beginning of line)
     214. press enter
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