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Jan 24, 2013, 1:35:09 PM (9 years ago)
Jakub Ś

@jaegerj I have modified your description so that all tags that magicline ignores could be mentioned.


  • Ticket #9979

    • Property Status changed from new to confirmed
    • Property Summary changed from magicline should show up after figure html5 element to magicline should show up after html5 flow elements
    • Property Version changed from to 4.0 Beta
    • Property Keywords Magicline html5 removed
    • Property Type changed from Task to Bug
  • Ticket #9979 – Description

    initial v1  
    11'''Descriptive summary''' : [[BR]]
    2 If you insert a figure element it is impossible to add content after it without resorting to editing the source.
    3 [[BR]]
    4 [[BR]]
    6 '''Steps to reproduce''' : [[BR]]
    7 Go to
    8 click the Source button and select all and replace with the
    9 attached example content. Switch out of source view and try to add content after the figure.
    10 [[BR]]
    11 [[BR]]
     3It seems that it is impossible to leave many flow elements. Magic line simply doesn’t show when you hover cursor **below/ above or between** them.
    13 '''Browser name and OS''' : [[BR]]
    14 Windows 7[[BR]]
    15 Chrome 24.0.1312.52 m[[BR]]
    16 Chrome 26.0.1390.0 canary[[BR]]
    17 Waterfox 16.0.1[[BR]]
    18 IE 10[[BR]]
     5This of course makes it impossible to add new content outside of these elements.
     7These missing elements are: address, nav, section, article, aside, header, footer, hgroup, figure, audio, video, fieldset, details (supported only in Chrome).
     9Menu isn’t supported in any browser so I wasn’t able to check it.
     11Rest of flow elements from this list either don’t need magic line or is supported by this plugin.
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