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     1= Bug Reporting Instructions =
     3== Avoid Duplicates ==
     5Be sure your bug has not been already reported. Use the search field (at the top of this page) to check it.
     7== Required Information ==
     9Please provide the following when reporting new bugs. As more info you provide, as quicker the bug may be solved:
     11 * '''Descriptive summary''' : A "right to the point" phrase.
     12 * '''Steps to reproduce''' : This is the most important thing. We are not able to fix a bug if we can't see it with our own eyes. A numbered list of actions to reproduce the issue is quite useful.
     13 * '''Browser name and OS''' : You computer configuration, OS, browser name and version.
     14 * '''Screenshot''' : For interface related issues, an image says more than thousands of words.
     15 * '''Sample data''' : For content related bugs, please attach a sample file from which we can get the text for testing.
     16 * '''Test case file''' : If possible, attach a Test Case file showing the bug. This is the best way to show us the problem, making it quicker to solve it.
     18== Important ==
     20 * '''Do not use the "Priority", "Milestone" and "Assign to" fields'''. Those fields are for internal use.
     21 * '''Submit different reports for each bug'''. Don't include more than one bug in the same report.
     22 * Be sure you are '''using the latest version of FCKeditor'''. Maybe your bug has already been fixed.
     24== Reporting a Bug ==
     28<div style="color:red">
     29<b>Be sure you have read the above instructions before clicking the following link!</b>
     33[/newticket?type=Bug Click here to create a new Bug Report]
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