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How to contribute to (F)CKEditor

There are several ways you can help its development, here's the guidelines:

Reporting bugs

Described here.

Providing patches

We do love patches, but several rules must be followed to may them been efficiently accepted:

Providing patches

Inside a patch, following coding standards is one of the easiest way for everybody to understand everybody's code and require no housekeeping.

Patch files are the official way to present us your contirubtion, it should always be in the unified diff format and apply to the conventoin described here.

Please don't put the patch in the ticket description or comment, unless it's a single line patch.

The patch should dedicate to code required to fix a problem or add a feature, may include relevant test case(s) to verify the result, and that should be all of it, avoid trying to address other irrelevant problems in it.

If the code associated with a patch adds a new feature, or modifies behavior of an existing feature, the patch should also contain documentation.

To make sure the quality of project, we only open repository commit permission for core developers, as a community contributors, it's enough to add 'HasPatch' to the keyword ticket field, and let the core developers take care of the integration it into the workflow. Depending on the review result, your patch may finally get accepted and get commited, or you may choose to come with a new patch in case the review fails.


Our language files are managed as other source files, you can find them in the lang directory.


Our documentation is composed in English, you're welcomed to write in the project's documentation site with an account.

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