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Feature Request Instructions

If you would like to propose a new CKEditor feature, follow the guidelines outlined below.

Avoid Duplicates

Before you submit a feature request, make sure the same issue has not been reported yet. Use the search to check it; if you find something related, see if you can contribute to the discussion about the feature.

Important Notes

  • Submit separate reports for each feature. Do not include more than one feature in the same report.
  • The "Priority", "Milestone", and "Assign to" fields are reserved to the core development team.
  • Avoid using the "Keywords" field, if you are not 100% sure on what to put there.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of CKEditor. We do not add new features to old editor versions.
  • For a full guide on how to properly request a new feature go to the TicketSpecs page.

Requesting a Feature

Before clicking the following link, make sure you have read the instructions above!

If you are not yet registered, take a minute to create a new account. Only authenticated users can create tickets.

Click here to create a new Feature Request

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