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    11= Pasting from Microsoft Office Applications =
    2 CKEditor perform automatically content cleanup filtering and intelligent transformation when pasting content is detected come from MS-Office application family, this including Word,Excel,Outlook, etc, which will result in good content more semantically correct, while trying to preserve as much as the original format.
     2When pasting formatted content from applications of Office family including Word,Excel,Outlook, etc...CKEditor perform similar filtering as  what[ Office 2000 HTML Filter] - automatically cleanup Office-specific markup tags to reduce the final content size, in advance, it will also perform intelligent transformation to help generating more semantically markups in HTML/XHTML (e.g. list structure), while trying to preserve as much as the original format in that application.[[BR]]
    34The following plugins are required depends on demand:
    45 1. '''pastefromword''' plugin must present to deliver this functionality, when using it, you need to click the '''Paste From Word''' toolbar button to instruct the editor your clipboard content of this pasting is from MS Office applications.
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